There is a link between body pH and many diseases. Health conscious people often attempt to maintain a higher than normal body pH (alkaline). Those eating a healthy diet will naturally become alkaline from their diets, but it is very easy to become acidic from a relapse of processed foods. Soft drinks have a pH of around 2.5, and the effects upon pH are dramatic. It is always much easier to become acidic than to become alkaline. However, there are methods to dramatically speed up the process of becoming alkaline.

Acidic fruits often have an alkalizing effect upon the body. It is important to remember that the initial acidity of a food is not important in regard to its alkalizing effect. It is actually the minerals that matter, not the food's initial acidity. Ironically, the most acidic fruits tend to have a mineral composition that causes the human body to become more alkaline when they are metabolized.

Lemon juice and pineapple juice are extremely useful for helping a person to quickly regain some balance. If these are drank regularly, then we guarantee that you will feel the difference.

Some people choose to drink homemade lemonade everyday throughout the winter, in order to prevent the illnesses which are common in winter. Along with alkalizing and thereby making it difficult for pathogens to live, lemons contain vitamin C and potassium. When the body is alkaline, the oxygenation of the blood is increased, which provides extra energy and health improvements.

To make homemade lemonade, squeeze the juice from two small lemons into a 16 ounce glass, and add two teaspoons of evaporated cane juice (or honey) and water (preferably spring or well water). Do not use carbonated water, for it has an acidifying effect on the body.

We generally combine the lemon juice with pineapple juice. This yields the benefits of both, and it removes the need for a sweetening agent. The product of the two is better than either juice alone. It tends to have a nice sweet-sour taste that is unique, and remarkably delightful.


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