You can either be a conspiracy theorist nowadays, or you can be a coincidence theorist; and in the latter case, you will sooner or later have to stop ignoring the laws of probability.

Take for instance the "swine flu" (first seen in 1976).  Only the people who were vaccinated for it died, except for one guy undergoing military basic training who died of fatigue.  Every other unvaccinated person just experienced a normal flu.  There was more hysteria then, and people actually bought into it.  This version supposedly combines the D.N.A. of three unrelated species in the bird, animal, and human kingdoms from... get this... 3 separate continents simultaneously.  It's a magic virus (wink).

In case you are a little slow in catching up, this can never happen in nature, and it never has.  This "swine flu" -- if real -- was engineered inside a laboratory by the same people pretending to protect us.

If you use the vaccine, be sure to have both a Will and Living Will prepared by an attorney beforehand, because it will likely have the same results as last time.  Whatever the vaccine is really intended for, you can be certain that it is not designed to protect us from any naturally-occurring virus, so there is a more insidious agenda at play.

See the related link below for more information, and to view the almost comical T.V. commercials from 1976, which were designed to cause mass panic in the U.S.

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