"Washing your hands with so-called antibacterial soap containing triclosan or triclocarban actually does nothing different than using regular soap and water. Using soap containing these chemicals does not provide an additional benefit as consumers might think, but instead actually comes with potential health risks."

— Jennifer Sass, N.R.D.C.

We have warned our readers before about the dangerous contaminants and dangerous active ingredients of both hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps before.  For all the dirty details, be sure to reference the 'Related Articles' links at the bottom.  The sad irony about the toxic antibacterial substances is that more often than not, they actually stimulate illnesses, instead of preventing them.  Live bacteria been discovered inside many popular antibacterial products, which tells us much about their true antibacterial effectiveness.  We previously noted that current research shows triclosan is damaging to the endocrine system.  The endocrine system is made up of glands that are responsible for mood regulation, metabolism and growth.  So, we have quite a disease-inflicting cocktail when this crud is mixed with fluoride.  Over enough time, the glands of the body do not stand a chance.  When crucial glands begin failing, diseases emanate.  Failure of the adrenal glands, for instance, can quickly result in the onset of diabetes, or Cushing's syndrome.  Failure of the thyroid gland can result in hypothyroidism or diabetes.  All of these are epidemics, with triclosan being in the bodies of 75% of Americans.  Most often, these chemicals will silently attack the immune system to cause the very illnesses that they are marketed to prevent.

"But the FDA, which oversees its use in personal-care products, medical devices and products that come into contact with food, has been working for 38 years to establish the rules for the use of triclosan but has not completed that task."

—  Washington Post, April 8th 2010

In order to expedite the 38 year (and counting) process of getting triclosan banned in the United States, the Natural Resources Defense Council is suing the F.D.A..  In April of 2010, the Washington Post reported that the F.D.A. was promising that it would finally clean up its act on stalling its regulation of triclosan.  Then nothing happened, of course.  At least the F.D.A. stayed true to historical precedent.

Meanwhile, school systems across the country are using this stuff of children's hands before meals, as if to stimulate maximum absorption into the body, even though no one knows all of the long term effects.  What we do already know is plenty bad, and should get these products placed into the same category as D.D.T..


Still looking for that cure.  Perhaps the makers of Tic Tac did not notice their own cancer-causing ingredients.


The irony of something we uncovered during our recent research was incredible.  Dial Soap, a rather proud maker of gland destroying (ie. hormone destroying) antibacterial soaps is boasting that it is supporting the Endometriosis Foundation of America.  Reference the images above.  Every time we find a company supposedly searching for a cure, that very same company is aggressively causing the very disease that it is publicly pretending to fight.  These examples are like R.J. Renold's Tobacco Company supporting the American Lung Association.  Perhaps funding these organizations is intended to give the sponsoring companies plausible deniability for future lawsuits that involve what their products do to people's health.

Our advice is to generally avoid any company that is pretending to be helping to find a cure.  The cures are already there, and they should know it if they have spent billions on research, so there is another agenda at play.


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