This video catalogs a horrific case in which Tommy Robinson (a journalist and political activist), was arrested, sentenced, and imprisoned all on the same day, on trumped-up charges. It describes a hitherto unseen degree of censorship in the media, both in England and America, and warns about how little we are made aware of.

There have been several fake funding sites set up, fraudulently proclaiming to support Tommy. By way of Tommy's Facebook page, his family requested that donations be made directly at Tommy's website:

You may watch this on YouTube or Bitchute if there are any problems watching the video at this site.

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raymond worley
# RE: Video: Tommy Robinson - A Political Prisonerraymond worley 2018-05-27 17:00
I accept your Baton to carry this Touch of Light , also will leave Video Link On my Travels ( Internet Foot Print ) Good Day !
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Dorset Patriot
# political prisonersDorset Patriot 2018-06-13 04:32
The authorities want to scare people.
They want to show people that if they step out of line they will be dealt with.
He is being made an example of.
They use high profile activists to scare a greater number of people.
Sometimes the high profile activists are controlled and 'in on the deal', sometimes not, it is up to the followers of these activitists to research and ascertain their motives and independence.
Propaganda is a brainwashing tool.
We live in very deceptive (media wise) times.
You will be shocked to see what happens to activists who get too active in some more oppressive regimes.
Ukrainian Filmmaker Locked in Putin’s Gulag
Pray for all political prisoners . . . they were bravely fighting for what they believed and then had their rights taken away.
This is not just creeping totalitarianism, it is totalitarianism.
1984 springs to mind.
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