We recently came across a 30 minute animated film that documents what is wrong with our banking system, and how it became a system of perpetual economic slavery.  Contrary to popular belief, the economy is not falling apart because of mistakes made by investment bankers.  What is happening is by design. The economy is disintegrating because this is part of a long term agenda.  The following movie will be a history lesson for some, and we strongly recommend that all of our readers watch it. It is similar to the documentary America: Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo, except for being shorter, comical, and a cartoon.


Richard Story
# Richard Story 2014-04-04 18:58
The reality of the video is factual - does it cover everything, no, it would be impossible in that amount of time. It does, however, lay out how the system works in its most basic form and, to me, that is its greatest value.

Doing this removes the shroud that covers the whole subject and one can feel a bit more causative about it and perhaps not just jump in with both feet and a blindfold on.

Definitely worth watching and I would watch it more than once to make sure I got the principles involved, it certainly covers them!
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