"I work in the health care field. My facility is insisting that employees get an annual flu shot. I totally disagree with this however I need to keep my job. What can I do to rid my body of the mercury and other toxins? Will cilantro extract, chlorella and milk thistle help?"

There is no way to completely compensate for the toxic effects of a vaccine. It is because all vaccines are toxic by design to aggravate the body into an aggressive immune response. Their toxicity is partly created with adjuvant chemicals, which often cause a body to mistakenly associate otherwise healthy compounds (inside them) with threats, so that new allergies are created. This, combined with the new generation of pesticides, is why there are so many bizarre food allergies nowadays, such as allergies to peanuts and eggs, for some of the vaccines literally contain peanut oil and eggs. The rule is that if a person is somehow poisoned, then his body will over-react to any other things that were consumed at the same time, and this adjuvant reaction is exactly how vaccines work. These new food allergies were not supposed to happen, and they did not happen during the previous 99% of human history. These terrible, life-long, sometimes fatal allergies are one of those 'miracles' of modern medicine. Vaccinations are also why so many people throughout your industry have latex allergies now, for some of the vaccines contain that too.

Avoid chlorella in all forms. Wherever you got that information, remember it as non-credible at best, but most likely fraudulent. Chlorella and other underwater vegetation will only increase your body's toxicity and overload of heavy metals. It was putting things that were not meant for human consumption into ourselves that got us into this mess in the first place.

Both cilantro and milk thistle might be helpful, so that part of what you have read is true. Be aware that these will effect the metals that are already inside of you, so it is possible that they will aggravate the adjuvant effect of the vaccine by having the previously settled metals inside of you moving at the same time. The metal cleansing is not as simple as it might seem, and you may be a little too influenced by the pop-a-pill mentality of your industry.

If I absolutely had to take a vaccine, then this is how I would manage the aftermath. At the time of the vaccine, I would begin supplementing with selenium as a way of neutralizing new metals. It really does have that effect, so natural foods which contain metals (like fish) usually contain the appropriate amount of selenium to neutralize it. I would also heavily supplement with vitamin C (2-3 grams), because vaccines have historically caused vitamin C to dissipate from a body, and the worst vaccine effects seem to be associated with a lack of it. One of our articles (about S.I.D.S.) cataloged how the entire medical industry turned against Dr. Archie Kalokerinos for exposing this, since it was evidence that vaccines are harmful, and that nutritional medicine could do things that "standard" medicine could not. They ruined his career for it, but his science was sound. After the vaccine, I would wait a couple of weeks to allow the body to naturally flush all of the metals that it naturally could, and for the adjuvant reaction to subside. Then I would perform a metal cleanse. Just follow our current recommendations for a metal cleanse from our article, Techniques For Cleansing the Body and Detoxifying.

We have to warn you that any cleanse should be undertaken only with forethought. You need to schedule it well, for instance. During that 2 week period, you can expect to have an impaired immune system, flu-like symptoms, extreme irritability, and perhaps depression. Unfortunately, that's what happens when you overdrive the liver and kidneys, and combine that with the movement of metals in your bloodstream.

You are not alone. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers make up about 1/3 of our audience. They usually contact us anonymously. We thought it was hilarious when we learned that a few of our top fans work at the Mayo Clinic. Don't worry. We won't rat you out! What is happening at your facility is so wrong. Force medicating you, even if it were completely safe and beneficial, would still be an egregious violation of your rights as a human being.

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