James Lind Treating SIDS Dr. James Lind: Eliminated S.I.D.S. in 1774

In 1774, it was discovered that sudden infant death syndrome, which is closely linked to acute infantile scurvy, is preventable in nearly all cases. Dr. James Lind, a Scottish physician of the British Navy, conducted experiments concluding that citrus fruits cured scurvy. He wrote the following about scurvy (vitamin C deficiency):

"Persons that appear to be but slightly scorbutic are apt to be suddenly and unexpectedly seized with some of its worst symptoms. Their dropping down dead upon an exertion of their strength or change of air is not easily foretold."

The resemblance between these symptoms and S.I.D.S. is not merely coincidental. While the name, sudden infant death syndrome is relatively new; this identifiable pattern of sudden death has been around for a long time, and the methods of preventing it were known centuries ago.

Dr. Archie Kalokerinos volunteered to undertake the mission of reducing the rate of S.I.D.S. amongst aboriginal people in the opal mining region of Australia. At the time, approximately 50% of all aboriginal infants died of sudden infant death syndrome. He found that almost all of them were terribly deficient in vitamin C, so he provided them with supplementation. None of the infants died from S.I.D.S following the supplementation. He later wrote about it about in the book, Every Second Child, with co-author and the Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling. He noticed that during his work with the aboriginal people, the pharmaceutical companies had been using the aborigines for mass vaccine experimentation, in what he felt was a campaign of genocide. He also reported that vaccines in Africa contained H.I.V., and this whistleblowing is why the medical establishment began maligning his reputation.

The good doctor went on tour with other doctors throughout the United States, in an attempt to spread the word about the main cause of sudden infant death syndrome. Kalokerinos and his peers were ignored by the medical establishment, because his findings were not politically correct medicine. The doctor was preaching that the cure was nutritional instead of pharmaceutical. Additionally, he proved that there was a direct link between unexpected child deaths and vaccines that had caused deficiencies of vitamin C. What other doctors heard was that modern medicine was actually the problem. To them, it made Dr. Kalokerinos the problem. As a result of this cover-up, approximately 2,600 babies die each year from sudden infant death syndrome in the U.S. alone.

All deceased S.I.D.S. victims who are tested for vitamin C deficiency show only trace amounts of this vital nutrient, without exception.

Dr. Kalokerinos wrote that many of the aboriginal babies died immediately after receiving vaccines. He blamed this on the amount of extra sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) that their bodies needed to counteract the toxic effects of the vaccines. He recognized that massive amounts of vitamin C are utilized whenever someone is sick, or when his immune system is otherwise aggravated. Vaccines are designed specifically to force a hyper-immune response, and this is done by the use of poisonous adjuvants.

Babies need vitamin C for development in the womb, and prenatal vitamin C helps to prevent the future onset of S.I.D.S. Even after birth, most infants desperately need the natural vitamins found in breast milk. Nutritional deficiencies place infants at risk of developmental problems and infantile death. The commercial infant formulas are not a healthy option. The inability of manufacturers to properly mimic human breast milk and vitamins is shown in the reduced immune systems of children who are fed infant formulas. Statistics show that the nutritional deficiencies caused by infant formulas vastly increase the likelihood of childhood health disasters, such as S.I.D.S.

Many scientists, especially those from New Zealand, have partially blamed mattresses for the modern epidemic of "cot deaths". Since the 1950's, mattresses have been doused with arsenic, phosphorus, and antimony to make them flame retardant. A fungus that grows inside mattresses (scopulariopsis brevicaulis) can cause these poisons to become airborne by way of fungal gas emissions, resulting in sudden halts to the central nervous systems of infants. It is a sound hypothesis considering the constant drooling of infants, combined with their tendency to place everything in their mouths, and their overall exaggerated vulnerability to toxins.

New Zealand manufacturers created specially formulated mattresses for infants to sleep on, which eliminate the risks of fungus and chemical poisons. No infant has ever died from S.I.D.S. whilst sleeping on these mattresses. Of course, New Zealand has not adopted the ridiculous vaccination regimen that the U.S.A. has either, nor are its foods so depleted of nutrients, nor laden with chemically-engineered artificial ingredients: all of which the body needs vitamin C to cope with.

Mattresses can obviously play a large role in producing S.I.D.S., but S.I.D.S. has been around since well before the 1950's. Nutrition should be the first concern for parents. Organic materials should certainly be used for everything that children are exposed to; but above all, remember the nutrition. Also remember that there is no acceptable substitute for breast feeding. For the sake of your child, remember that regardless of the billions that are spent in research, we cannot out-engineer God, and there is a high price for the arrogance of trying.


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