Video: What If U.S. Healthcare Had a Truly Free Market

This video is based on the article, Imagine If U.S. Healthcare Had a Truly Free Market.

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Video: The Immorality of Obamacare

Video: The American Dream

We recently came across a 30 minute animated film that documents what is wrong with our banking system, and how it became a system of perpetual economic slavery.  Contrary to popular belief, the economy is not falling apart because of mistakes made by investment bankers.  What is happening is by design. The economy is disintegrating because this is part of a long term agenda.  The following movie will be a history lesson for some, and we strongly recommend that all of our readers watch it. It is similar to the documentary America: Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo, except for being shorter, comical, and a cartoon.

Video: Who Owns You? The New World Order, and The Planned Death of America

The preservation of national sovereignty has faced compromise in most countries throughout the civilized world.  It has historically been threatened by elitist groups seeking to override the power of a people.  The communist regimes of the previous century provide some of the best examples of this phenomenon.

When Unions Unite

In more recent times, those groups include the European Union, the North American Union, and the South American Union.  These groups are usually created without the knowledge of the people, and as such; most Americans have no knowledge of the plans of the North American Union (N.A.U.), or of its proposed existence.

The N.A.U. would combine Canada, Mexico, and the United States in a similar fashion to the European Union, and with a similar disregard for the national sovereignty and laws of each nation.  For those of you who are in doubt, you would probably benefit from reading the blueprint for the North American Union, which has been signed by the leaders of all three countries.  It is available at the Council on Foreign Relations website:  Building A North American Community.