An "All Natural" fruit juice plant making "fresh" orange juice with tap water.

Whenever a juice is made "from concentrate", there is reason to beware of it. Such juices are first concentrated by high heat over a relatively long period, which is prone to destroying all nutritional value; but this is hardly the worst aspect. The worst part is that the juices are then recombined with tap water. This tap water composes about 90% (or more) of the fluid of reconstituted juices. Therefore, you may be drinking more impurities by drinking juices that are made from concentrate than if you drank your local tap water, due to it having been shipped to multiple locations and the excessive processing. The quality of the resultant juice is a product of the tap water quality at the bottling plant, which could be worse than your local tap water. The final product may still taste like delicious juice, but it is often little more than flavored tap water by the time it reaches your local retailer, and it is likely to be less pure.

The most popular brands of orange juice in the U.S. are owned by PepsiCo Inc., and The Coca-Cola Company.

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