The Politics of Not Curing Bell's Palsy

As reported by Gazette.Net:

"The 68-year-old Montgomery Village man whose Bells Palsy clinic treated thousands of people over a 20-year period was sentenced to spend the next seven months in county jail after an emotional hearing in Montgomery County [Maryland] Circuit Court last week... Judge Marielsa Bernard sentenced Robert Scott Targan on Nov. 14 to more than 90 years in jail for 24 separate charges, but suspended all but 10 years, then assigned the terms to run concurrently, leaving Targan with a nine-month sentence. Targan received credit for two months he has already spent in jail. Bernard also ordered Targan, who has a host of severe medical ailments, to pay more than $40,000 in restitution and to five years supervised probation."

Ninety years? What was Dr. Targan's heinous crime? The crime was curing long-term sufferers of Bell's palsy in patients whom other doctors were unable to help. Some desperate doctors were even recommending him to their patients, so that he could do what the American Medical Association had forbidden them from doing.

"Eight former patients, including one from South Carolina and one from New Jersey, testified in Targan's support. They said that if not for the treatment they received at the Bells Palsy Research Foundation, their lives would still be in shambles. Brenda Iraola of Laurel broke down into heavy sobs as she recalled her deepening depression as one doctor after another -- 14 in all -- offered little or no help. 'I was literally falling apart in front of these doctors,' she said."

In the end, the medical establishment and the local prosecutors were so desperate to find any manipulation that would sway a jury that they hounded a former client to accuse him of sexual harassment, and they exaggerated billing mistakes to charge him with crimes such as, "unauthorized use of a credit card", "possession of another's credit card number", among 4 counts of "felony theft", "misdemeanor theft", and "theft scheme". Jurors were distracted away from the fact that all business owners have in their possession the credit card numbers of their customers. The situation with Bell's palsy and this court case demonstrates clearly how competition to the medical establishment is dealt with. Like with many other diseases, Bell's palsy is illegal to cure, because no cures have ever been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Targan made the mistake of violating this regulatory law and he was steamrolled for it -- for curing people.

What Is Bell's Palsy?

Bell's palsy is an unexpected temporary paralysis of one side of the face. It can often become so severe that its victims are unable to close one eye, or even smile. There is usually very little warning, and the sudden onset leads some to believe that they have experienced a stroke. Bell's palsy often lasts several months, which can make having a normal life very challenging, and some people never fully recover. It usually begins with a numb sensation and a lack of control of the lips. It then causes an inability to smile properly, the inability to blink with one eye, and eventually the complete paralysis of one side of the face.

Approved Methods and Underground Cures

Conventional medicine uses steroid injections in the face and neck, in a haphazard attempt to help the patient to regain control of his face. This drastic and dangerous treatment is usually ineffective. The following treatment protocol combines our research efforts, and our own experimentation with different treatments. Recovery is often possible within two weeks, using our alternative medicine, whereas recovery normally takes months with standard therapies.

The Health Wyze Protocol

Bell's palsy can be caused by any member of the herpes family, so there is no specific Bell's Palsy virus. The majority of the population hosts herpes viruses silently without showing any symptoms. It is therefore strongly recommended that the patient's diet be high in L-lysine and low in L-arginine. The herpes virus becomes dormant under high levels of L-lysine, an amino acid that is present in many fruits, vegetables, and proteins. A healthy diet is usually higher in lysine than arginine. The herpes virus is suppressed whenever the body contains more lysine than arginine, so the two act as opposites in the case of herpes. Use the chart below to ensure that the diet is higher in lysine than arginine. It would be wise to purchase an actual lysine supplement and to take about 1,500 mg. (1.5 grams) of it each day, until the virus becomes dormant.

Foods with Lysine

All meats
Green beans
Foods with Arginine

Wheat Germ
Brussels sprouts
Pumpkin Seeds

The B vitamins have repeatedly been shown to help in healing damaged nerves in studies. They are also especially good for brain health, and thereby concentration. Supplementation with the B vitamins is strongly recommended. When buying these supplements, be sure to read the labels. Vitamin B-12 should be in the form of methylcobalamin instead of cyanocobalamin, B-9 should be either folic acid or the superior folate, and also supplement with B-6. These will dramatically speed recovery.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) has been shown to assist in the repair of nerve damage. Supplement with 500 mg. of MSM each day.

Alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant that repairs damaged nerves, even in cases of diabetic neuropathy, which is believed to be impossible by orthodox medicine. Adults should generally take 300 mg. of alpha lipoic acid that is spread throughout each day. Although, more may be needed in some cases. Experimentation may be required to determine the correct amount, but people should never exceed 1.2 grams (1,200 mg.) per day. Take care to not confuse alpha lipoic acid with alpha linolinic acid, which is also abbreviated as A.L.A.

Purchase DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) from a health food store and dilute to 60% (40% distilled water). DMSO is known for its miraculous effect on nerves. Make the skin surgically clean, because DMSO has special solvent properties that will drag just about any substance through the skin. Apply it thinly to the injured side of the face with cotton. An itching reaction is normal, but the excess should be removed if it causes burning. Always store in a glass container, to prevent potential chemical reactions with plastics and metals. DMSO can be found at small health food stores, but you will not find it at any major chains. It can also be purchased on the Internet. Caution is recommended, for misuse could result in skin burns, or possible eye injuries in the case of eye contact. Therefore, DMSO may be used AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you use DMSO, remain close to a sink in case an emergency eye wash is required. When used properly, it is very helpful for treating Bell's palsy. You will notice more of a burning sensation in the areas of the damaged nerves, because DMSO is toxic to the invading pathogens and because these areas are already inflamed most.

Massage the paralyzed side of the face regularly, because this will increase the likelihood of regaining complete control of the face after the Bell's palsy.

Niacin will improve circulation in the outer tissues, such as those of the face, to speed recovery. We recommend reading about niacin first, because it can have some frightening effects when it is used improperly.

Some of the luckier people who fall victim to Bell's palsy experience a tremendous improvement from a chiropractic adjustment. For those who it helps, they experience a drastic change and reduction of symptoms within 24 hours. Therefore, it is worthwhile to try, and most chiropractic sessions are cheap. Bell's palsy is aggravated by spinal misalignments, and the virus lives in the spinal column.

Low voltage electro-stimulation on the injured side of the face can result in immediate short-term improvement, and it will hasten the overall recovery time. This is the technique that earned Dr. Robert Scott Targan his 90-year sentence, which testifies to the effectiveness of it. We had success with 12-26 volts D.C. and pulsating D.C. is probably fine too. It is best to start at 12 volts and increase the voltage gradually, so long as the patient can tolerate it. Some pain will occur, but only when touching the skin at the damaged nerves. It is fascinating how the electrical probes can be used to pinpoint the same problem spots around the paralyzed areas, time and time again; but then change locations as the healing progresses. For the best results, rest the positive probe on the top and center of the head, and then move the negative contact around the paralyzed side of the face. Be cautious with the probes, especially if they are sharp, because the patient may suddenly move by reflex to cause a serious eye injury. Keeping the probes pointing away from the eyes while holding them sideways or diagonally is safest. The improvements brought about by this treatment can be huge, and rapid. A 12-volt car battery can be used for people who have no knowledge and understanding of electronic power supplies. Two 9-volt batteries that are connected in series would work too.

Unusual food cravings often occur, and it is wise to obey them. Craving fats is normal, since fats are required for nerve creation and repair, especially for those inside of the brain. Try to choose the healthiest fats that you can, and supplement with omega-3 in the form of flax seed oil capsules. An ideal dosage of flax seed oil for an average adult is 4 grams (4,000 mg.).

The Solvent Connection

Exposure to solvents can cause Bell's palsy. It may not be possible to remedy the condition if the victim is continually being exposed to them. Products like glues, paints, paint thinners, polyurethane, and lacquer, which emit solvent fumes, should be avoided until the condition subsides. When the paralysis has been relieved, extra measures should be taken to reduce future exposure. We recommend the use of a rebreather mask when working around chemicals, because the afflicted individual is more vulnerable to chemical toxicity than most people are. The relationship between Bell's palsy and solvent exposure has been ignored by the medical establishment. Allopathic medicine is based upon chemistry, so its experts expend great effort in discounting connections between chemicals and disease states, in order to avoid the otherwise obvious conclusion that most diseases are caused (not cured) by our use of chemistry.

Conclusionary Remarks

This regimen should ensure that recovery is quick, and it is much more successful than the protocol of the orthodox establishment. It is also far cheaper than the usual brutal treatment of 10 steroid injections, which are delivered on multiple return doctor visits to ensure maximum patient bilking. There is no known singular cause for Bell's palsy, but recovery from it can be quick and relatively easy. The sooner that a recovery is made, the more likely it is that full facial control will be regained, which is why we provided so many options that can be combined to provide fast recovery.

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payal paul
# remedies to treat bell palsypayal paul 2012-12-19 01:09
i had bell palsy 8months ago.although it has improved much but still the effect can be seen.i took a dose of steroids did galvanic physiotherapy,and presently continuing with exercise.the present problem i m facing are watering of eyes,no movement of eyebrows,even the mouth is not is the normal position it is stroked a bit left,problem in speaking.i have done a lot to cure this problem but all my efforts are in i seek this site to get some help so that i can be cured of the problem..
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Nugyen Rangdol
# Help neededNugyen Rangdol 2013-09-03 14:28
I had bell's palsy a month ago. And now its sort of recovered but I have been instructed to avoid some foods....vegetables like radish. spices and onions..what effect does these food items have on the patients?..I can't help while travelling to other places as many Indian foods are with those stuffs only. Thank you.
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George Howard
# It works!!George Howard 2015-01-18 16:19
Thank You, Thank You. After my daughter had suffered from horrible headaches and symptoms that were disgnosed as Bell's Palsy for several weeks. Conventional treatments had no effect on the headaches and little effect on the Bell's Palsy. We read this report yesterday. She had some Lysine onhand and took some about noon. By 6 pm the headache was gone. This morning she feels great after the first restful night's sleep since the problems started. The Bell's Palsy symptom's are almost gone. While I can't say positively that the Lysine suppliment did the job because she ad almost completed the prednisone treatments, I truely belive the Lysine supppliment helped. Again Thank you for putting the article online.
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Max Schmelzer
# Max Schmelzer 2015-04-09 20:02
I got bells palsy exactly a year ago. It lasted 3 months and I went to a doctor who specializes in facial paralysis. We scheduled surgery to remove a certain bone behind the ear that supposedly frees up the nerve and allows it to heal. Long story short, a week after I saw him, I got some movement in my face and went to physical therapy instead of going through with surgery. I recovered pretty well but my right side of my face is definitely not the same. My eye squints when I pucker and some other strange anomalies. The physical therapist said that any synkenesis is recoverable so I may go back for that. I think I'm going to start taking L-lysine because the side of my face tends to be a little tender on a regular basis. Although, I took it when I had the condition and it didn't seem to do anything.

Another thing I wanted to point out: I developed bells palsy after working in a paint shop at school. I'm an aircraft maintenance student. I think it was maybe two weeks worth working every other day with paints, thinners, aircraft dope,ect. I truly believe this environment is what provoked the condition and to make it worse, I was under a lot of stress. I did wear a mask for the most part. But I still think just being in contact with those chemicals led to it.

Anyways it was probably the most awkward and depressing 3 months of my life and I hope I never have it again. This is a good article with some accurate advice
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E. Charles Prague
# Instant BP onset after exposure to paint solvent?E. Charles Prague 2015-07-25 12:15
My comment relates the possible relationship between Bell's Palsy & solvents (volatile organic compounds or VOCs used in paint strippers, degreasers, furniture industry etc).

Two days ago, I set out to repaint a bedroom that was covered in vinyl stickers (part of the original room design). When we removed the vinyl, we saw smooth, painted sheetrock, but with tacky layer of adhesive. A painter recommended Goo Gone, a relatively benign citrus product. Unfortunately, it could not dissolve or remove the touch adhesive coat on our walls.

I found a 20-year old can of ESP "Easy Surface Prep" made by Flood (not the automotive product sold today in plastic jugs). The company still exists, but not the product, which gives off gasoline-like fumes.

I tested it in one corner. Super-duper results. The goo was dissolved instantly and the painted wall was not damaged. With this small trial, I spent only a minute exposed to the fumes. I figured that I would complete the job in the next week, after ensuring proper ventilation.

But that's when my trouble began. That same day, I was puzzled by a very dry eye and a mouth that could no longer rinse-and spit without drooling. On day 2, friends were alarmed that only one eye was blinking and that my smile was crooked. I finally realized that half my face was paralyzed. I feared a stroke.

But my symptoms were classic Bell's Palsy. Even before the office visit, my physician diagnosed and explained the condition. She typically explores holistic and homeopathic approaches, but had not heard of a solvent connection.

Of course, my story is a one-off anecdote. It's not conclusive proof of a connection. Although the symptoms began 2 days ago (the day of exposure), I cannot recall if I first noticed the face and eye problem before or after solvent exposure. What I do know is that this was the first time that I have used a square-metal-can solvent in more than 30 years. And the product itself was more than 20 years old. I really should not have kept it in my garage for all those years. Most of the steel cap had dissolved from the fumes!

I don't know if Healthwyze sends email alerts to follow-up comments. If anyone has data on the relationship between BP and solvents, please write to me.

C. Prague
Ph: (Five-Oh-Eight) 485..695O
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