This video demonstrates that contrary to the claims of some, Obamacare (U.S. socialized medicine) is completely immoral, and that it will erode American freedoms. Duke University professor, John David Lewis, catalogs how the opponents of Obamacare have been carefully distracted away from the real problems, and how they were cunningly manipulated into making false arguments that actually promote Obamacare. This is a must-see for understanding how the American people are manipulated.

Professor Lewis (now ironically deceased from chemo) explained the situation of Obamacare better than anyone else, so please pass this video along to friends and family.

If you are having trouble viewing the video here, then you may also watch it directly with Youtube.

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alan dietrich
# FREEDOMalan dietrich 2013-10-30 05:05
It looks like we have lost our freedom with Obamacare. I have always opted for alternative medicine to be used in connection with mainstream technology. For a long time I have felt natural is safer and should be an option.Big Pharma has forced prescription medicine to the point where pharmaceuticals are no longer effective against disease.I have had cancer 3 times. The third time I decided I was going to get to the core, and not just cover it with a bandage.I found the Gerson cure online, and other sites on natural remedies, as well as Drs who have been defrocked by the medical community.I made a concerned decision, and one I feel should be available to everyone who is faced with serious medical issues. Today my cholesterol is good as well as every other test result, and without but one prescription for back pain,and I am trying alternatives for that also. The expense is on me, but the cost of my home remedies is 1 50th of what prescriptions would be. I am not bogged down under a fog of drugs.When I was younger I remember the Dr coming to the house, and we never saw much of him.Today my dr. has me in every three months.I am near 70 and it is not necessary for this extra cost.It is so immoral to force people to pay for something they don't need or want.
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