Coat of Arms from the Knights Templar.  Notice that it inspired many modern signs, including those from NAZI Germany, and flags from Great Britain.

One of our friends recently contacted us about serious trouble that is brewing in Texas, which will negatively impact the future of the United States.  It is not to be taken lightly.  The Texas State Board of Education is about to redefine education in such a way that it is just short of open treason against the United States.  They are openly and actively planning on rewriting the social studies curriculum about the United States to remove all references to its religious heritage; and in what is perhaps an even more bold move, they also plan to remove all patriotic themes from Texas textbooks.  Many readers will recall that our original colonists were specifically called "pilgrims", because they were seeking religious freedom in the New World.  You may skip ahead to watch the related video now about the Texas Board of Education, but you are encouraged to first read some relevant history about how we got into this mess, which is cited below.

Why A True History Is Important

In the late 1980's, I once listened to a kooky sounding man named William ("Bill") Cooper on an A.M. radio show.  He had worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence, where he became privy to information that he had a duty as an American, and as a Christian, to share with the American people.  I was never a frequent listener to A.M. broadcasts, but Cooper's ranting was initially interesting enough to hold my rapt attention.  At some point, I realized that his conspiracy warnings made sense in a way that conventional reports from established media power-houses never did.

Take for instance the bi-polar state of the world as presented by Big Media back then, in which there was one nation playing the Evil Empire, namely the U.S.S.R., which was supposedly poised to nuke the entire world at any moment; even though this would mean absolute destruction for itself.  Like a pair of professional wrestlers, an opponent had to play the "good guy", and selflessly guard the world, even if it meant potentially sacrificing itself.  Are we to believe that the world's largest governments really had this philosophy, and reacted like this in truth?  We did back then.  We bought into all of it, and it should be enough to make most Americans nervously giggle before abruptly changing the subject.  The "hero" of the tale, as many may recall, was the United States, and it is why countries all over the globe allowed America's Army to invade them, ensuring that they continued to be "liberated" and "democratic" toward the interests of the power elites.  In most cases, the U.S. Army was actually invited in for its protection against the Evil Empire.  The Soviet Army of the U.S.S.R. set-up shop in plenty of nations in a likewise manner, but they were the Evil Empire, after all.  So it all made sense, right?  It is easy now to laugh at our gullibility regarding how we were manipulated by the powers-that-be from yesteryear for the sake of satisfying their ulterior motives, but facing it in the present is always much more difficult.  Back then, few of us had ever heard of a New World Order.

Bill Cooper reported that contrary to the popular beliefs, much of history has been more-or-less shaped by a powerful group of shadowy elitists.  This was probably what sparked my attention most.  He noted that a secretive ruling class had been shaping history for centuries; dating back to The Crusades.  During The Crusades, an elite class of knights was entrusted to hold and guard Jerusalem against the barbaric Muslim marauders, who wanted to steal all of the holy lands, in order to serve their pedophilic "prophet".  The elite Knights, who were given guard of Jerusalem, were known as the Knights Templar.  These knights were the best of the best, and they were given the most honor.  They were literally there to preserve Jerusalem for all of Christendom, and to save it for the return of the Christ; so what became of the noble knights is beyond ironic.

A unique problem lead to their corruption, their downfall, and to the Christian loss of Jerusalem.  A system of banking and trust was needed to solve the money problems of pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem.  The journey to Jerusalem was quite long and tedious for them, and unfortunately, most of them got robbed while in route.  The knights instituted a banking system with the church, in which pilgrims would deposit all of their money before making the journey, and then pilgrims would receive credit for an equivalent amount of money from the Knights Templar upon arriving in Jerusalem.  This was intended to stop the theft and violence that had plagued the pilgrims' paths.  This banking system was a success at doing what it intended.

Unfortunately, the banking system had the usual unintended consequences.  The massive accumulation of money and power in Jerusalem by this elite class of Lords corrupted them.  The in-fighting began amongst the Templars, and this eventually lead to the Muslims overrunning Jerusalem.  The Knights Templar disappeared into history, or so it seemed.

The disgraced Templars would forever after move in secrecy, and this group of Scottish Lords would rename themselves to the Freemasons.  These formerly holy protectors of Christendom would never again openly speak of the Christ, or even acknowledge him.  They served a different master in the shadows, and they still do.  They no longer bear the red cross.  The "Supreme Being" that they follow bears no resemblance to the God of Abraham and Moses.

Going Underground With Their New Satanic Religion

On Friday the 13th of 1307, French Templars were rounded up by the French Government for charges of treason, Satanism, and "unnatural" (witchcraft) practices.  It is why people from the realm of the occult treat Friday the 13th as an "unlucky day", for it was unlucky for their "brothers" in the service of Satan.  Some of the Templar confessions were reported to have been made under the duress of torture, in the style of the Spanish Inquisition.  Although, as one becomes increasingly educated about the cult that they became, it becomes proportionally difficult to feel any pity for them.  In 1314, both Joan of Arc and Freemason Grand Master Jacques de Molay were burnt at the stake.

This inverted pentagram symbol is popular at Masonic temples. It also happens to be the 'Goat's Head' pentagram, which is the most common symbol for Satan worship.  Beware when you see this upside down star.

The war to purge Europe of the Templars first began when Philip the Fair demanded that the Pope excommunicate them.  The church was slow at moving.  In 1312, Pope Clement V officially ordered the Templars to disband worldwide.  The Pope ordered the expansive wealth and property of Templars to be confiscated and given to the Knights Hospitalers.  King Philip of France had already annexed France's Templars' possessions in 1307, and he kept them.  King Edward II of England also seized the Templars' property, and he too kept it.  This included their "temple" in London.  The Templars were hated everywhere, and for good reason.  After these events, they went silent for nearly a hundred years, hiding in the shadows like rodents.

In 1420, the Scottish Templars founded the first Masonic Lodge, which became their international headquarters.  Eventually, their headquarters was moved to the London lodge ("temple").  Since then, they have infiltrated every bastion of power, world-wide.  To the uninitiated, this may at-first seem absurd, but we ask readers to consider how many judges, politicians, high-ranking military officers, high-ranking law-enforcement officers, education policy makers, and media moguls they can find who are not practicing Freemasons, or members of the Skull and Bones, or various other secret "brotherhoods", which are all linked to the Freemasons.  They all swore in secrecy to protect fellow members of the brotherhood, regardless of their crimes, and they are sworn to promote them to positions of power -- not exactly a reflection of the original Christian Knight Templars.  When we say this is the Devil's world, we really mean it, because nowadays one cannot rise to a position of power anywhere in the world without pledging service to the Devil, which they literally do in the upper levels.  They even control medicine, and incredibly, the Templars were nicknamed the Knights of the Red Cross.  Indeed, it is unreal that the "Knights of the Red Cross" were replaced by the "Knights Hospitalers".  It is enough to make one realize just how much the upper echelon is laughing at us, and rubbing what they have made of things in our faces.  We are just stupid cattle to them.

Cooper noted in his interview that what they have, as impressive as it seems, is not enough.  The ultimate goal of the Satanic cult is to implement a one world socialistic government, under their control, as foretold about in biblical prophesy.  A partner organization, The Illuminati, wrote about implementing a "United States of Europe" (European Union) back in the 1920's, and there is currently work to implement a North American Union, so don't be so surprised at the flood of Mexicans in America -- border agents and law enforcement personnel have been told to look the other way as a treasonous way to destroy our national sovereignty.  We actually verified this, but unfortunately, we can't cite any details 'on record' here.

These traitors are patient and methodical, and have been implementing their plan for hundreds of years, with direct involvement in instigating the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and financing both sides of every modern war.  Their old goal was to destabilize the power of the monarchies, which they succeeded in doing.  Now the initiative is to destabilize the resultant world powers, which they did in the old Soviet Union, and are now doing here.

Cooper explained the so-called Cold War in terms which were quite hard to believe at the time.  He noted that he was risking his life by sharing top secret information that he learned whilst working for military intelligence.  In fact, Bill Cooper was shot down in the middle of the night at his home by two out-of-uniform sheriff's deputies.  They claimed that they had shot Cooper in self-defense, and that he had been running toward a gun when they shot him.  Never mind for just a moment, that it is never necessary to shoot someone in the back in self-defense.  Instead, it is more important to note that Cooper never ran for that gun, since there was no gun, and especially since he had only one leg.  Running would have been a miraculous feat for Mr. Cooper.  He had lost a leg in another attempt to take his life years earlier.  Both the deputies were Freemasons, by the way.

William Cooper speaking in the early 1990's

He explained that the Cold War was intentionally created to cause world-wide political and economic tension between two opposite systems of wealth management (communism and capitalism).  Behind the scenes, the apparently combative world leaders were secretly friendly, and were working together in the "brotherhood".  After people were submitted to enough political and economic turmoil from both systems, then both systems would be made to implode, causing the populations to seek the middle ground between the two extremes: socialism.  It happened to the Soviets, who are now more moderate, and the plan is clearly playing out here in the U.S..   They have tricked us into demanding that our own capitalistic system be made more moderate too; first by sabotaging it, and then by employing the same tired "safety and security" arguments.  The standard procedure is to first create a problem, and then convince people that the solution is the plan that they intended to implement all along; in a methodology that some people refer to as: problem / reaction / solution.  Alas, fear is the most powerful manipulation tool of all, and they know it.  It is too late to save Europe from the scheme.  It is check and mate there.  I didn't know whether to believe Cooper when he foretold about these plans back in the 1980's, but almost everything played out as he predicted, but it is not too late to save America.

The Plan: Both God and Country Must Die

"Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgement to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins - or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom - Lucifer."

— Saul Alinsky, author of 'Rules For Radicals', and an idol to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

We cannot know if the Constitution inherited by Americans is more a product of intent, accident, or just plain luck.  One thing is for certain: the Templars quickly lost their ability to manipulate the American colonists after helping to provoke the spirit of war and rebellion against the motherland.  The Constitution of the United States, and in particular its Bill of Rights, are truly beautiful things.  It was the first constitution in history that was designed to govern a government itself, and it explicitly spelled-out that in every case, it is the government's job to serve the people -- not the other way around.  Those early Americans were a very Godly bunch, and all across that beautiful constitutional masterpiece is God's handwriting.  America had become the promised land.

The U.S. Constitution and the American population are the biggest obstacles to the New World Order.  Despite its seemingly endless flaws, America is still the freest nation on earth, and it is still the world's greatest hope for spreading freedom and representative government through its leadership.  As described by Ronald Reagan, America is the beautiful shining castle on a hill, which offers hope and refuge to all who seek her.

Cooper explained that the secret societies had to attack America at its spiritual foundations, and employ a divide and conquer strategy.  First they had to redefine freedom of religion to freedom from religion, using the schools to secularize children away from the Christian moral code of their parents.  They would economically manipulate the system to force all parents to work as a way to further weaken parental influences, so that the state could assume the role of moral teacher, and surrogate parent -- one whose authority could never be questioned.  They are still in the process of rewriting history, as they have been doing since the late 80's.  The situation with the Texas Board of Education is a clear example of it.  They keep us distracted from what they are really doing with their bogus left-right political paradigm, so that we never notice that the only two competing parties are actually working for exactly the same banking clans.  The Templars never stopped being bankers, by the way, which brings us to the financial implosion that they have intentionally orchestrated as part of their economic warfare against the United States.

"Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming where everyone is interdependent... Anyone who has begun to think places some portion of the world in jeopardy."

-- John Dewey, Inventor of the Dewey Decimal System and "The Father of Modern Education"



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