This video critiques a recent rant by comedian Owen Benjamin, who referred to people who commit suicide as "cowards", and it explains how suicidal people tend to have altruistic (albeit terribly misguided) intentions.

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Veronica Deevers
# suicideVeronica Deevers 2018-06-14 07:05
This young lady had some very valid points.
Each set of circumstances in suicide may be different however.
Our veterans are put on horrible drugs which cause suicidal thoughts (as are many young people today whose brains are still developing and the long term effects of these legal drugs are not known, which is a very demented thing to do to our youth). Homeless veterans fought for their country and were cast aside by the same govt for which they fought. Her statements of hopelessness and loss of worth would ring true for them.
My children were abducted by their very cruel, abusive father. The pain of losing them was so severe that I just wanted it to stop. Thankfully, I did not take that final step although I was close on more than one occasion.
My close friend suffered a similar situation where his wife had an affair with his business partner. She wiped him out financially, took his beloved son and joined with his partner. He became very drunk. No food for three days. Just alcohol. He was out of his mind with grief. He was not one to leave his son for any reason but he was no longer in his right mind and did kill himself. I miss him deeply.
A friend's son had a horrible, debilitating disease that was depriving his wife and children of financial security. He was terminal. Each day was spent in pain and watching his family suffer along with him, knowing the final outcome. He felt it was best for all concerned to just "go" so they could get on with their lives. Of course, they felt robbed of what little time was left but also knew he was out of the physical agony his disease caused him. He had no 'quality of life'.
I agree in that no one has the right to say these people were 'selfish'. I do not believe they "go to hell". I believe God scoops up lost souls and holds them dearly to His heart and they will be waiting when their loved ones arrive.
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K Frisk
# "Being Honest About Suicide" VideoK Frisk 2018-06-25 12:46
This was so well-stated, and incredibly accurate. Thank you for being willing to share your own personal story and for communicating such a mature, objective and empathetic view, especially in light of your experience.
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# wow - interesting insighteddycanuck 2019-04-23 22:02
This is a valid response to Owen Benjamyn - who I am not a very big fan of apart from some of his musical contributions. But I think you points about condemning suicide is correct - you can't shame someone who is that beat up.

What I found more troubling was your own personal story. Perhaps being 6yo it would not have effected you as much as say 12yo - but I think you and your siblings may feel abandoned and perhaps may have a sense of (totally unearned of course) blame?

Further I wonder why your father did not take over - and why were you in foster care. That does seem abdicating responsibility that I have alot more contempt for - but of course I barely know much about the situation so I apologise if I am mis-interpreting things.
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