Sarah Corriher explains the disgusting politicization of tragedies by those on the political left, and the inherent immorality of disarming citizens. This video is about how those on the political left have no decency and they will proudly stand on the graves of victims of violence to disarm the public when disarming was what caused the problem.

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Richard Nolan
# Gun grabbing videoRichard Nolan 2018-02-22 12:44
The most eloquent and accurate comments offered concerning gun control and individual rights that I have heard in quite awhile. Sincerely hope that this video receives the widespread attention that it richly deserves. Thank you for sharing your insights!

The left well defined its addled mindset some 20 years ago when a newsmagazine TV show (Dateline, but not certain on that) expressed their horror that GUNS USED IN THE COMMISION OF CRIMES WERE BEING SOLD AT A POLICE AUCTION. Obviously, the guns should have received the death penalty and been cast into a furnace. You have expressed a keen awareness of who we are dealing with here. Thanks again! Thanks again.
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