Most people associate hospices with hopelessness, and accept that they are a necessity. After all, all of us must eventually die; even Health Wyze Report readers. However, there is a much darker side to hospice. They are a symbol of death and a cult of death worship.

Upon entrance to a hospice, the visitor is immediately depressed by the imagery. The lighting is dim, and dust covered plastic flowers are the only thing to provide solace. Live plants would clean the air and symbolize life, but the artificial plants symbolize death and stagnation. Paintings of distant lands that the dying will never visit hang upon the walls. The air is filled with synthetic air fresheners, as if trying to mask the smell of decay.

For some people, employment in this environment is a career move. The author understands that some people work in hospices to genuinely care for those who are dying, but it is generally only the truly warped who can remain for years. Death management, and pacifying those who are dying with drugs should never be anyone's career.

People who are admitted to hospices will usually die much faster than if they had been sent home or kept in a hospital. Hospice staffs work to rush the dying process by whatever means possible, and justify their murders with excuses of "eliminating suffering". At a hospice, there is very little medical help available, and the staff are desensitized to people dying. This desensitizing process is their initiation into the death cult. In fact, it is their official job to "allow people to die", as we have heard from them personally. This makes them much less likely to try to continue life, and to instead stamp it out. Such places are like Planned Parenthood centers for the elderly. It is common for "patients" to be kept in drug-induced coma's and dehydrated, after being admitted to these places. The families of victims are usually too distraught to question the staff, or their "treatments". By the time the loved one reaches the hospice, a family has been the recipient of a medical "shock and awe" campaign, and this game is slickly played out in a manner worthy of an Oscar Award.

The people in hospices are not given a choice of treatments. They are always treated as if death is imminent, and everyone is just waiting for them to pass. They are sent to a hospice to die because they have become an embarrassing inconvenience to doctors and the relevant hospital, and are not meant to live. There is no going home, and they'll proudly tell you that at the front door. Very few people escape these vultures.

Hospice staffs tend to have an obsession with death. Not only is it the single source of their income, but also it is the warped theme of their celebrations, like something from 'The Adam's Family'. It is normal for hospices to have annual commemorations, in which they celebrate those that they have "helped die" during the past year. A quick Internet search can confirm that these celebrations really do happen all around the country. If such events were held by any other group, then they would be declared a satanic cult, and rightly so.

We recently attended one such event. It was, quite literally, held under black lights. Plain paper tags with the names of the dead hung from fake white Christmas trees. Notice the re-occurring pattern of darkness and symbols of death. The local hospice was celebrating more than 1,800 deaths, at their hands, that had occurred during the past twelve months.  The supposed preacher lectured about how death was an attainable goal to end the suffering of life, and that life was full of one suffering after another. Unsurprisingly, this "preacher" admitted that he was afraid of dying, as he probably should be. Neither salvation, nor the afterlife, was ever mentioned by this "preacher".

Modern allopathic medicine has become a mainstream religion in itself, and the death cult of hospice is an even more twisted derivative of it. The 'science' of modern medicine is worshiped, even when it is more political than scientific, and even when it obviously fails. Questioning it is not allowed. Unbelievers and critics are quickly silenced, using every means possible; usually by denouncing them and their ideas, without honest investigation. The hospice cult is usually left to finish off the work that was done by allopathic medicine. Hospices are perhaps the worst part of modern medicine, because they do not even try to extend lives. Most regular doctors are brainwashed into believing that they are helping people, but that cannot be said for those involved with this death cult.

If your loved one is ever extremely sick, sending them to a hospice will ensure that person's death. In fact, judging from what we have found about some of their cruel "treatments" (ie. starvation), sending a completely healthy person to a hospice for a couple of weeks could be just as fatal.

(pal • eeeyt
1. To try to mitigate or conceal the gravity of (an offense) by excuses, apologies, etc.

2. To relieve or lesson without curing; mitigate; alleviate.

Taken from Random House Dictionary.

Palliative is a term that is often used in hospice-related brochures and titles. Few ever consider the meaning of the word. As shown in the actual dictionary definitions on the left, palliative is a way to excuse an act that is obviously immoral. It specifies that there is never an attempt at curing, only at concealment of activities. It is a word that describes intentional deception concerning stimulating death.

Update: We now have audio evidence of the death worship that is espoused by hospices. Please see our newer article, Hospice Revisited: This Time With An Undercover Recording Device.

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Barb Neubauer
# Barb Neubauer 2010-12-09 19:15
am sorry you feel the way you do about Hospice. I was a Hospice nurse and I must say everything you said here is wrong. I worked in a Hospice in Western NY. We had to offer food and fluids to our patients at all times. Many did not want to eat but a few spoonfuls of pudding. If they requested something we did not have I have seen staff members go out and buy whatever it was that they wanted. Often we just gave them Instant breakfasts if that was all that they wanted. When people are close to death they do not want much food, but we offered and encouraged as much as possible. We had a board where we noted what the patients ate and how much. We never with held food. We encouraged families to bring in their favorite foods from home. Our Hospice was bright and very pleasantly decorated each room was different. Families were encouraged to bring in family pets or to decorate their room for the holidays. Hospice was originally set up to die at home. But sometimes family members just cannot care for their loved ones and they are sent to the facility. I was also a home care Hospice nurse and cared for patients in their home. We also discharged patients home, quite often. After their pain was under control we sent them home to be with their families. When I was a new nurse in the 60's the hospitals would move their dying patients to a corner of the room and close the curtains and left them to die. That was one of the main reasons I went into hospice because hospice made a difference in the way the dying are treated. It is death with dignity. They are not pushed is some corner and left alone. We tried to keep their pain under control so they can have time with their families. Families are encouraged to stay over night and each room had a fold out bed for that reason. Patients who could not move were turned and positioned every hour for comfort.They were bathed and changed as often as needed. We at no time kept anyone in a drug induced coma, nor helped anyone die, but tired to make their last days as comfortable as possible with their families. We are not satanic people but quite the opposite, we prayed with our patients if they wanted. And I must say I grew to love each one. We remembered them with respect and celebrated their life. I find this Health Wyze report very incorrect and very disturbing. It is giving the public a very wrong impression of the work Hospice does.
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2010-12-10 09:56
I'm replying to this message on Thomas' behalf, because he'd rip you to shreds for saying anything nice about hospices. He watched his mother get starved and dehydrated in one, while they added water to her oxygen at a time when she had pneumonia. He was unable to do anything to help because the family had chosen to "listen to the doctors".

It sounds like your hospice was better than most, if what you say is true. However, hospices are by their nature designed to let people die. That means that no attempt is made to extend their lives. Employees are there to pacify, and even to hasten the deaths of patients. I volunteered at a hospice in my mid-teens, and it followed the same pattern of death-worship as my more recent experiences. The hospices were more than 3,000 miles apart. This is a widespread phenomena, and it is a dismal by-product of mainstream medicine.

There is no defense of an industry that is designed to hasten death, instead of attempt to save.
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Becky Goddard
# Hospice MurderersBecky Goddard 2017-12-04 16:51
Of course they aren't going to want anything to eat. That is a side effect of the high doses of medication you are giving them. Tell me, do you feel hungry when you're groggy? I know I can't eat until I've had a chance to fully wakeup.

Oh yes, and you make it look so good. Yes, you still "offer" the food, but you know they aren't going to eat it because of the condition they are in. Tell me, how do you offer food to a patient who is sedated? I know hospice misuses terminal sedation, because I have seen it done to family members. Do you still "offer" the food to those patients? The ones that you sedate and then let them dehydrate to death, like my aunt, whom I saw hospice use this practice of euthanasia on?

The cat is out of the bag. More and more people have seen your practices and now know what hospice is all about. Quality control is no longer working for your evil organization.
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Sandy Ivens
# MurderSandy Ivens 2018-12-16 15:40
My father was not sick, but mother wanted him dead. The nurse at nursing home, Liana, said he will not get one drop of water! Hospice came in, by the time he was slooowly dehydrated to death, his mouth, gums and even tongue were ripped and bloody from extreme thirst. Death by “natural causes” they said. We need health care here so people aren’t exterminated as an economic decision.
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Sandy Ivens
# MurderSandy Ivens 2018-12-16 15:42
Why was my comment deleted in one minute?
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# RE: MurderSarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2018-12-16 17:01
We moderate comments to avoid spam. It was just placed in moderation. It should be up now.
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Patty Wertz
# live-in family caregiverPatty Wertz 2021-02-09 13:28
I understand that you and your staff are only following the instructions you are given. I also know that my mom never had a serious illness. She didn't have a 6 month life expectancy. My mom had a clean bill of health. This Hospice was directed by a private professional fiduciary who was on NPI registry for healthcare practitioner (with specialty in mental health). My mom was never a mental health patient.

I don't have words to describe the aguish I still feel. She was confined to her bed and as a result of the liquid morphine (where she has ONLY taken over-the-counter ibuprofen before for pain & comfort care (anti-psychotropic meds with black box warnings) MY MOTHER was not even able to sit up for meals!!!

The caregivers, that I (AHCD) HIRED and COUNCIL ON AGING DIRECTOR/EMPLOYEES refused to let me share a soda with her when I visited. Every time I went there she was hungry and thirsty & she held my hand begging me to stay.

Exactly one year after these people went against my mom & denied petition for Conservatorship (NO GOOD CAUSE SHOWN)...My mother was FOUND DEAD....
and taken to the Coroner. Not taken to the hospital when she had a signed POLYST on the dining room table.

This was even more serious due to the COVID19 "precautions" that kept me away.
She was not allowed out of bed (when she had ALWAYS gotten out of bed and dressed with shoes ad socks EVERY DAY. )...The Hospice in Santa Rosa California was unaware that my mom didn't take ANY PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS prior to the COA protocol.

Mom was stimulus deprived....not allowed to use the phone without help. No television and her wedding set must have been so loose (from not eating ) that they took them away from her.

I am still suffering from the intentional misuse of drugs that were NEVER supposed to be administered by NON-MEDICAL CAREGIVERS (let alone on a patient who was NOT actually a patient...
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Barb Neubauer
# HospiceBarb Neubauer 2010-12-10 14:53
I'm sorry Sarah that you had bad experiences with hospice. Here in Western N Y people are admitted to hospice when there is no longer hope, after the cancer doctors are finished doing their work. (Hate cancer doctors!!) People here have about six months to live when admitted, either in the facility and/or at home. Our main purpose was to keep their pain under control so they could be as pain free as possible so they could spend time with their families and friends. Yes everything I said is true about the hospice I worked in. At no time was food or water withheld from our patients. If that had been the case I would not have worked there as long as I did. I witnessed nothing but compassion for the patients and their families. After the cancer doctors lied to them and ravished their bodies with poision, we treated each and every one with the upmost respect and compassion. More often then not the staff cried with the families when their family member passed. No one caused or hastened the death of our patients, if I had witnessed that I would have quit on the spot. Water is added to the oxygen to keep the nares passages from becoming to dry. They would have removed the water if they were asked. Again I'm sorry for you and Thomas' experience and for what his mother had to go through. I asure you I would not have lasted more then one day in that place after watching the treatment your mother had. If it happened to her then there must have been others. But my experiences with hospice were not like that at all.
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Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief)
# Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief) 2010-12-10 15:44
Did you attend the celebrations of death? If so, then you merely saw what you wanted to see, and blocked out the rest, which would mean that you are not really being honest with yourself.

As Dr. Carl Jung once noted, delusional states (personal mythologies) are caused by the avoidance of pain, and the truth about what you were a part of probably should hurt like Hell to face.

By the way, there is no such thing as a "hopeless" person, unless they are robbed of their hope.
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Barb Neubauer
# hospiceBarb Neubauer 2010-12-10 15:57
When I worked at Hospice there wer no celebrations of death.
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Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief)
# Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief) 2010-12-10 16:46
Of course there were no "celebrations". They were "commemorations". (wink, wink)

Would you like me to post pictures from the "commemoration" that I attended? Perhaps you could post some of your's.

The one I attended had them boasting that they "helped" 1,800 people die in the preceding year.

I think that paper names on the dead plastic trees isn't taking it far enough. They ought to show pictures of those people in their coffins. Perhaps draw joker-like smiley faces on them.
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Arnold Levey
# Hospice Inspiris killed my mother.Arnold Levey 2011-02-20 18:19
I lost my mother last Tuesday and besides the normal sadness I am trying to deal with the pain inflicted by Hospice Inspiris which took over the care of my 95 year old mother before she was even terminal. This corrupt, Medicare scamming company (i wonder what their CEO's annual compensation is) withdrew decent medical care and substituted their own miserable excuse for medical care. This consisted mainly of nurse visits, directed by possibly the most incompetent doctor i have encountered (the so-called medical director-Justo Cisneros) who seldom saw my mother and took her off her meds. When checking his credentials, I learned that he was a graduate of a Mexican Medical School whose accreditation was so dubious that the school's graduates are banned from entering residencies in the State of New York. But he clearly embraces hospice's cult of death and probably commands a low salary which fits in nicely with Hospice Inspiris's cost cutting philosophy. I feel my mother could likely have lived several more years if she hadn't been preyed upon by Hospice Inspiris. I am an attorney and I am not through with this company and will pursue justice and try to prevent this from happening to others.
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2011-02-20 16:17
We're very sorry that you too had to witness a relative pushed through the meat grinder. We would love to help you research this, and get justice for all those who have been killed by hospice. We would also love to run this story, in order to better educate the masses about the true intentions and motives of hospice. You won't find a better group of researchers to help you, and we won't ask for any sort of compensation for our assistance.

Please contact us (
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Lenna Mayo
# Lenna Mayo 2013-05-20 18:54
I have a friend that is being killed at this moment. She was talking last night but the Hospice nurse gave morphine to a family member and is having them give so much every hour. The Hospice nurse said that it would cause fluid to build up faster in her lungs and the body would not have to work so hard and death would come quicker.
Murder is murder by any device.
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Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief)
# Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief) 2013-05-21 11:21
You should 'wire' yourself with a recording device. This stuff isn't going to change until some of those people go to prison. Contact us if you need advice on how to.

Their job is to make death a more humane process -- not to speed it up, or become an active part in the killing. This is what they now do, and they relish their victim's deaths as "a blessing". One has to be truly evil to be one of them. They are the only branch of 'medical care' that has a survival rate of 0%, and that should not even be possible.

Suffocation by induced pneumonia is their favorite killing strategy. It is the opposite of humane. In the case of my own mother, they were actually vaporizing her oxygen to pump more fluid into her lungs. Suffocation is one of the most horrifying ways to die, but they keep victims so drugged that they cannot beg for mercy. When a patient is actually able to beg for mercy, the suffering is blamed on the original illness -- not the fact that the condemned patient being slowly tortured to death.

Even if the police won't listen, in the very least we could publicize the audio here, and we have a big impact. One way or another, we need to get the message out that working for a hospice does not give a person a license to kill, and the public needs to know what kind of monsters they are. They actually have the public believing that they are saintly.

Most people feel that it takes a special kind of really caring person to work at a hospice. It is just the opposite. Only sociopaths can stay employed at those places, for having a conscience is dangerous to the career.
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Bo Hahnfeld
# If you love your loved ones, don't put them in hosBo Hahnfeld 2014-08-01 02:15
July 15,2014 my sweet mother passed under the care of hospice, my two siblings and a non-hospice caregiver. I am completely outraged with hospice. They, along with my siblings not only starved her and restricted fluids but were on some kind of pathetic mission to hasten my mothers death right under my nose. I am still shocked by the whole traumatic experience but mostly that I did not stand up to any of them for what they did.
My story began 4 years ago when my father passed. My siblings decided to take care of our mom. They took control and I was completely out of the picture or so they thought.
My mom had a brain aneurysm 8 years ago which she recovered from. She did have some memory issues later but was otherwise in good health. Last year she was put into hospice and I still am not sure why. She was not terminal. She stopped talking by this time but was still engaged in every way.
I noticed changes in her. Because of the huge strain I had with my siblings I came every other week while the non-hospice caregiver was there.This caregiver opened my eye's to many things and in the beginning I dismissed them. She actually told me that hospice and my siblings are killing my mom.
I of course did not want to believe. After the first 6 months of hospice she was re-enrolled for another 6 months. Again, no terminal illness. This last 6 months big changes were happening and I began asking questions. The non-hospice caregiver remarked there was never any food for my mom to eat. Only Ensure and juice. Shocked by this the caregiver and I would bring food. My mom's appetite was great.
For the last six months my mom only ate when the non-hospice caregiver and I were there and was not given food while my siblings were there. This means she was eating every other week. When I questioned them there response was, she doesn't need many calories.
I again started noticing weigh loss. Not just 10 or 15 lb.. but many pounds. When I confronted my sister her response was she may choke on her food. Fast forward to June. The non-hospice caregiver is dismissed from taking care of my mom. My siblings are there full time. My mom at this point no longer resembles herself. I ask them again about food and drink and get a response that I can't believe. My brother remarks by saying Gatorade has lots of nutrients and vitamins. I give him such a look. They ask me to leave and that I can only come certain times. I managed to come back after a few day's with my daughter's and they are horrified at what they see. My sister begins to administer morphine. I question again because my mom was in no pain so why? I am told she will breath easier. Again, in shock. When she passed the hospice social worker and nurse came by. There was definitely a cult like atmosphere in the house I could not explain. Creepy might be the word. It was so obvious by this time they were all in on it. They made attempts to console me and made insensitive remarks one that nearly put me over the edge. I could not be consoled I was angry. "Your mom looks so peaceful and she looks exactly the way she did when she was alive", to that my 16 year old responded with, "but much much thinner".
From the beginning I had wanted to report this abuse but never did. I would go from wanting to expose them all to not doing a thing but I started to empower myself and began reading all I could on hospice abuse. What I found was hundreds of stories and websites like yours that are bringing awareness to the public. Thank you for that!
I cannot bring my my sweet mom back but I can inform people to beware before they commit to hospice.
I am happy to say we did ask for an investigation. I am also happy to say that we took numerous photos and more importantly videos without my siblings knowing. Maybe all is not lost!
One more thing, maybe two!
Why are lay people trusted with the morphine/drug kits?
Also, I think all caregivers wether they are family or not should under go evaluation before that give care. They should be of sound mind and body.
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Patricia Simpson
# I believe hospice killed my momPatricia Simpson 2014-08-12 23:57
We found out in end April that My Mom had stage 4 lung cancer..We were in utter shock hearing this.My Mother was refused Chemo therapy,explanation was that she was not a candidate for it.On July 8 2014 Mom was admitted in "Home" Hospice and was sent home.Hospice delivered a bed for her,and all the medical equipment she needed.The nurse came and quickly ran to Walmart to get Mom percocet (Mom was allergic to morphine).The next day the nurse comes and tells me they will be ordering her her medicines and they will come next day delivery to the house.And that in a few days I will get a care kit,and I am to just put it in the fridge and not touch it..The day after that I got the delivery of her medicines...This is what she got (now mind you my mom was 4'11" and weighed less then 100 pounds)she got a bottle of 10/325 percocet and to take 2 pills every 4 hours.Oxycontin 1 to 2 pills twice a day..Xanax 0.5mg three times a day,Adivan 1mg 3 times a day pednizone 60mg a day...2 different types of high blood pressure pills,Clornidine and Lisinopril(Mom didn't have HBP)but she was to take each pill twice a day.After just one HBP pill her BP dropped to 90/53..I am no doctor but I know that is too low.I stopped the HBP,but decided not to tell hospice..I also could not figure out why she was given both Xanax and Adivan they are the same type of anxiety pill.I also knew the pain pills were a lot.So I was doing it my her 1 pecocet every 6 hours(Like I was given when I had broke my back)and she was comfortable without pain.I guess they figured it out when they seen her awake and alert.So from then on a nurse was coming every 4 hours to give her her meds. Mom went down hill from there..slept around the clock,didn't want to eat or drink anymore.And when she did wake up a few minutes here and there,she was talking off the wall.that she needed to set a code for the hallmark channel and would go nuts pressing buttons on the remote to find the code.Then she needed red popsicles so she can make herself all red.A week later the care kit came.I was told not to open it,and put it in the fridge and forget it.I wondered why,so I opened it and I was shocked.The first thing I saw was liquid pecocet,and then I saw liquid Haldol,which made me very angry,Haldol is an antipsychotic medicine to treat schizophrenia.When the nurse came I told her I opened the care kit,and I was no way going to give her Haldol..I know that drug,had a friend on it,and know how dangerous that drug is.We argued back and forth and finally she took out a sharpie and wrote on the bottle family refuses admin of this drug.And she was mad that I opened the comfort care kit.And sure as hell didn't like it that I told her I had every right to know what is in that kit and what they planned on giving MY mom..And it gets worse..We are on a very limited income.My doctor stopped me from working due to health issues.SO I have zero income right now trying to get disability but that is a nightmare.My mom has a severely Autistic son and gets SSI for him and Caretaker benefits she got for herself because he needs 24/7 care and she could not work because of his needs.Anyway we can not afford to pay for her cremation.I told this to the hospice social worker,and she brings me a brochure of a place that will pay for the cremation..BUT there is a catch..First I had to donate her body to them to do whatever experiments they wanted to do and when they were done then they would cremate her.Mutilate my mothers body...I was horrified and I flipped out.NO WAY,my mom is not a science project.So I refused it.They started pounding in my head that when she passes,I am NOT to call 911,I am to call hospice.They will take care of it..When you are facing the death of someone you love so much and need.And you are watching them die,and all this in 2 months she goes from beings her normal everyday self to bedridden and dying.You can not think straight anymore,But I did ask why..They said cause EMT will come in and break her ribs..On July 28,2014,the nurse comes and see's mom is really out of hour before this nurse came another one came and gave mom pecocet.This nurse comes in and see's mom totally out of it.Stands there for a minute looking at mom,and then gets the comfort care kit,and takes out the liquid percocet,I said she just got it an hour ago,she said that is ok she can have a little more to help her with her breathing.She took all her vitals and then before she left told me again that when her time comes not to call 911....An hour later,my mom passed away.We called hospice and told them,the woman on the phone had no sympathy,and says very rude,how do you know she is dead? The nurse comes rushing back and right away starts washing mom up.The hospice social worker shows up,and gets some funeral home to come pick mom up.After the funeral home leaves the nurse and the social worker took all moms medicines and went to the kitchen sink destroying ALL the medicine,they looked like 2 mad Scientists at that sink,crushing pills and mixing everything with the liquid medicines.Then they took all the information papers that come with the medicine telling you the info on the medicines..And they put all those papers through a portable shredder.And then left.They have not offered any grief consoling for the family.BUT they will not give us time to grieve.Hospice and the funeral home are harassing me everyday.First the funeral home calls me the morning after mom passed demanding I get there right then and there to sign papers.My mom did not have a valid ID,and lost her social security card,and never replaced it.Both Hospice and the funeral home told me I have to go apply for her social security card..The the funeral home wants my Grandmothers maiden name..I do not know her maiden name,explained that to them and they tell me well you have to find out what her maiden name is..I have no other family except for my Autistic brother,how do they expect me to find out her maiden name?They send me last week to a place to apply for them to pay her cremation.I had to travel all day on buses to get there and back.I was so sick from the heat when I got home I live in Florida and it was like 102 degrees..That night I swelled so bad that my toes split open.I have congestive heart failure,and can not be out in the heat like that.I called my doctor the next morning and went in to see her the same day..Before I left to see the doctor,the social worker called that I had to go to......I cut her off and said I can't I have a doctors appointment,she freaking told me I had to call and reschedule my doctor...And she was upset when I told her no,it was an emergency that I had to go.Well she will be really mad because my doctor wrote them a letter for me to give them when she comes stating that I am not to be out in the heat no matter what for any reason.The social worker calls today and again tells me that I have to get her social security card.I call the social security office to find out if I can do it through the mail or online..They told me that unless I have guardianship over my mother she has to come in herself to apply for the social security card..I told them my mother passed away and they then told me that I can in no way get a social security card on a deceased person,and they are shocked hospice does not know this...I am so furious,they will not cremate mom until they have a social security card...they will not do the death certificate until after they have cremated her..I can not go to social security and have my brothers SSI check set with me now as his payee or apply for the caretaker benefits without the death certificate.So in the meantime my brother will not receive any income until it is changed over,which means there is no way to pay his bills rent,electric,water,food,NOTHING.which in return will end up being homeless.And they do not give a damn.And yet my mom 2 weeks and a day and a half later is still lying in a freezer...And still they have not given me time to grieve..But now I sit and wonder WHY were they in such a hurry to destroy her medicines and the papers of them.Why couldn't I really call 911,mom had a living will clearly refusing cpr if her heart stopped..So they would not have done cpr and broke her ribs...what are they really hiding?That they would of done an Autopsy and found out it was a massive overdose that killed her?I am kicking myself,I should of called 911,but I trusted them...Until I started reading all these horror stories...I feel that they killed my mom,and I helped without knowing it..If I knew all these horror stories,I would not of let them in this house....I hope my Mom forgives me.
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Valerie Halliburton
# Hospice Team Killed My DadValerie Halliburton 2015-02-04 06:07
My dad's DEATH was definitely induced by the last Hospice team that entered our home. My dad had Parkinson and experienced a urinary tract infection approximately 2 to 3 times a year. On Dec. 31, 2011, my sister and I took him to the hospital because he had an urinary tract infection. During that hospital stay, my dad slept a lot and was prematurely put in Hospice. My dad finally woke up. I took him home around the 8th day, where he received hospice care for over 2 ½ years before his death. The fact is; after months of him being home from the hospital (still in Hospice), I was told by the first Home Care Hospice Doctor that my dad’s diagnosis (Parkinson) isn't one that would be considered a hospice case. But he (the doctor) was glad my dad was receiving the type of care he was getting from the team. To make a long (2 ½ years) story short, the wonderful nurse who was with us the longest, told me they were going to take my dad out of hospice because his health was not failing. My dad could do everything but walk. His mind was sharp as ever. A new Hospice team came in and my dad was DEAD in a few days after the last nurse left our home. I was in SHOCK. I am trying to find a lawyer who will take my case and I pray this doesn't happen to another family. Oh, and by the way, no-one from the "Hospice team" called after my dad's death or attended his funeral. I did receive a card with their signatures about two weeks after his funeral. If a lawyer does not take this case, I will write a book. If anyone can help, please do so!
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Dr. Catherine Alvarez, Ph.D.
# Hospice Morphined My Aunt to death ) :Dr. Catherine Alvarez, Ph.D. 2015-12-20 20:56
This just happened this morning; the final outcome. I am in too much emotional pain to say much right now, my family is in denial and will turn on me if I speak this truth in front of them. We are only as sick as our secrets. I knew something was wrong with this, and now that I have figured it all out, it is too late. I practically begged my mother (her legal guardian) to turn down the morphine, but she was brainwashed by them, just exclaiming she did not want her in pain every time I mentioned it. I finally told her our definitions of pain our different; I consider not being able to breathe painful. I have so much more to say, but I am getting an extra credential in clinical mental health counseling and have an assignment due tonight I must work on. I took a break and typed in "hospice, morphine, Jungian," and this site popped up. I am grateful to find like-minded people. My only question is why not a little sooner, when I could have done more to save my aunt? I am broken hearted at the thought of her suffering and pray she was unconsciousness enough to not realize or feel what was happening. Has anyone been on morphine here to attest to what it was like, at the nonresponsive stage? What kills me is before that, she was talking to me, answering my questions, et cetera; it is literally killing me we did not keep her safe; my mom blocked my efforts though, but I should have pressed even harder. In Intense Agony, with no pain killers.... I cannot imagine being in that position as a well person, and she was too sick to defend herself; please tell me this did not feel like succinyl choline; I can't bare it....
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# Brother's Wife used Hospise to Murder Dad for InheritanceMARGARET MARTIN 2018-11-23 08:36
Our proof is in the Hospital records! There may be more proof in the Rehab/Nursing Home's records which- I suspect is WHY they refused to give us copies of their records!
I just couldn't get past how quickly Dad's health declined when he went to the Hospital & I insisted that Jeff (my husband & his youngest son) get a copy of his medical records.
It was after we got copies from the Hospital that we found out my husband's Sister-in-Law had claimed SHE & her husband (Jeff's Brother) was Dad's "Patient Representatives" (something a person mental conditions should NOT be able to do) and she managed to do so WITHOUT having to provide any PROOF!
Dad had changed his Will 6 times through the years- the second from last removed his Grandson (who was jailed for rape) & the last one changed his "Personal Representative" to Jeff when it became apparent that Mike's wife was now controlling him. There was a condition that stated the boys would have to outlive him by 30 days. If they didn't- they & their heirs would get nothing! Mike was an alcoholic & was definitely going to die before his Dad so Christina waited for her chance & as soon as Dad fell & went to the Hospital- she took that opening & ran with it! In the Hospital records it states;
Pneumonia-- possible aspiration, bilateral infiltrates on CXR
TME r/t infection, hypoxemia
Failure to thrive r/t age, debility, inactivity, poor appetite
Agitation-- on Ativan r/t above
Falls-- recent kyphoplasty of the L3
Advanced age

*Family wanted ongoing medical management with DNR code status (NEVER asked US!)
*Met with patient's nephew & niece regarding heath status & concerns. Nephew's wife is a retired CCH ARNP & updates provided regarding medical imaging & lab work.
*Met with patient's son & daughter-in-law at bedside. Reviewed labs & chest xray. Explained that we hope for return to baseline, but sometimes clinical course does not progress to that. Discussed management options & made recommendation for them to meet with hospice if trajectory declines to end of life or the need for symptom management only." (Note- it says Son & Daughter-in-law NOT SonS & DaughterS-in-Law! We WERE NOT invited to ANY of these DEATH meetings since WE would've objected because Dad made it clear that he DIDN'T want to be Hospiced like his wife had been!
It then continues with; "Advised son to give patient 24 hours to see if any improvement medications/antibiotics & THEN decide on Hospice services once they have more info from Hospice rep regarding services. They are agreeable to this plan."
*Hospice order & referral placed.
*Collaborated with bedside nurse.
*Patient lived at home independently prior to his previous hospitalization.
*Qlife to follow for support & education.
If Christina hadn't been able to manipulate Dad's care... he DEFINATELY would've outlived his son (her husband) & she wouldn't have gotten anything MORE from him. (Mike had been "borrowing" between $150 to $300 a month from his Dad since 1993! When Mike the Leech married the Succubus Christina in 2005 the "borrowing" DOUBLED! THEY were now getting $300 & $500 a month from him & threatening to "move in with him" if he didn't help pay their rent, insurance, alcohol expenses, ect! Dad kept records of EVERY penny they borrowed & while he was in the "Rehab" he asked me to bring it all in & help him tally it all up. I couldn't find the bag of IOUs & bank registers of years they'd gotten over $10,000 off him- seems Christina had found & disposed of them. However she was unaware that he'd kept all the other registers & bills that he'd paid of Mike's (Credit Cards, Taxes & Child Support Debts he paid off) in an old suitcase. We added everything (minus the missing registers) that he had me go through & he had me do it over again THREE times! He couldn't believe that he'd doled out over $114,000 to them & thanks to his meticulous habit we were able to see that there was 11 registers missing (the years they borrowed OVER $10,000) include those & they had gotten over $224,000 from him!
MY husband ALWAYS paid his Dad back EVERY penny he ever borrowed! In fact- in one register- his Dad wrote a check for over $1300 to Jeff but two lines down he cancelled it because Jeff's Tax return came in & he didn't end up cashing the check his Dad sent him.
The Police refuse to even take down our "statements" or investigate our "accusations" because they don't consider Hospice a murder weapon! Even with the proof we have. I thought it was against the Law to profit from Murdering somebody. She claims she's Bi-Polar- if so- then she was seriously misdiagnosed! She's a Narcissistic Sociopath with Homicidal Tendencies. We found out (in the records we got) that the Hospital suggested that his Home be "Trip-proofed" & that he be taken 3-5 times a week to one of the TOP rated Physical Therapy Rehabs in the area- but SHE dumped into the WORST rated Rehab/Nursing Home because she'd dumped his Son in there & that way she could visit both of them at the same time. Convenient for HER but NOT what was BEST for HIM!
Every attempt we made to get him out of that dump was met with threats & harassment from her & when he died she called us as many as 3 times a day to "Hurry up & Probate the Estate or she'd sue us!" or "Hurry up & give me MY money" NOT Mike's money... HERS!" when I'd correct her- she'd scream "He's as good as DEAD so it's MY MONEY!"
THAT'S the kind of person SHE is. Jeff's Dad died 2/8/2016, his brother Mike died 10/10/2016 & that SAME day- St. Mary's Hospital called to tell me my Mom was dying & I needed to get up there ASAP... not more than 20 minutes later- Adult protective Services called to tell me my Step-Dad (her husband of 27+ years) had been told she was dying & decided to try to join her by slashing his wrists! We didn't have any money & begged the hospital, Social services & "GoFundMe" for help but ended up having to pawn our wedding rings so Jeff could drive me up to Michigan. When we got there- the Dr. & Nurses at St. Mary's of Saginaw called me a terrible daughter for obeying Mom's wishes & NOT revoking her DNR. Then just 3 days later- they called me a horrid daughter for NOT "Re-instating" her DNR (that I never revoked) & making her wait in excruciating pain (which I said was THEIR fault since THEY could give her pain meds) even though THEY were the ones letting her bleed to death internally instead of doing surgery to try & stop the bleeding! I changed my "GoFundMe" from "$500 for gas money up to Michigan" to "$5000 to pay for Bills, Cremation & a Memorial" I only got $180 & JEFF donated $80 of that!
I was ALONE & my Aunt (her remaining sister) was begging me (via text) to wait for her to get there (normally a 2 hour drive in GOOD weather but her husband was driving them up in a snow storm through 6" deep drifts which took an extra hour) she wanted to be able to say Goodbye to her sister & by my texts she already knew I was losing it & wouldn't be able to handle watching her die all by myself. My Mom died 10/27/2016.
Mom's Mortgage company said a $100,000 Life Insurance Policy was included in the payments she was making to them... it was a LIE! We should've had enough money to pay my Aunt back for Mom's cremation, have the "Celebration of Life" Memorial Mom wanted, paid off the house so my Step-Dad could stay there & have only enough left to get our wedding rings from the pawn shop. Instead- we had to move everything my Step-Dad couldn't part with into storage, scrap the cars to tide us over until Dad's SSI kicked in & then bring him & my Mom's ashes down to Florida. And we still have to deal with the lying, thieving, murderous witch sister-in-law!
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