Those who routinely read ingredient labels will find products containing "egg yolks" or "egg whites", yet the products have long shelf lives.  In products like mayonnaise, and even some peanut butter brands, the eggs cannot be cooked, because heating would destroy the creamy consistency.  Due to the fact that raw eggs cannot normally be held in a non-refrigerated state for months at a time, manufacturers have found other ways to comply with food safety regulations.  This can be done through two different types of pasteurization, and the method is never labeled.  There is good reason to hide it from us.

Cold PasteurizationWith Flavorlicious Radiation

Radiation is the easy, reliable way for the food manufacturer to kill bacteria.  However, it is far from safe.  The process of "irradiation" eliminates the majority of nutrition in products, makes foods radioactive, and leaves carcinogenic compounds like benzene in foods, in addition to unnatural radiolytic compounds that have never before been seen in history.  These are likewise carcinogenic.  Radiation is the most reliable of all cancer-causing agents, likely because it produces these compounds in tissues.  (Take note microwave users.)  While consumer advocacy groups have been campaigning for labeling on such products, only fresh produce must be labeled when it is irradiated.  U.S.D.A. certified organic foods are never irradiated.

Old Fashioned Pasteurization

This process soaks the eggs in warm water (140° F - 150° F) for approximately 10 minutes to kill bacteria just inside the shell, where most bacteria lives.  This is less effective than cold pasteurization, for it does not kill the bacteria that is found in the middle of the egg; and of course, the shelf life is never as long as it is for radioactive foods.  This method is generally more trouble for the manufacturer, for it involves longer waiting times, and greater legal risks currently.  Thus, this method is the exception, instead of the rule; and the food producers avoid disclosing their method publicly.

Our Recommendations

Due to the fact that there is no labeling of "irradiated" processed foods, we recommend avoiding all products which contain "egg whites" and "egg yolks".  In the case of mayonnaise, there are other reasons to avoid it, which include the soybean base, from which all commercial mayonnaise is made now. Do not be fooled by the "made with olive oil" marketing, because soy still remains the main ingredient in virtually all commercial products.  Soybeans are almost always genetically modified, and are particularly dangerous to the thyroid and reproductive health.


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