The swine flu hysteria of 2009 compelled the State of New York to enforce mandatory vaccines on all health care workers. The rules mandated both the seasonal flu and H1N1 (swine flu) vaccines. Other states considered following suit, along with select institutions throughout the U.S.

A huge portion of the effected medical personnel spoke out about their opposition to such rules, and many of them threatened to refuse the vaccines; even at the expense of their employment. The Centers for Disease Control surveyed over a thousand health care professionals, finding that most of them did not take the seasonal flu shot. According to the Associated Press:

"The reasons vary from safety concerns to skepticism over vaccine effectiveness."

The Centers for Disease Control found that most doctors considered vaccines to be too unsafe and ineffective for their own use. We can only wonder how many of the health professionals personally avoid the flu shots, in order to protect themselves, and yet hypocritically provide them to others in the name of health. While such legislation is certainly despicable, it is difficult to have much pity for these people who have remained silent, or who have intentionally misinformed the people who placed so much trust into them. How many have lied about vaccine safety and effectiveness to their patients, only to not take the shots themselves or give them to their own families?

Doctors in New York State filed a lawsuit challenging the forced vaccinations. The case was dropped due to a vaccine shortage in New York State, which was very convenient for the pharmaceutical manufacturers, who were trying to avoid the publicity, and having doctors turn against them. Thus, some of the inventory was misplaced.


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