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Subject: Re: H. Pylori
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 14:23:00 -0400 (EDT)

"I was recently diagnosed with the H. Pylori bacteria.  I have taken all the meds and using Prilosec now to help stomach pain.  I am still breaking out in skin lesions and hives (very itchy).  I have developed dark circles around my eyes and joints have turned dark.  I  read your article on PH balance for the body.  I think that is a problem also.  I took a PH test strip and the thing turned canary yellow which the chart said that that is dangerously high acidic.  Send me anything you have by email to confirms the reaction of the hives that I am getting.  Can it be the H. Pylori causing the hives or just a dirty, acidic system?"

You are in serious trouble.  If you want to be saved, then you had better listen, and listen well.  Time is running out for you.

Let us preface by telling you that we technically cannot give you, or any individual, medical advice.  That would be "practicing medicine without a license", and there are people excitedly waiting for us to make that mistake.  Sometimes we get messages from lawyers trying to bait us.  What we can do is tell you what we would do in your situation, which coincidentally, is exactly the same advice that we would give to you if we were legally able to.  There are no laws yet that prevent us from telling you how we would treat ourselves in the same situation.

We were tempted not to reply, because you are unlikely to follow our advice, since you were obedient enough to the establishment to get yourself into this dire position.  We've done this enough to know how it works.  Basically, the closer that a person is to having allowed them to kill him, the less likely he is to listen to us.  This is because people cannot fight back in such a sick and drugged state against all the people who are "helping", and because the emotional investment becomes so huge that they cannot tolerate how foolish they will look in admitting how mislead they were.  Thus, pride usually leads to the downfall of people who were so successfully worked by the system.  It is especially difficult when dealing with relatives, who are the least likely of any group to accept real help or corrections from people like us.  My own parents each have a foot in the grave, and one on a banana peel.  As you may have guessed, the M.D.'s have been 'helping' them lots, so they have been in-and-out of the hospital since Christmas.  At one point, my mother was even told to "avoid green leafy vegetables" (I'm serious), because the vegetables would make her cancer "treatments" less toxic to her body.  Those "treatments" were poisonous injections costing $5,000 a piece.  Need I say more?  The irony of my own parents living (if you can call it living) that way drives the point home about trying to save people who are too cowardly to question the system, even to the point of it being life threatening.  If this ranting angers you, then I say good, because that anger is your only hope.  You need to be angry, and you need to say, "Damn it, I'm not going to take this crap anymore".  Otherwise, we are just wasting our time trying to save you.

About The H. Pylori

An estimated 30% of adult Americans suffer from H. Pylori without having major issues, so we wonder how you managed to find yourself in this situation.  This otherwise benign parasitic bacteria had to have gotten lots of 'help' to overrun your body so; and without doubt, something has practically destroyed your immune system.  In fact, your case reminds us of sepsis.  We believe that this had to be created by the medical establishment itself; possibly combined with a poor lifestyle.  As it stands, you are in a very bad situation, which will be very difficult to reverse.  Most of the problems that you are experiencing are likely caused by the treatments, instead of the bacteria.  We can tell you how we would fight it back to health, and such a plan would need to be followed religiously for there to be a chance at a decent life again.

The Medical Establishment's Approach

The medical establishment really amazed us in its approaches to this condition.  We thought we had seen it all.  A very common method of testing for H. Pylori is called "The Urea Breath Test".  This "safe" and "accurate" test uses radioactive urea (an extract of urine) to test for the bacterium.  That's right, the patient swallows radioactive urine, and then the doctor measures for radioactive carbon dioxide in the breath.  If they detect radioactive carbon dioxide, then they believe it is proof of the bacteria.  It's astounding that the modern medical establishment has the nerve to call alternative medicine 'unscientific' while employing methods such as this.  We really could not make this stuff up.

This bacteria is usually resistant to modern antibiotics, so multiple types of antibiotics are used simultaneously.  Of course, over an extended time, this weakens the immune system, while increasing overall toxicity, so that it is less likely that the victim will ever completely recover.  During the course of "treatment", some doctors choose to test again (with radioactive urine, of course), and then they repeat the process with different antibiotic combinations if the prior treatments were not completely successful.  It is like something from a script of The Three Stooges, but with the situation being considerably less funny.  Now get this: after all of this radiation (via urine drinking), the medical establishment then blames the bacteria for causing stomach cancers, which are mysteriously common with this condition.  Moreover, the medications usually prescribed after the antibiotics, to treat stomach ulcers that occurred during treatments, are also known to cause stomach cancers.  The miracles of modern medicine, right?

If this bacteria is found, but is not causing ulcers or major problems, then doctors usually ignore it.  They ignore it because their treatments are so terrible.

What Exactly Is H. Pylori?

Helicobacter pylori is a bacteria which lives in the stomach or the first part of the intestine.  It is contracted through uncooked, unhygienic food, unclean water, and from person to person through direct contact with saliva.  While most bacteria cannot live in the stomach, it is believed that H. pylori can create a low-acid buffer zone for itself.  The bacteria lives in many people, without showing symptoms.  However, in some people with particularly compromised immune systems, they may experience bloody vomit, difficulty swallowing, unexplained weight loss, and severe abdominal pains.  It has become the newest explanation for peptic ulcers, which seems to change every few years.  While there has been an association between this bacteria and the hive outbreaks, it is hard to tell if they are actually being caused by the bacteria or the medications that are prescribed.  The chemical onslaught of antibiotics, followed by years of antacids or drugs, which stop the production of stomach acid, is bound to cause unpleasant consequences.

Health Wyze Recommendations For Recovery

Eliminating the bacteria in the stomach or small intestines is actually one of the least important steps to recovery.  The dark joints that are being experienced could be either drug induced, or caused by type 2 diabetes.  In either case, we would immediately discontinue all medications, if at all possible, and we would begin taking better care of our bodies.  We would run (not walk) away from the orthodox doctors and pharmacists, and then we would seek help from a naturopathic doctor.  In the event that the dark areas were caused by diabetes, we would reference our Special Investigative Report: Curing Diabetes Naturally and Holistically, and follow all the recommendations in it.

In any case, we would immediately employ the Budwig Diet, and follow it religiously.  While this is normally recommended as a holistic cancer cure, it is a healthy diet which is good for all, especially for someone in your condition.  Our article, The True Budwig Protocol, explains all of the details of the Budwig Diet.  You never mentioned what your diet was, but we must assume that it has been rampant with processed foods for you to experience such a condition as this. The Budwig Diet is ideal for anyone with a compromised immune system, and will benefit practically any health problem that one is experiencing.  Do not take these statements lightly, because due to the combination of your treatments, and your extremely low pH indicates that you are sitting on a cancer time bomb.  I would bet money that you are already pre-cancerous now.  You can stop it before it starts.  You are not likely to get another warning, and remember that we told you so.

Prilosec, while not officially an 'antacid', prevents your stomach from creating hydrochloric acid.  This has the unintended consequence of making you unable to properly metabolize foods.  When your stomach is unable to make the acid that it needs, it veers toward alkalinity, an unnatural state.  This would explain your high body pH, because stomach pH and body pH have an inverse relationship.

Your use of prilosec indicates that you believe that you have peptic ulcers.  These have previously been treated with raw cabbage juice very successfully.  A study on the effectiveness of raw cabbage juice showed that it managed to eliminate ulcers within a mere 10 days, when a quart is drank daily, split it into various intervals.

Finally, to eliminate the actual infection, we would consume large doses of colloidal silver.  Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic and antiviral.  It has been given a bad reputation by the mainstream media and the F.D.A., for purportedly causing blueness of the skin; but the real reason for silver's defamation is its threat to Big Pharma.  The silver solutions that caused such bluing are those which were contaminated with toxic nitrate salts or various proteins, which were created by the medical establishment itself, and the large particle silver solutions that were created by individuals with limited knowledge of the topic.  The dangers and fear mongering do not apply to colloidal silver solutions, despite the F.D.A.'s persistent attempts to muddle the differences.  We would purchase it from a trusted company.  By the way, colloidal silver should be kept warm, and occasionally shaken.

The following antiviral herbs may be used to help boost the immune system, and fight this condition:

  • St. John's Wort (Never take whilst pregnant or trying to be, due to a risk of miscarriage or birth defects.)
  • Echinacea
  • Lysine
  • Goldenseal
  • Garlic


This situation could have been dealt with much more quickly if the medical establishment had not already started attacking the body.  For someone who had not received the medications and 'help' from the establishment, we probably would have simply recommended colloidal silver (if legally allowed to), some immune-boosting herbs, and possibly a future change of diet.  Unfortunately, a lot of people who come to alternative medicine do so only because they have been destroyed by mainstream medicine, and are in a very desperate situation.  In some of those cases, it is too late.  This particular case is cutting it close.


Joe Brazzeal
# MMSJoe Brazzeal 2010-01-29 08:17
Another life saving option...MMS.

Order it (and the citric acid) and while
you're waiting for it to arrive, read,
read, read! (There are different protocols
for various ailments and people.)

I'm sure this will help someone out there.

Be well,
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Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief)
# Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief) 2010-01-29 14:59
We have found that chemistry is almost never the answer, and is virtually always the problem. The ancient Greek word for the forbidden black art of sorcery was pharmakeia, which the word pharmaceutical is derived from. There really always is a hidden price for dealing with the devil.

We'll have to do more research before definitively reporting on "MMS", but it looks troubling from my brief overview. Anything purporting to be a miracle using the magic of chemistry ought to set-off red alerts in everyone's minds. For what it is worth, we have a low B.S. tolerance here, and that includes frauds -- especially when there is a potential for them to harm our readers.

The general pattern has been that anything with chlorine, or anything that has been treated with chlorine, is toxic. This is why shower water needs to be filtered for asthmatics, and why we recommend that people avoid all bleached foods such as 'white' rice, 'white' flour products, and 'white' sugar. We certainly are not going to suggest that our readers supplement with bleach anytime soon.

We will be researching more, and reporting about MMS soon, and I have a feeling that the report is going to be less than flattering. If this indeed is the case, then just remember that the original author asked for it by posting an advertisement for it here.
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Joe Brazzeal
# Joe Brazzeal 2010-01-30 09:48
Dear Thomas,

I placed the post there out of a genuine willingness to help someone alleviate pain and suffering in their life.

Regardless of you opinion about MMS, it has and continues
to have a profound effect against many maladies.

I do not make ANY money on the internet and I work at a
regular day job. Therefore the posted link can't be
construed as an advertisement.

I've been a self-help health advocate for the better part
of 30 years, being very careful about what goes in my body
as well as on it. If I knew I had a life-threatening or life-diminishing ailment, you'd better bet that I'd be trying something whether it is the Water Cure protocol, MMS,
colloidal silver, zeolytes, juicing, hydrogen peroxide,
or whatever.

I have no intention to B.S. anyone and I hope you at least
read all of the above web site to to understand how MMS works. Be sure to read all of the posts by "phaelosopher" (the web site author), who I consider a very intelligent man and not a fraud.

Here's hoping your in-depth and unrelenting research proves
that MMS is just wonderful chemistry.

I love you anyway.

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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2010-01-30 14:34
I understand that you may truly be trying to help people, and believe that this is the 'magic bullet'. The placebo effect can be a very powerful one. However, your endorsement of chlorine dioxide (MMS) is not something that we could ever recommend to our readers. To the contrary, the addition of chlorine into their foods and water supply are what caused many of their health problems.

Chlorine dioxide is exactly what is used in the bleaching of flour, and the disinfecting of municipal tap water. Under your logic, people who drink tap water would be among the healthiest in society due to their exposure to this chemical. Of course, such does not correlate with reality.

Thomas and I feel strongly about those who present 'miracle cures' which are not only fraudulent, but also harmful.
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Susan McFarlane
# Diatomaceous earth for H-Pylori?Susan McFarlane 2013-07-19 12:32
My husband has been battling H-Pylori for a year now. He also has problems with athletes foot/nail fungus/jock itch (yes he bike rides and goes to the gym 5 times a week) but I think he has over growth of Candida along with the H-Pylori. He also now has rosacea and large patch of excema on his shin (related to H-Pylori?) He also has an ulcer (for several years)
Against my better judgement he took 3 weeks worth of three types of antibiotics and things settled down then he broke out in hives all over his body for three weeks ...
We eat only organic and are wheat free diary free and sugar free. I give him probiotics (Dr. Mercola) New Chapter multivitamin, oil of oregano, Curcumin (Life Extention), CoQ10, Cod liver oil, Milk thistle.
I also give him glass of water each morning with 1/2 tsp baking soda and fresh squeezed lemon. Before bed he takes glass of water with 1 tsp apple cider vinegar.
He still occasionally has heartburn and I noticed nail fungus coming back. Ugh!!!
I will start him on the cabbage juice but my question is "if it were you" would you take diatomaceous earth for H-Pylori?
Would you take the collidial silver (what strength?) and for how long?
I also feel if I start him on te DE I should make sure the 'exits' are all clear to remove all this junk from his body. Should I give him a liver/kidney/colon cleanse first? If so which one would you use?
I might add I follow all of the above and now I will follow cleanse and DE etc. because I probably have H-Pylori (no symtoms yet) as it can be transferred easily ...
Can H-Pylori be past to animals? My daughters pug (8 years old) has an ulcer and pancreatis with terrible pain (he is in recovery now). But they are giving him antacids to stop the acid reflux (ugh ugh ugh) I have forwarded all your articles ... if it were your dog would you treat with cabbage juice? silver?
So many questions but I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!!! I feel like everything you are saying about the medical profession are the 'speeches' I give to my family all the time!
Nevertheless, I'm doing the best I can with the knowledge I have but I need help now ... so I'm hoping you will help me. What would you do to further elimate all my husbands (and dogs) issues. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
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Flo Sam
# RE: Diatomaceous earth for H-Pylori?Flo Sam 2018-05-12 05:03
Hi Susan, just reading your post trying to find a way to treat myself for h pylori. I got diagnosed couple of days ago and doctor has prescribed some strong antibiotics for 1 week. I don’t want to take them. I want to treat this naturally.
Did your husband manage to heal from HP
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Aneta Pietka
# h pylori and esophagusAneta Pietka 2019-01-21 16:39
Hello I have been diagnosed with esophagitis and positive with h pylori. I am using 4oz 3 times a day of colloidal silver, is this enough? thank you
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