"I have been diagnosed with large uterine fibroids at 47. I am mostly asymptomatic but getting tired of looking pregnant and getting bigger. Can you help?"

Uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, and weight gain are indications of a severe hormonal imbalance. The most likely possibility is that the imbalance is the result of a C-section. When a woman has a cesarean section, her body often continues to act like it is pregnant forever after. This can cause a whole host of hormonal problems, and make it very difficult to lose weight. A woman's hormones reset after a natural birth.

If there was no C-section, then another possibility is that the body has become overwhelmed by toxins. Toxins could cause both the cysts and the unexplained weight gain by disrupting the hormones. One likely origin of toxicity would be diet products, which is rather ironic. Diet products are amongst the most toxic food items sold. Other likely causes include hypothyroidism and the use of prescription contraceptives. Hypothyroidism is caused by the same factors that cause hormonal imbalances. It would be wise to compare your current condition with the symptoms that are listed in our hypothyroidism article.

You really ought to read our article about hormonal imbalances, because the list of potential causes is simply too large to cover here. Soy products are one of biggies. If you want to get to the bottom of your problem, there is an enormous amount of reading and research that you need to do. It might be best for you to get a copy of our book, and to pay special attention to the "Women's Health" and "A Poisoned World" chapters. A lot of the people who come to us in predicaments like yours discover that they have been doing everything wrong, including their choices in foods, medicines, cleaning products, and even their feminine hygiene products. It is a long road for some, but the journey is a superior option to spending a decade or two deteriorating into disease and death.

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