When we were children, exercise was normal and enjoyable.  As we age, we progressively exercise less.  In fact, we become sluggish and tired, and feel the need to sleep much more than we did as children.  As a result, we have come to believe that our metabolism naturally slows down as we become older.  A popular myth even claims that it is the design of the body to gain weight in later years, as a means of warmth that compensates for a slowed metabolism.  This is simply a wishful fabrication.  In addition to the reduction in exercise, the average adult body has a high toxic load.  It has been given poisonous foods for far longer than a child.  As a result, vital organs don't function as well as they should, especially the thyroid and adrenal glands, which are responsible for producing the hormones behind metabolism.

Fat is where toxins are stored, which is one of the reasons for the epidemic of obesity plaguing the western world.  The body stores toxins inside fat cells in much the same way that oysters produce pearls to protect themselves from impurities.  The body resists attempts to lose weight, in large part, because toxins stored inside fat cells must be re-released into the body.  However, not only will losing fat (and toxins) ultimately make you healthier, it will also eventually boost your metabolism.  When attempting to lose weight, the beginning is by far the hardest stage, because one's metabolism speeds only in correlation with the amount of weight that is lost.  For an in-depth report about all that is involved in proper and healthy weight loss, reference our article, Why Dieting Actually Makes People Fat and How To Do It Right.

People often feel tired and sluggish as they get older, but this cannot factually be blamed on the natural process of aging.  It can only be blamed on the decisions of the individual, the foods that he has eaten, and his lifestyle.  So, of course, the metabolic slowing can be reversed.  Our weight loss article explained how people can lose weight, whilst also eliminating their toxic loads.  However, it is vitally important that people find an enjoyable form of exercise.  Take a moment to think back to childhood, and to just how much joyful exercise was experienced each day.  That exercising was not motivated by weight loss goals, or even to become healthier.  Exercise was a fulfilling activity unto itself, and it could become that way again.  We encourage you to find a sport that you truly enjoy, and do it often.  You will be healthier physically and emotionally.  Our preference is for the martial arts, by the way, but we recommend that you follow your personal preference, instead of copying what works for others.

It is common for people to make excuses for their situations.  In 1990's England, all of the overweight people would blame their weight on a malfunctioning spleen, due to a study that had appeared in news reports.  The study was exploited by people as a method to alleviate themselves of any sort of personal responsibility.  In fact, most of these people never sought ways to fix their spleens.  Similarly, people with acne problems have a tendency to blame their genes, or their hormones.  Big Medica and various pharmaceutical companies work tirelessly to foster these beliefs, and thereby, a sense of helplessness without their chemical "help".  While hormones may play a role in acne formation, the hormones can be balanced with common sense approaches; none of which involves chemistry.

Correcting (not "treating") health problems takes patience, study, and effort; but it can be done.  Aging has been blamed for various health problems for decades; but in most cases, age is not related to sickness.  Decades of poisoning, and a lack of exercise has manufactured disease (literally dis-ease).  There is some truth to the expression, "You're as old as you feel".  If you lose the drive to eat well and exercise frequently, while blaming all the resultant problems on aging, then you can expect for your health problems to never go away.  In short, this article was written to assure our readers that they can feel young again.  It's a choice they make every day.

The Claimer: The information provided herein is intended to be a truthful and corrective alternative to the advice that is provided by physicians and other medical professionals. It is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent disease.