With multiple meat recalls each year, most people assume that slaughterhouses are under close scrutiny by the U.S.D.A., and are desperately trying to create cleaner conditions.  This is not the case.  It would mean that someone had actually taken responsibility for the conditions of the slaughterhouses, and the manner in which cows are raised, which has been directly breeding the rampant bacteria.  The facts that cows (and other animals in our food chain) are raised inside sheds, whilst perpetually sleeping and standing in their own fecal matter are ignored.  Many of the cows are so diseased that they cannot stand without assistance, but they are still considered healthy enough to enter the food chain.  The manner in which these animals are raised is truly disgusting, and it produces a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.  If any citizen were to keep his family pets in similar conditions, an animal cruelty lawsuit would be commenced immediately.

As usual, Big Pharma has the solution, which usually means there is cause to be very, very afraid.  It is the standard, modern Big Pharma solution to poor hygiene: a vaccine.  You probably thought it was going to be antibiotics.  Well... they are already using those, but the conditions are so incredibly disgusting that their powerful antibiotics can no longer stop the serious disease pathogens.  We could not make this stuff up.

A New York Times article claims, 'Vaccine to Counter Bad Beef Is Being Tested'.  Notice that the implication is that the beef is to be blamed.  A more appropriate title would have been, 'Vaccine To Mask Effects Of Unhygienic Slaughter House Conditions Is Being Tested'.  Society is beginning to follow the standard methodology of the medical establishment, of treating merely the symptoms, instead of actually curing the problem.  It makes for a great perpetual business strategy, but there is nothing great about it for the rest of us.

With clean, respectable conditions, we would not have bacteria-laced meat.  The vaccine 'solution' will not cure anything, but it will make the vaccine company a lot of money, while perpetuating the real problem.  It is a familiar story for us, when writing about the pharmaceutical industry.  Their business strategy will ultimately require dozens of vaccines for the different types of bacteria, and we will all be the guinea pigs of bio-tech once again.  Intentionally injecting cows with e-coli would seem truly crazy to most people, and it really is.  Will the "weakened" e-coli spread to other cows, or even humans?  The effects of eating meats laced with vaccines will not be studied, or reported before they are found on grocer shelves.  In fact, there are still no published long term double-blind studies on any of the vaccines, and we are fairly certain that we know the reason for that.  Big Pharma will undoubtedly lobby to have their new vaccines mandated in order to 'ensure public health' (make $billions).  This is a pattern which has been repeated many times before, and it will continue to happen until the people make a stand against them.  They already have the biggest lobby in the U.S. Congress.

A Minnesota company called Epitopix will be testing an e-coli vaccine on 300,000 cows in the coming months.  We wonder what will happen to the cows when the company has finished testing them.  Animals and crops that were part of previous bio-tech safety testing have been 'accidentally' released back into the food chain, in much the same way that evil corporations such as Monsanto have 'accidentally' released the pollens of their genetically engineered crops.

The Epitopix vaccine was rush-approved this March by the U.S.D.A., after another large meat recall.  Virtually all vaccines have been rush-approved, by the way.  The vaccine had been at a standstill before then, due to the U.S.D.A. mandate that it must reduce e-coli by 90%.  Vaccines are never that effective.

This news comes as USA Today claims that fast food outlets are actually safer than school meals.  The U.S.D.A is in charge of checking the safety of meats which go to school children, but fast food chains including McDonald's, Burger King and even Kentucky Fried Chicken are more vigilant.  Schools actually receive red meat and poultry at quality levels that are unacceptable to the fast food industry, and fast food restaurants are not exactly known for their good hygiene practices.

Right now, prices are the only thing stopping farmers from using the vaccine.  The current 3-shot vaccine costs around $10 per cow, but farmers usually only make about $25 per cow in profit.  Wait until the next major meat recall, and the government will most assuredly be funding this monstrosity with your tax dollars.  All of the testing is being done on e-coli cultures, but the effects that it will have on humans are being ignored.  If you are not buying organic range-fed meat already, now is a good time to start.


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