An isolated and desperate Democratic party is now increasingly resorting to terrorism, despite the backlash that it is causing.

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Nick Horan
# Republic v. DemocracyNick Horan 2018-10-14 02:26
USA the Republic, Is the house that no one lives in. Or
USA the Republic, How we lost it.
Freedom is not free! We have to read and educate ourselves. That is why government wanted to take over our education system. They don't teach what we need to know, but the opposite. Put some time in reading this. We can change our legal status if we learn how.
American nationals are Citizens of their state and are under the Constitution and "Bill of Right". U.S. citizens are federal citizens and are not under the Constitution and BofR, but are 14th amendment citizens with privledges and immunities granted by the U.S. Congress.
The Constitution only applies to the States and their citizens, NOT to Washington D.C. or other federal territory and their inhabitants.
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