The original video displayed for this article was removed from the YouTube video servers, apparently because it made the news network that it was copied from look too bad.  We originally had this to say in this article about the attack videos various networks ran:

"The professional cheerleader (from the Washington Redskins) featured in this video certainly knows the truth now, and she deserves our compassion.  You can judge the type of people that the commentators are by their lack of compassion, and that same disrespect for human life branches out to the rest of us in their recommendations.  How many of them got the flu shot?  Notice at the end of this video that destoying the brain of a healthy young lady for life is merely a 'neurological complication' (no big deal), like the phrase 'collateral damage' that is used when armies wipe out entire civilian populations."

This new video tells the cheerleader's sad story, minus the media attacks that were seen from other media organizations, most notably, Fox News.  The videos of this topic routinely get removed from YouTube.


If Dr. Leigh Vinocur, the lead attack person from Fox News practices in your area, then we strongly advise you to look elsewhere for your health care.  The University of Maryland School of Medicine ought to be ashamed.

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