"I was diagnosed with MRSA several years ago and underwent a very aggressive antibiotic regimen. No one seems to know how/where/why this happened to me however, I have small pockets that sit under my skin. I was told that I needed surgery to have them removed and I opted out of that. Long story short pocket will periodically rise up, but I am told they are not MRSA unless they have the bad odor. Either way I cannot find any information on this issue on the website. I have been told that they are now simply boils or carbuncles. When it happens they are quite painful, not to mention disgusting, and there are other ailments, such as pain stretching through my neck that seem to come from those areas but I am not sure if there is a connection. Can you give any information or advice regarding this?"

This would normally be a question for which we would recommend that you open a case by filling out the questionnaire, because this is not a simple case. Nevertheless, we may already know the solution to your problem. Boils over the body normally indicate the presence of an entrenched infection within the lymphatic system, so these tend to be some of the worst infections. Take for example, the infamous Bubonic Plague is one such infection. Your doctors are not likely to make the connection to the lymphatic system, and if they did realize it, then they could not do anything about it. This is because orthodox medicine has nothing that can drive an infection out of the lymphatic system. However, we do. It is called astragalus. You can buy it as a supplement. If you combine it with the general antibiotics that are mentioned in our colds and flu article, then you have a good chance of destroying the infection. Combining astragalus with normal antibiotics would significantly improve the likelihood of them being successful too. Although, we recommend the natural antibiotics from the aforementioned article, not only because they are immensely safer, but because the infection will have no resistance to them as it might with the drugs. Astragalus is one of those rarely-known silver bullets that is saved for whenever the time is right. Since this is an issue within your lymph nodes, it would be wise to get a tiny bit of exercise every day too, even if it is just walking up the street.

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