We recently watched the documentary, Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 days. The movie takes six severe diabetics, who regularly take insulin alongside dozens of other diabetic medications, and places them on a completely natural, raw diet. They gradually find no need for the insulin or the pharmaceuticals, and become independent. While we do not usually recommend a completely raw diet, it is ideal for any diabetic who wishes to be cured. After his initial dieting, a diabetic could return to a less extreme diet, but hopefully never to a 'normal' diet again. For many viewers, this movie will be a very enlightening as all the 'incurable' chronic diabetics are cured using only food. Some of the people were so mentally conditioned by the medical establishment that they spent most of their dieting time attempting to rationalize how their health improvements could not really be happening, despite the obvious changes in their health, and their ever-dropping blood sugar numbers, which eventually became better than normal. The plan shown in the movie even worked for type 1 diabetes, which is often believed to be genetic. So much for the evil genes theory. The movie sadly demonstrated how effective the establishment's propaganda is, and one person actually bailed-out of the program because he could not accept having his life-long belief system proven wrong. We highly recommend this movie, especially to those who are suffering with pre-diabetes, type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

You can read more about the movie at the Raw For 30 Days website. It is also available on the bittorrent system, for those of us who are struggling too much to buy an official copy. Also, if you are patient enough, you may immediately watch the entire movie in 10 minute segments on YouTube.

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