"Good morning! I love your website and read it everyday! I started to live by it :) I have a question that is not about a health issue but something more important. I was raised Roman Catholic and recently my husband and I began reading the Bible, over the past month we both feel overwhelmed and feel like we have been lied to for so many years by our church. Your website has helped me in many ways and I always recommend it to everyone I meet. I feel like you are a good person and I can ask you this question about which Bible you may recommend that would be closest to the real Christian church. Thank you for all that you do. God Bless"

We were not sure whether we should answer this question here, since this page is tailored to common health questions. However, we decided not to be like everyone else; adopting an attitude that there is a place for God and a place to be godless. There would be no Health Wyze without God's guidance and blessings. Answering the question actually allows us to drive some of the anti-Christian people away, for we are not interested in helping them, and ultimately they sooner or later become our enemies anyway.

The original King James variant of the Bible is the most accurate English version, because it was translated directly from the original texts into English, whereas the other variants are almost always the product of multiple translations. This has resulted in some inaccuracies and lost meanings. However, if one were to purchase a modern reprint of the King James Bible, it would almost certainly be lacking 7 books. These seven books are referred to as the Apocrypha. They are present in all Catholic Bibles, but they were censored from Protestant Bibles by Martin Luther's attempts to politically correct Christianity, to whitewash the concepts of personal responsibility and accountability, which are actually the basis of being a good Christian. The writings of the apostles got in the way when Luther tried to preach "by faith alone". In reality, the faithful are judged by higher standards, and are expected to live with less sin, which means that there is even more accountability for their actions. We talked about this fascinating and disturbing history in detail in episode 36 of our audio shows. The simple answer to your question is that we recommend searching for a King James version that includes the Apocrypha. You can find them online and at some book stores.

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