Most people experience periodic eye problems, including infections, dryness and injuries. Eye drops are usually the first response to these situations, but the eye drops that are sold in pharmacies normally contain thimerosal (thiomersal). It is an allergy-inflicting, mercury-containing preservative that has rightly sparked outrage for its use in vaccines. Standard eye drops contain a plethora of other toxic ingredients that were designed to ensure that they never have bacterial growth. The chemicals were chosen specifically because they are poisonous.

After becoming aware of these problems, we decided to formulate our own eye drops; with safety, simplicity, and effectiveness as our guiding principles. Our simple formulation is more effective at relieving conditions such as conjunctivitis (pink eye) than over-the-counter medications. The base for the eye drops is colloidal silver, which is a safe, natural antibiotic, and anti-microbial.

A small amount of sea salt is then added to the colloidal silver solution to resupply the saline that the solution washes away. The resultant solution is typically painless. Sea salt should aways be used instead of table salt. Sea salt specifically results in less burn, and it further helps to kill infections with both its sodium and its trace minerals. Normal saline (made with table salt) will usually cause some discomfort in the eyes, regardless of how well the solution is made. Table salt is slightly toxic because of the way that minerals are stripped from it during processing, and ironically, these same minerals are often later resold to vitamin companies. Despite the visible mineral particles that are found in some sea salts, which can seem initially frightening, a person is very unlikely to experience any irritation.

The Recipe

  • 3 fluid ounces of colloidal silver (6 U.S. tablespoons)
  • A pinch of sea salt (about 1/8 of a teaspoon)

We recommend that the solution be discarded after 3 weeks, because the silver particles are eventually destroyed by the salt. It is a good idea to write the date on the bottle, or the future disposal date. Almost everyone knows that silver is extremely resistant to corrosion, but this solution contains almost atomic-sized silver particles that are kept in salt water for an extended period. Salt will destroy all colloidal-sized metal particles in time. In the meantime, the solution will begin slowly transforming into silver chloride. Silver chloride is not usually recommended for medicine, but it is actually better for outer tissue absorption (like the eyes) than standard colloidal silver is.

Those who must use eye drops routinely, due to contact lenses, should know that it is possible to improve, and in some cases, actually correct poor vision with improved nutrition. Sprouts (as in baby plants, not brussel sprouts) seem to be particularly helpful for the eyes. In addition, retinol, the most absorbable form of vitamin A, is found in animal sources including eggs, fish, and especially beef.


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Diahann Moyler
# Diahann Moyler 2013-02-05 17:40
I had an eye infection and was prescribed eye drops by an orthodox doctor. My infection persisted and I purchased colloidal silver. Well, upon bathing my eye in the silver, spring water and sea salt, I awoke with a beet red, severely inflamed eye. My orthodox doc diagnosed me with with chemical conjunctivitis and prescribed an ointment that worked. What happened?
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2013-02-07 09:45
There may have been impurities somewhere. We're not sure why you mixed the colloidal silver with spring water, but it is possible that either was impure. The dilution might have made the silver less effective, too. Another possibility is that the drops were too salty, because spring water already contains salt, and you increased that.
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Diahann Moyler
# Diahann Moyler 2013-03-14 19:43
Thanks for responding! I thought that was what I had to do. There were probably impurities in the Spring water. I stopped using the silver. Went to the orthodox doctor who diagnosed me with inflammation of the schlera secondary to Lupus. I have been on 3 meds and yesterday I got a topical steroid. I didn't want to but my eyesight was threatened.
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Diahann Moyler
# Diahann Moyler 2013-06-21 13:10
I have been using the colloidal silver but not for my eyes. I gave it to my daughter when she had a dry, hacking cough. It cleared the cough in 2 days. Right after, my throat started hurting me. I sprayed 2 squirts throughout the day and by the next day, the pain was gone. I want to use it on my eye so badly for the scleritis but haven't built up the nerve yet.
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Kathleen Scott
# Sinus congestionKathleen Scott 2013-08-16 08:40
Am I correct in assuming that since this is safe for your eyes, it could also help with sinus congestion?
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2013-08-17 08:20
It would be perfectly safe to use in that manner, but we cannot attest to its effectiveness. We simply have never tested it. However, we would love to hear about your results with it.
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Suan Kingsbury
# Silver for eyes and sinus congestionSuan Kingsbury 2013-10-18 16:47
I have used colloidal silver for eyewash when an infection started and it cleared the itching, redness and swelling within 12 hours.
I have also use it for homemade nasal spray when my chronic sinusitis flares up and it clears that up as well. I am such a believer in CS that my husband ordered and set up a colloidal silver unit for us to make our own. Now all I do is connect the wires and plug into outlet and leave it for 3 to 4 hours and it's ready to use.
Saves me trips to the doctors and the health food store. Thanks for the hugely informative article, Healthwyze. Love this site. Appreciate all your hard work in bringing the truth to those of us seeking an alternate path to health.
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Kristen Hale
# Can this solution be used on dogsKristen Hale 2014-05-10 06:40
First I must say how incredibly awesome you two are for doing all that you do!! It's difficult these days to find people who aren't afraid to speak the truth much less document it for others to reference. You've done an outstanding job and my hat goes off to you!

I'm wondering if colloidal silver is safe for dogs? Both ingesting and for the eyes. My dog recently got a rather large scratch on his eye (from our puppy no doubt) and the vet just gave us an antibiotic ointment to help prevent infection. His eye appears to be hardly making any progress at all. Could I use your formula in his eyes?
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Lallon Pond
# Great stuffLallon Pond 2014-08-02 15:16
Came home from a music festival with contact irritated and eyes infected. Made these drops and had almost immediate relief. Thanks!!
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arlene owen
# what strentgh of silverarlene owen 2015-03-31 13:12
please let me know what strength of colloidal silver to use to make these eye drops. I have infections and dry eyes all the time thanks to all the medications I take. I really need some relief. I have been to eye doctors many times and none of their prescriptions help. Thanks
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2015-04-01 14:30
We wrote an article about colloidal silver, which can be found here:

Please be warned that the vast majority of people who sell colloidal silver are frauds, which is why we wrote about how to make it.
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m. edwards
# saved my eyem. edwards 2015-06-02 08:30
My story is a bit different...but still applies.

Two summers ago I suffered an eye injury that may well have caused me to lose one of my eyes. My riding mower was acting up and keep throwing the deck belt off...3 times I had to stop,.shut it down and fix it. The last time I noticed a large spring had come off from the deck that was supposed to hold tension on the belt. I need a large screwdriver to help stretch the spring out and over to its anchor was very hot,..I was sweaty ...the screwdriver slipped off and jabbed me in my left eye...into the eyeball itself. My wife rushed us to the ER and the Doctors went straight to work...I was losing the fluid out of my eye and the concern was I would lose it due to DEFLATION....this was Saturday and I was to see an eye doctor Monday morning. They gave me some pain-killers,..purple eye drops,..a salve of sorts and a large eye patch,..and was told I may indeed lose the eye. I had used to C.Silver for for over a year and knew it was good for many things. I keep two batches always, for internal and one for external use.that evening I was as ordered by the doctor to add the drops,salve and reapply the patch before bedtime. My face was swollen my eye was on fire and was oozing a bloody mess. I prayed for help from the FATHER and it seemed I was being told to use the C.Silver instead of the pharma. preps. Let me tell you that C.Solution was like liquid fire!! I kept on adding it for a couple more times as it seemed to be washing away all the bloody-gunk and matted mess that had my eye closed shut. Within moments it stopped hurting and was numb. All day Sunday I repeated doing that every 2 to 3 night fall I could actually open my eye looked horrible. Monday morning I did this one more time before the Doctor visit. The doctor examined my eye and had read the ER report and stated that he was sure I would lose the eye. He gave me more drops and re-bandaged it and set me up to return on Wednesday to determine the next course of action.
I kept hearing in my head to keep using the CS. solution,..I tossed the drops he gave me and stayed with the silver thru Wednesday. By Tuesday afternoon the swelling was down and I could open my lids and see a little bit..but was very light sensitive. I returned to the doctor for my visit and he was so proud of himself and his pharma drug cures stating that I would keep my eye. It broke his chops when I told him I had ignored his advice and self treated with Colloidal Silver...the look on his face was priceless.

Did the FATHER tell me to do this? Did Colloidal Silver kill the bacteria and allow my eye to heal? Maybe it was just coincidence but Im convinced of what I heard and what I did for my injury.
So here I am a couple summers later...still have a scar on the eye...occasional floaters...long distance clarity isn't quiet what it was then..but I'm 56 yo have both my eyes..can see pretty dog-gone good and still don't wear glasses.

Sorry for the very long post...but It couldn't really be said in just a couple short sentences.
CS may not be the magic bullet for all things...but its dang close!.

M Edwards
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Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief)
# Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief) 2015-06-03 07:08
We love your story. It expresses the difference in results that people get whenever they apply God's medicine instead of man's sorcery. Your unyielding faith was obviously rewarded. We see it everyday in our work. Unfortunately, we have actually lost most of the people who came to us for help, because they eventually gave into fear: the opposite of faith. Those people returned to their doctors for the "real medicine" after being harshly pressured by friends and family to do so. An alarming percentage of them are now dead. We have had to accept this loss as part of the job, and to conclude that everyone eventually gets what he deserves. In other words, we are all in the jurisdiction of God's justice. Few modern people have realized that spitting in God's face with sorcery (or otherwise) is the prelude to a slow and torturous type of death that has become so common.

I anticipate that some readers will have a perplexing counter argument against the contention that colloidal silver is a medicine from God. After all, colloidal silver is made through electrolysis in a controlled environment that utilizes purified silver ore from a metal production factory. It does not seem to be very organic (God-given) on the surface. However, having a knowledge of history quickly counters that argument. God actually made vegetation to produce colloidal silver for us. Before the advent of the Green Revolution (before fertilizers), colloidal silver was in all of the organic produce, and inside the plants that were eaten by farm animals. In other words, we are supposed to have lots of colloidal silver in our bodies, by God's design. Silver is actually a nutrient, because it is supposed to be in our foods, and because it plays a key role in the immune system. So even when we are using colloidal silver for eye drops, we are still utilizing God's nutrition to effect a positive change.

Congratulations on saving your eye.
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Laura Wheelock
# Dry eyesLaura Wheelock 2016-08-20 11:20
What about a natural eye drop for chronic dry eyes, not eye infection? Thanks!
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D. Smith
# dry eyesD. Smith 2018-08-19 14:36
I've noticed articles like this usually run their course and then the questions are never answered.

I do not want to make my own colloidal silver drops, in fact I'm not sure I even believe in colloidal silver because many of my friends have tried it for this and that and the next thing (upon recommendation from some - any - online web site) and most have had no results or bad results. Thus, am asking for a recommendation for a reliable brand of silver I can buy.

And, as the last lady asked, do you have a recommendation for a natural eye drop for chronic dry eyes, since I suffer from Sjogren's Syndrome?
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Silver and Dry EyesSarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2018-08-20 13:06
The only brand of colloidal silver that we recommend is Purevon (, because we know the guy who makes it and his manufacturing process. What is the reason that these eye drops can't be used recurrently for dry eyes?
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