One Man's Freedom is Another's Oppression

Justice: Kenyan Style

Many people have misjudged me over the course of the years, and misjudged the organization that I represent. We have borne the burden of stereotypes because of what we represent. We operate an alternative medicine research organization. Countless people have assumed that we must have very leftist political leanings, that we are uneducated, that we have promoted medical frauds which could have hurt innocent people, or simply that we are damn fools. In actuality, we are none of these things. Due to our reports about alternative medicine, and particularly in regard to our chastisement of mainstream medicine, many have assumed that we are crazed conspiracy theorists. We do, in fact, contend that there are pervasive conspiracies within our medical establishment and within our educational establishment. For many, this is exactly where the conversation stops. It stops when we start suggesting that there is something so terribly wrong that it must have been intentionally orchestrated, and it is therefore a conspiracy.

America's Invisible Civil War


It is election season here in America, and it is the big one. Normally the presidential elections are considered to be the more important elections, but this one is even more significant than usual. This time, it seems to be a case of do or die, in determining the survival of the United States. As I have stated elsewhere: The upcoming election is not a battle between the Democrats and the Republicans, nor is it a conflict between the Liberals and the Conservatives. The conflict is not even a struggle between what is now being called 'progressivism' and sanity. The real fight is between the Communists and the Christians. It is between men of conscience and those who embrace the darkest and most murderous order that the world has ever known. Our opponents want to gleefully watch America burn, as a symbol of defeating Christianity and the freedoms that its people gave to the world. Never before in American history has an election been so clearly a matter of good versus evil.

The Communistic Lies of Socialized Medicine in America

Marxist Obama by David Dees Art by David Dees

American health care is abysmal, and this sorry state is used as one of the primary justifications for implementing a nationalized health care system, under the pretext that the medical situation cannot possibly get worse. For instance, the U.S. currently has the highest infant death rate of the civilized world, despite virtually all births being performed at hospitals, and the infants getting the most prenatal care. The socialized 'solution' would force Americans to funnel even more money into this greed-ridden pit of death and destruction, which is already considered world-wide to be the worst of the worst, despite what Americans like to believe. To put the true carnage into perspective, every country with working telephones has better survival rates, and in fact, the U.S. is ranked 38th in life expectancy. This is why the people of other countries tend to laugh whenever they hear Americans bragging about having the best medicine in the world. Just properly prescribed medicines kill more Americans every year than any war in its history, and this information comes from the medical industry's own mortality statistics. That does not account for the mistakes, the botched surgeries, or the cases wherein the establishment refused to take any responsibility. It is an exercise in sociology to understand how the American society can convince itself that it has superiority in an area where all of the data shows that it is clearly amongst the most inferior.

Why We Must Support Amazon


Amazon's LogoAt the time of this writing, Amazon Corporation is in a financial and political dispute with the Hachette Book Group. This conflict has become so personal that it spilled from the corporate boardrooms into the streets. Authors of the most successful books to the most lowly bloggers have been pulled into the fray. There is great anger on both sides, with even greater confusion about who are the good guys. At the core of it all is a business issue that seems simple when examined superficially.

The dispute concerns which middleman corporation may set prices for Hachette e-books that are sold by Amazon. Both corporations know what is best for us and the overall industry, of course. Amazon is seeking lower prices overall, while Hachette is trying to keep e-book prices at paperback levels. From a simplistic analysis, it would appear that Hachette is attempting to maintain fair compensation for authors and itself, while Amazon is on the side of consumers and a rapidly-growing market. Neither is entirely true; especially concerning Hachette in getting fair compensation for its authors, for its history proves otherwise.

Video: The Immorality of Obamacare


Food Legislation to be Watchful of, and Misplaced Hysteria

Occult mystery religion symbol of the global elite banking clans from an American dollar.  "Novus Ordo Seclorum" means "New World Order".

We have been seeing enormous amounts of hysteria involving U.S. Senate Bill 510, also known as the "FDA Food Safety Modernization Act", or S.510.  It would be nice if the people who have been making such a commotion about it had actually read the bill before they made compete fools of themselves.  Everything that you have read about this bill is likely wrong, in every regard.  We would like to lecture some of those air-chair expert commentators about a revolutionary concept in journalism that we call research.  Did anyone read that bill, other than me and Sarah?

Here is a typical video about this topic, from one of those experts, listed here for educational and comedic purposes.  It is incredible what people can pull out of their orifices, and present as news.

There is another bill, appropriately named "The Food and Drug Administration Globalization Act of 2009", or H.R. 759.  This bill is as insidious as its title implies.  It really does challenge the freedoms of farmers, small businesses, and organic producers.  It has been pigeon-holed in committee since January of 2009, but it would be prudent to keep an eye on it, in the event that any sort of revival takes place.  The unnecessary attention that has been given to S.510 would be better placed on this bill, and these two bills look like another case of bait and switch.  It seems like everyone else took the bait.

The Rise of Home Schooling


Why Home Schooling is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Our youngest team member, Zachary Corriher, during his 2-week stint in a public school.

Parents choose to home school for different reasons.  The reason is most commonly a need to provide moral instruction to their children, followed by a concern about public school environments.  In increasing numbers, parents are home schooling their children to evade state interference in the raising of their children, and to avoid the demands by school systems that their children be placed on anti-depressants, or other drugs that effect their minds.

Teachers have become the doctors in many schools, immediately making an A.D.D. diagnosis for any child who is defiant, disruptive, or who has difficulty focusing.  Then the teacher, with the full backing of the school, will direct the parents to a specific school-friendly doctor who is known for prescribing drugs after these referrals.  When parents refuse to comply, then the school systems often threaten to contact social services about the parents' purported "abusive medical neglect".  Of course, in reality, it is the schools which are abusing children in these cases, by denying them their basic human rights to be individuals without forced psychiatric medications.

The Illegal and Unconstitutional Census To Test The Consensus


We have an important warning for our fellow Americans.  People are confused and upset about the new census that is being carried out in the U.S., and Americans are shocked by both the questions included and the constant threats from the Census Bureau.  It just doesn't seem to make sense, and people are wondering how this can be happening in America.  The U.S. Constitution specifies that they are only allowed to request a head count of each residence.

We're just going to cut to the chase here.  Time is too short, and it is too important that the message not be misunderstood.  All of it is a carefully planned test.  It is a test with dire consequences if the American people fail it.  It is testing how easily Americans can be frightened and intimidated by government.  It is a test of obedience and compliance.  If we fail this test by showing too much fear and compliance, then the powers-that-be will know that it is finally safe for them to begin a process of instituting martial law in the United States, and to finalize the process of creating a one-world government, and their plan for a New World Order.

Please read up on these topics, if you never have, and note that there are plenty of movies about them at video sites, such as YouTube.

America depends on you to say no, without fear.  Consider it your duty as an American....Remember that we warned you.  Please send them the message that slavery will not be tolerated in America, or they will boldly institute it against all of us.  What they have done so far is just a taste of what is planned.

Video: "Zer Papers Pleeze" or Fascist Style National Identification Card Is Coming To Track Americans


In this video, U.S. Congressional Representative, Dr. Ron Paul, comments about the new push for a national I.D. card to track the movements of all Americans by the Federal Government through new biometric technologies and possibly G.P.S. systems.  We warned our readers that this was part of a long-term agenda by the powers-that-be in our former article, Mark Of The Beast and Soul Catching, but it was a little too much for most readers to believe at that time.  Believe it now, because it is happening in front of your eyes, so denial is not an option anymore.

The Texas State Board of Education's Attack on The United States, Our Creator, and How It All Got Started

Coat of Arms from the Knights Templar.  Notice that it inspired many modern signs, including those from NAZI Germany, and flags from Great Britain.

One of our friends recently contacted us about serious trouble that is brewing in Texas, which will negatively impact the future of the United States.  It is not to be taken lightly.  The Texas State Board of Education is about to redefine education in such a way that it is just short of open treason against the United States.  They are openly and actively planning on rewriting the social studies curriculum about the United States to remove all references to its religious heritage; and in what is perhaps an even more bold move, they also plan to remove all patriotic themes from Texas textbooks.  Many readers will recall that our original colonists were specifically called "pilgrims", because they were seeking religious freedom in the New World.  You may skip ahead to watch the related video now about the Texas Board of Education, but you are encouraged to first read some relevant history about how we got into this mess, which is cited below.

Why A True History Is Important

In the late 1980's, I once listened to a kooky sounding man named William ("Bill") Cooper on an A.M. radio show.  He had worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence, where he became privy to information that he had a duty as an American, and as a Christian, to share with the American people.  I was never a frequent listener to A.M. broadcasts, but Cooper's ranting was initially interesting enough to hold my rapt attention.  At some point, I realized that his conspiracy warnings made sense in a way that conventional reports from established media power-houses never did.

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