"I have the answer to cancer, but American doctors won't listen. They come here and observe my methods and are impressed. Then they want to make a special deal so they can take it home and make a lot of money. I won't do it, so I'm blackballed in every country."

-- Dr. Johanna Budwig

Doctor Johanna BudwigDr. Johanna Budwig left us in 2003, at the age of 95, after being nominated six times for the Nobel Prize in medicine. She cured cancers in "terminally ill" patients in her homeland of Germany; even patients that the establishment had surrendered to fate, and claimed were "untreatable". She did not just cure specific or rare cancers. She cured all types of cancer, and she did it relatively quickly, cheaply, easily, and permanently; using only non-toxic ingredients, which had no adverse effects. Her medicine actually made her patients stronger. Her cure rate was over 90%, including the worst terminal cases. Dr. Budwig's success greatly contrasts the fact that the life-long cure rate of standard procedures averages less than 4%, and that the standard therapies are known to fuel future cancers and other diseases.

Dr. Budwig's weapons against cancer were quark cheese and flax seed oil. She quickly became an enemy to the pharmaceutical and nuclear industries. They have been so effective at suppressing her work, that for many of our readers, this will be their first instance of learning of the Budwig Protocol. Her bombshell findings were first published in the early 1950's. Yet they are still being institutionally ignored today.

"As a chemist trained to interpret data, it is incomprehensible to me that physicians can ignore the clear evidence that chemotherapy does much, much more harm than good."

-- Alan Nixon, Ph.D., Past President of The American Chemical Society

Cancer Industry Lies

Chemistry PhotoFirst and foremost, cancer is not merely an outbreak of tumors. Although, the orthodox establishment apparently considers them to be the same. Endorsing perpetual treatments to create life-long customers is the overall agenda of policy makers, instead of curing. A dead patient is not profitable, nor is a healthy patient. The big money is made somewhere in the middle; in patients who are alive, but barely. The reason why they will never find a cure is because they are not actually looking for one. Curing would destroy the most profitable segment of the industry. Just the cancer segment of medicine alone is the 5th leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States. Any clinical researcher who announced a cure would quickly find himself looking for another career, or needing an undertaker. All of them know it. Cancer is the most profitable condition in medical history, and the establishment intends to keep it that way.

Cancer is essentially a modern, man-made epidemic from the food and chemical industries, which tend to be one in-the-same. There is some evidence that cancer existed in ancient history, but cancer was extremely rare in ancient times, except in cities with cases of mass heavy metal poisoning (again, man-made).

According to some statistics, cancer is expected to strike one person out of every three born, and this rate is rising rapidly. It is painfully obvious that there is something very corrupt about the industry, when cancer is treated by the three things that most reliably cause it: radiation, poison, and malnutrition. In fact, properly prescribed medicine is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States according to the Mortality Census (not even counting the mistakes) and treatments are responsible for most deaths which are attributed to "cancer", which is the 2nd leading cause of death. Doctors never discuss the real statistics, because in 96% of cases, the treatments will greatly reduce a person's life, and most patients do not live longer than five years. This data, which doctors keep private, is why surveys show that most oncologists would refuse some of their own therapies if they had cancer themselves. While well-meaning people continue to walk for the cure, the industry that they are supporting is still murdering their friends for profit.

The Unholy Trinity of Cancer

Toxins, radiation, and acidosis (from pharmaceuticals and malnutrition) are the unholy trinity of cancer. Acidosis is the first stage of this misunderstood condition. An astute reader will have noticed that these things are caused by the medical establishment itself, even in its supposedly valiant fight against cancer. When a person's body chemistry becomes acidic from the aforementioned factors or modern medicine, then his blood's ability to retain and carry oxygen is severely diminished. Healthy individuals have a blood oxygen level between 98 and 100 as measured by a pulse oximeter, but cancer patients routinely show only 60. Oxygen is replaced in a cancer patient's blood by wastes such as carbon dioxide. The oxygen starvation caused by acidosis leads to the formation of tumors as groups of cells which mutate to derive their energy from a fermentation process. Normal cells obtain their energy from cellular respiration, but oxygen-starved cells must mutate for survival, in order to utilize a type of direct sugar fermentation, which is the body's self-defense. This is not as biochemically clean as oxygen-based energy, and the waste products of fermentation build in the tissues causing even higher toxicities. This leads to even more acidosis and cellular oxygen starvation. Eventually, the entire immune system is debilitated by the process of cleaning the waste products, so that it can no longer cope with the removal of unhealthy cells. This allows the cancer cells to multiply even faster and to spread unchecked, creating the symptom of tumors, which happens in the latter stages of the cancer process.

Otto WarburgAll of the above was proven by Dr. Otto Warburg, and he won the Nobel Prize for it in 1931. His findings were suppressed, and so most readers will not have heard of this great doctor, despite him having won the Nobel Prize for medicine in an era when the Nobel Prize meant something incredible.

The secret to beating cancer is that life-giving breath of God: oxygen. Technically, it is not so simple, but it is almost that simple. The real trick is getting oxygen into the deep tissue cells, and getting the cells to use it again. Dr. Budwig's regimen is just one of many for stimulating this. Most cancer cures (not treatments) involve adjusting the body's pH beyond neutral, and into an alkaline state. In the alkaline state, human blood is especially rich in oxygen, and this same oxygen is poisonous to mutated cancer cells. Oxygen is, of course, harmless to people who are eating a healthy diet that is full of anti-oxidants. Whilst mocked by the cancer industry, the alternative alkalizing protocols have superior degrees of effectiveness and merit further inspection.

Dr. Budwig found ways to oxygenate patients better and faster than other therapies. Her results catapulted past those of other alternative therapies by utilizing a solution made from common flax seed oil and quark cheese. She discovered that the low-fat diets were a huge part of the problem. Her regimen eliminated damaging fats and foods from the diet that cause cellular oxygen starvation, and replaced them with healing foods, such as life-saving essential fatty acids. Along with her special diet, she emphasized the benefits of sunlight, the natural source of the anti-cancer vitamin D-3, and the elimination of pervasive emotional issues.

"Without these fatty acids, the respiratory enzymes cannot function and the person suffocates, even when he is given oxygen-rich air. A deficiency in these highly unsaturated fatty-acids impairs many vital functions. First of all, it decreases the person's supply of available oxygen. We cannot survive without air and food; nor can we survive without these fatty acids. That has been proven long ago."

-- Dr. Johanna Budwig

The Budwig Protocol

There are two parts of the Budwig Protocol that are used concurrently. One of them is a natural medicine, which is a blend of something containing high amounts of sulfur proteins, and flax seed oil to provide safe omega-3 oils in the appropriate levels. Fish oil is avoided because there is a high risk of impurities, it is always rancid from heavy industrial processing, and it can dangerously upset the balance of the omega oils further. Dr. Budwig discovered that the body will synthesize omega-3 from flax seed oil in the exact quantity that it needs, and in the proper ratio with other omega oils. This medicine is normally taken orally, but in the most terminal cases, Dr. Budwig was also known to have given large doses of pure flax seed oil in enema form. The other phase of the Budwig Protocol is a special diet. Dramatic results are usually seen within 90 days, and sometimes within a week. Patients should continue the regimen for a minimum of 6 months, regardless of a disappearance of symptoms.

"...I investigated the high temperature treatment for fish oils, for the purpose of making them keep longer, and killing their fishy taste. I came to the conclusion that these oils do great harm to the entire internal glandular system, as well as to the liver and other organs and are therefore not suitable for human consumption."

-- Dr. Johanna Budwig, Flax Oil as a True Aid Against Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other Diseases

The Medicine

Dr. Johanna Budwig recommended the following meal, once a week for people of good health, as a cancer preventative. It was required for cancer patients as part of her protocol, wherein it was consumed at least once a day, although twice was preferred. This nutritional therapy is called the "Flax Seed Muesli", and it can be blended into a smoothie. Since genuine quark cheese is not available in most countries, see our later recommendations for alternatives to quark cheese.

Flax Seed Muesli

  1. Add 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seeds to a bowl. Make certain to only use flax seeds that have been freshly ground.
  2. Next, add a mixture of fresh organic fruits (any fruits that are in season, such as apples, berries, peaches, grapes etc.) Never use bananas, because Dr. Budwig felt that bananas quickly push the blood sugar level high in cancer patients.
  3. Take 3 tablespoons of flax seed oil and mix it with 100 grams (about 7 tablespoons) of quark. Add about 3 tablespoons of unhomogenized ("creamline") milk to create a smooth mixture. It is best to blend it, in order to get it mixed most thoroughly. More flax seed oil may be used, depending upon personal taste, but if the quark does not fully absorb the oil, then more has been used than is needed. Add the resultant mixture to the bowl.
  4. You may optionally improve the flavor by adding vanilla or cinnamon. The latter will help to regulate blood sugar.
  5. Add some organic nuts on top. All organic nuts are fine, but peanuts are the least helpful.


  • little garlic
  • little cayenne pepper
  • champagne (for the worst cases -- always given in the first couple of days)

In addition to this, Dr. Budwig incorporated flax seed oil or freshly ground flax seeds into her patients' diets every three hours. She often gave them Linomel. This is only available in Germany, but it is simply a combination of ground flax seeds and honey. She recommended 2 tablespoons of Linomel every three hours during the day, in addition to the muesli once or twice daily. Those who are seeking to grind flax seeds may use a coffee grinder to do so. 

Those who do not have cancer, and are merely concerned with routine health maintenance, can simply combine 3 to 4 grams of flax seed oil with roughly 3 fluid ounces of sulfur proteins (e.g. quark, goat cheese, etc.), and consume this daily.

A cancer patient should not be concerned about getting too much flax. Dr. Budwig regularly created foods using flax seeds, but readers should beware of the flax that is used in modern foods. Flax should never be cooked, and it should not be stored after it has been ground, because its otherwise beneficial oils become rancid easily. This means that the flax found in retail foods is virtually always harmful, and it worsens cancers. The companies that are selling it as a healthy ingredient must know this.

The Official Budwig Diet

  • SUGAR IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN. Grape juice may be added to sweeten any other freshly-squeezed juices.
  • Avoid pure animal fats, such as lard, fatback, dripping, etc.
  • No commercial salad dressings or toppings.
  • No commercial mayonnaise (bastardized, radioactive, genetically engineered, corn, canola and soy oils).
  • No meats unless organic and preferably range fed.
  • No butter, and especially no margarine or other artificial butters.
  • Freshly squeezed vegetable juices are encouraged, especially carrot, celery, apple, and red beet. All-natural juice drinks are fine, with special preference to completely organic drinks.
  • Three times daily a warm tea is essential. Good choices are peppermint, rose hips, or grape tea. Sweeten it only with honey. One cup of black tea before noon is fine.
  • Avoid all artificial sweeteners (including high-fructose corn syrup).
  • Entirely chemical-free diet.
  • Avoid all processed foods.
  • Avoid all soft drinks.
  • Avoid tap water and bottled water, and use products free of fluoride.
  • Eat all foods freshly prepared -- no reheating and no leftovers.
  • Never use fish oil.
  • Coconut oil is a source of omega-3 that is beneficial, and it was recommended by Dr. Budwig.

Our Suggestions

  • Most patients will need to use an alternative to quark cheese, because it is unattainable in most areas. Non-homogenized yogurt is an acceptable option, and it is available in health food stores. Goat milk cheese is a better alternative. Most yogurt, cottage cheese, and other soft cheese products are less desirable alternatives, for they are made from homogenized milk. Such products should be assumed to be homogenized unless labels clearly state otherwise. They should only be used if goat cheese and non-homogenized yogurt are not available, or if they are unaffordable. It is important to supplement with vitamin C and folate if homogenized dairy products are used, in order to protect against inflammation and potentially irreversible arterial damage. The supplements do not provide complete protection against homogenized products, but they are quite helpful.
  • The flax seed (linseed) oil used in the protocol should be protected from air, heat, and light to prevent it from becoming harmfully rancid. It should always be cold pressed and preferably organic. Keep it refrigerated and sealed. Do not purchase flax seed oil in bottles unless each bottle will be used within 1 day after being opened. Discard opened bottles after 24 hours. If the oil develops any sort of rancid (fishy) smell before then, it should also be discarded. Unopened flax seed oil should be stored in a cold, dark place to prevent toxic breakdown. Those using the Budwig Protocol for routine health maintenance will use smaller amounts. They should instead purchase dark, light-resistant capsules of flax seed oil, puncture the capsules with a needle just before use, and squeeze out the oil. Avoid flax that is present in pre-made foods, such as flax cereals, flax flour, or flax-containing granola, because such flax is a rancid carcinogen from heat and processing. These precautions are necessary because of how reactive flax seed oil is with oxygen. There is breakdown of flax seed oil within 15 minutes of it being exposed to heat, air, and light.
  • Avoid non-flax sources of omega-3, except for baked fish and eggs. Avoid fried fish.
  • Dr. Budwig never endorsed or used low-fat products, as many websites are now falsely claiming. Man-made and man-altered fats are the problem, and beneficial fats are part of the Budwig solution.
  • We suggest either spring water or water filtered through a Berkey water filter that includes the optional fluoride filters. Avoid tap water.
  • Green tea with honey and lemon juice. A pinch of cayenne may be helpful too.
  • No microwaving food.
  • Avoid hydrogenated oils.
  • Attempt to wean off of all pharmaceuticals.
  • Supplement with chlorophyll.
  • Drink the Green Drink regularly to ensure proper nutrition.
  • Eat an alkalizing diet.
  • Take a large dose of vitamin C daily. Do not take more than 5 grams per day, because massive doses will cause kidney stress. More than two grams could be problematic for patients with kidney or liver cancers.
  • Avoid sunscreens, cosmetics, and the toxic lotions that are found at regular retailers.
  • At least once a day, we suggest a lemon and pineapple drink, because of its ability to improve body pH rapidly.
  • Avoid white bread, white rice, white sugar, white flour, and anything else that is a simple starch, overprocessed, or bleached with chlorine compounds.
  • Avoid table salt and use a high quality sea salt from a health food store.
  • Delay detoxifying whenever a person is severely ill or unstable.
  • Delay detoxifying if it is liver or kidney cancer.
  • Get a water filter for shower water with the priority of getting all chlorine removed.
  • Do not use tap water in a vaporizer, because it will release chlorine gas.
  • Find safer alternatives to common soaps, bleaches, and detergents.
  • Eliminate candida, which should already happen with the Budwig Protocol.
  • Avoid all vaccines.
  • Avoid your doctor. Seriously. This could be the most important rule if you want to live.
  • Avoid soy products and canola oil.
  • Use iodine transdermally, but beware of povidone iodine. If a pill form is necessary, then supplement only with red marine algae capsules. Do not use any other type of oral supplementation for iodine.
  • For deathly ill patients, see a specialist, such as a naturopathic doctor (N.D.) who can provide IV's, including safe hydrogen peroxide if necessary.
  • Use vitamin B-17 for bad cases, but avoid for people with impaired livers.

Books by Johanna Budwig

Only three of Johanna's books have been translated into English. Six books are only available in German. The English books are listed below.

  • The Oil-Protein Cookbook (l-Eiwei-Kost) Sensei Verlag (2000)
  • Cancer - The Problem and the Solution (Krebs. Das Problem und die Lsung) Sensei Verlag (1999)
  • Flax Oil As A True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer And Other Diseases (Fette als wahre Hilfe gegen Arteriosklerose, Herzinfarkt, Krebs) 1972

Some of the information in this report was obtained from Lothar Hirneise, who was Johanna's student, even though he is too humble to call himself her apprentice. He is also the English translator of her books. We wish to express our gratitude to Lothar for preserving Dr. Johanna Budwig's memory, her honor, and her important work.

The Budwig Lies

Most of the information that is found elsewhere about the Budwig Protocol is untrue. Dr. Budwig earned such a stellar reputation with her alternative therapy that a litany of con artists have sought to hijack her name to promote their bogus therapies. Her name is used throughout the Internet to promote ridiculous frauds that she never advocated. Some of the scoundrels have even manufactured quotes and attributed them to Johanna Budwig. The main reason for why we wrote this report was because it is so challenging to find truthful information about Dr. Budwig's work.

There is even a book that is falsely marketed to have been authored by Johanna. The book, The Budwig Cancer & Coronary Heart Disease Prevention Diet, was written by Dr. Budwig's opportunistic nephew, the dishonorable Armin Grunewald. Supposedly, Dr. Budwig wrote this book years after her death, which could be considered to be her most impressive accomplishment, if taken seriously. The dietary recommendations of this book do not even stay true to those of the Budwig Protocol, causing them to be of questionable safety to cancer patients.

We are citing another offender by name because the title of the clinic will deceive people into believing that the clinic is the handiwork of Dr. Budwig. In addition to that, The Budwig Center (budwigcenter.com) espouses a protocol that deviates from Dr. Budwig's, while pretending that it is the official protocol. The director of the Budwig Center (Lloyd Jenkins) has sent us threats, and filed an illegitimate D.M.C.A. take-down notice to suppress our reporting of his clinic. To be fair to the Budwig Center's director, he is no longer issuing threats, and he does appear to be slowly implementing changes to address the many concerns that we have had about his unique therapy.

As a general rule, we recommend that readers get information about the Budwig Protocol from Johanna Budwig's real books (listed herein), our media, or from Lothar Hirneise. One should assume that everything else is false. For some readers, it will mean the difference between life and death.

The fastest and easiest way to detect whenever someone is spreading misinformation about the Budwig protocol is to check his recommendation for the type of fats to use. You can know that the protocol is false and fraudulent if any reduced-fat products are recommended. Dr. Budwig's protocol was based on the usage of fats, and she selected quark cheese for her protocol specifically because it was the highest fat cheese available. In fact, she deduced that products with altered fats were one of the biggest parts of the cancer problem.


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Shelley Santos
# Shelley Santos 2010-05-04 19:56
Never have I witnessed such an immediate conversion of an acidic state of the body to an alkaline state so quickly. The Budwig flax oil and cottage cheese mixture will do that as soon as you start it. Cancer cannot survive in such an alkaline environment. Try this test. Get some ph strips or liquid drops and test your urine daily to get a base line, then start the mixture, half a cup a day. My favorite recipe is: 8 oz. low-fat cottage cheese, 8 oz. fat free plain yogurt, 8 oz. flax oil, and 1-2 tbls of honey. Mix in a blender until oil disappears. Store balance in fridge. This makes enough for 6 days. Then test your urine. It is truly phenomenal.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2010-05-05 23:29
Thanks for your input, Shelley. I'm glad that you have been able to alkalize yourself using this protocol. However, I would generally not recommend your approach for a cancer patient. The fats that are available in normal cottage cheese and yogurt are vitally important, and were used by Johanna Budwig to allow oxygen to penetrate the cells. Without them, the cancer protocol would be very ineffective.

In addition, it is important that you consume this medicine whilst it is still fresh. In the case of yogurt, it is known to go bad very quickly, and you will not be able to observe this if it is mixed with other ingredients. Flax seed oil goes rancid even more quickly (within hours) when exposed to heat, air and light, so it should be made immediately before consumption. You may be interested in this article (https://healthwyze.org/reports/269-a-precautionary-notice-about-consuming-foods-containing-polyunsaturated-vegetable-oils-even-the-most-righteous-of-them-all-flax-seeds), which talks about it.

Overall, we like your recipe, and may consider doing it ourselves at some point. However, we would recommend only consuming it when it is fresh, because rancid flax seed oil is a carcinogen, with no benefits.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Shelley Santos
# Shelley Santos 2010-05-07 13:51
The recipe on the cancertutor.com website calls for low-fat cottage cheese. If you can find any original Budwig literature that specifically addresses the necessity of high fat content of the cheese, I would love to hear about it.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2010-05-07 14:30
Calling that site quacky is an understatement. They must get their 'research' from the walls of public restrooms and 'experts' like Tony Isaacs. Sometimes they get something right, but that is a case of luck. We can only wonder at how many people their words have killed.

When Johanna designed her protocol, there was no such thing as "low fat" cottage cheese, so it was never blessed by her. She specifically used quark cheese, because it has the highest fat content of any soft cheese. She actually specified that exactly. It is the fats from quark cheese, which contain the sulfur proteins that are essential for the benefits of the Budwig Protocol. No fat equals no cure, and a worsening cancer.

The flax oil itself is another important fat. Seeing the pattern?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Russell D. Hadick
# NutribulletRussell D. Hadick 2016-03-01 14:37
I'm a cancer survivor. Six years ago I had a tumor removed from my bladder. Last January I lost a kidney to cancer. This January I had a small tumor removed from my bladder again. I'm only 54 and my Urologists think it was something I have been exposed to in the military that is causing my cancer since I was in Iraq and Desert Storm/Shield. The doc wants to take my bladder out but I told him no. I have never done chemo or any radiation. I have done BCG for 3 years and it seem to work. I asked my Urologist to start it again and he said yes. I recently have given up all sugar and processed foods and have been eating 75% organic and just started the Budwig protocol. My question is can I mix the cottage cheese and flax oil in my nutribullet with numerous other products i.e. organic spinach, broccoli, asparagus, ginger, beats and a host of powders that I'm taking? Or do I need to mix and take it separate?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief)
# RE: NutribulletThomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief) 2016-03-01 17:56
The foods get mixed in the stomach. I don't see the harm in doing it beforehand.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Richard Corrigan
# Cottage CheeseRichard Corrigan 2019-01-13 16:08
Hi Sara, it's very difficult to get quark cheese in the UK. I've been using organic cottage cheese, but it's low-fat. Would it be better to use full-fat non organic cottage cheese? Can't seem to find organic full fat cottage cheese. The flaxseeds and flaxseed oil I'm using are both organic; it's the cheese part that is hard to find. Thanks.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Philip Hurd
# Philip Hurd 2010-05-10 16:08
There are many variations of the Budwig protocol that work well. In my experience, the absolute best method, while more expensive and labor intensive than others, is made to be as fresh as possible when consumed.

I start with raw milk, which may or may not be available in your area. It's hard to find in atlanta, but it is available. (www.carltonfarm.com)

I use the fresh raw milk to make yogurt, using a yogurt maker (about $40) and yogurt starter. This makes fresh, raw, whole milk yogurt.

Next, I use flax seed oil capsules from Standard Process Inc., marketed as Linium B6 (http://www.standardprocess.com/display/displayFile.aspx?docid=123&filename=/Public/Lit/TabSheets/linumb65340.pdf) It's been mentioned that flax seed oil is incredibly fragile and must be protected from light, heat, and oxygen. Standard Process uses a low-temperature extraction process and packages their flax seed oil in pearls, which keeps the oil as fresh as possible until the moment you break the pearl.

Then, blend the ingredients in a high-speed blender (i use the magic bullet, since i'm only making one serving at a time) until the mixture reaches uniform consistency.

This is truly an elixir of life!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Susan Rowland
# Susan Rowland 2010-05-23 14:15
I wish I had this info before my son PASSED away..I think this would have helped him alot :cheer:
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Heather Allen
# Can I add raw honey?Heather Allen 2010-07-12 15:25
Thank you so much for the article, very informative! I'm wondering if it would change the effectiveness of the cottage cheese flax oil mixture if I added raw honey for taste?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2010-07-13 02:05
I see no reason why honey would inhibit the effectiveness. Honey is one of the few sweeteners that are okay for cancer patients to use. Honey is actually anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which would slow down the fermentation process which cancer thrives on, which means that the cancer would also slow down.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Jackie Neil
# Jackie Neil 2010-07-15 17:53
This is all so very helpful and I plan to put it into practise. I have a question...have you heard of the raw honey and cinnamon tea for alkalinizing and restoring healthy environment inside body? If so, what do you think?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief)
# Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief) 2010-07-15 19:58
I have not heard or researched that claim, but I know this combination will keep blood sugar perfect, and is excellent for diabetics. There is much more involved with maintaining body pH than just blood sugar.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Tabitha Neil
# Tabitha Neil 2010-07-27 16:51
Can agave syrup be used instead of honey in the cottage cheese/flax oil combination?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief)
# Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief) 2010-07-30 11:03
Sweeteners are not needed, and they are a very bad idea for cancer patients. Cancer cells thrive on a fermentation process similar to yeasts. Some people are now claiming that it is exactly the same thing, in fact. We are reserving judgment on this until there is more information. In any case, all sweeteners, even the 'healthy' sweeteners with very low glycemic indexes should be avoided. On the other hand, if you happen to be a healthy (non cancerous) person, who is merely augmenting your nutrition with some 'Budwig Supplementation', then it does not really matter if you add a little sweetener. Feel free to use whatever you want in this latter case. We have found that nothing has a better benefit-to-harm ratio than honey. It really is a gift from God.

You may wish to reference the article we wrote about diabetes to see just how many (sometimes intentional) misconceptions there are about sweeteners and blood sugar.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2010-09-29 12:24
You can use peroxide from regular grocery stores, but they often contain chemical stabilizers. On the 'active ingredients' section of the label, you will see "(stabilized)" next to the mention of hydrogen peroxide.

It is best to purchase food grade peroxide from a health food store to avoid this. This is especially important if you are using it for something as serious as cancer.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
sandra henry
# budwig dietsandra henry 2010-11-05 13:29
I have stage 2 breast cancer. I had surgery recently and will be getting chemo and radiation soon but started the budwig diet about 3 months ago while waiting for test results and surgery.

I am AMAZED at how great I feel on this diet!!!, better than I have ever felt before! Although the caloric intake is as high or higher than what I was eating before, I have lost a little weight and have tons of energy. I even started running again and plan to keep on this diet through treatment and afterwards. The cottage cheese/flax oil muck (as my son calls it) is quite delicious with a bit of honey. Who knew beetroot juice was so YUMMY, I love this diet and how it is changing my health.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Shane Marshall
# Shane Marshall 2011-01-24 00:25
I watched all the video's and read this article, BUT in the video it said that she used quark cheese specifically as the turbo-charged diet. Can you explain the change from that to cottage cheese.
Thanks Shane~
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2011-01-24 04:25
The original formula did use quark cheese, however, cottage cheese is much more readily available in the U.S., and has a similar make-up. Johanna's writings explained that quark was used because of its sulfur proteins, which is something that cottage cheese also contains.

You are welcome to use quark cheese, of course. Cottage cheese is chosen only because of its increased availability.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Kathy Toews
# fat contentKathy Toews 2019-01-14 15:59
It's okay to use the cottage cheese if it has the high fat content of quark. Today, with the hype on fats, quark in Canada is often low fat. It's the fat content that's important. Thanks
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
stephanie campbell
# stephanie campbell 2011-02-15 01:10
firstly thank you for your wonderful information and insights!I would also like to add, that whilst having this alkalising diet,and the phenomenal Budvig protocol is second to none in terms of benefiting and ridding the body of dis-ease. I would highly recommend some sort of colon cleansing, to open up the pathways of elimination and to help rid the body of accumulative toxins.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Don Schneider
# Don Schneider 2011-05-23 16:57
I seem to remember reading some connection with the Budwig formula and Multiple Sclerosis. Has there been any findings connection the Budwig formula and helping to ease of free one of M.S.?
Don Schneider
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Susan Grieves
# H2O2?Susan Grieves 2011-06-08 11:12
I have read your article but I have a few questions. You recommend using Hydrogen Peroxide and high doses of Vitamin C, and this is completly against Dr. Budwigs recomondations. I have been looking into this myself to help out a friend with emphysema and breast cancer. Can you please tell me where you got these facts? I would truly love to do both of them, but was warned not to.
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2011-06-08 14:07
Hey Susan;

Peroxide was not part of the Budwig diet, but rather one of the additional staff suggestions. For more on our opinions and research of this, you may wish to read: The Relationship Between Body pH and Disease (and other facts you're not supposed to know) (https://healthwyze.org/reports/361-the-relationship-between-body-ph-and-disease-and-other-facts-youre-not-supposed-to-know).

The research on vitamin C's use for cancer came largely from the research of Linus Pauling, and his published works.
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Linda Black
# Linda Black 2011-06-14 15:47
It's amazing how hard it is to find full fat cottage cheese and yogurt. Everything is low fat or fat free. The highest cottage cheese I could find is 4% milk fat. My question is about the flax seed oil. Does it have to be in capsules? I purchased it in the refrigerated section of a health food store. Organic and comes in a black plastic bottle. Thanks, Linda
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2011-07-08 03:43
Capsules are best for avoiding rancidity. The product that you speak of is probably okay, given the color of the bottle, but it's not something that we feel comfortable recommending.

Cottage cheese is very hard to find without additives, and with full fat. Finding "Plain yogurt" (organic, if possible) is generally much easier.
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Ray Matthews
# melanomaRay Matthews 2011-07-31 18:12
To Whom It May Concern, I have this crap (Melanoma) and have had it since 05 but I am getting close to the end I expect. I had 5 rounds of the Chemo pills to no avail. I was wondering if you could privately email me some other alternatives please. Thank you Ray.
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Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief)
# Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief) 2011-08-08 00:43
Everything is above-board here. There is no need for private e-mails. For more options, see our movie 'The Cancer Report'. Skin cancer is specifically mentioned on multiple occasions in the movie.

We can't help you anymore than the doctors can. Only you can help you. It's your body, and if you want to save it, then you must become the doctor.
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Adam Hunt
# Adam Hunt 2011-10-27 02:52
Thank you so much for the article and all of the posts! You guys are on a mission! It makes me want to join you in finding ways to spread the news en masse, and save more lives. I'm considering creating a short url that directs to this page, and advertising it- even if it is as simple as passing out a catchy little slip of people with the url to people walking by in high-traffic areas, especially people "walking for the cure." Hey, even if only one person actually tells their loved one with cancer about it, and they follow it, and it saves even one person, would it not be worth the time? What if that one person saved is a child? Perhaps if I make the url and the advertisement slip (one catchy sentence will do), I can recruit others to help me spread them around... Of course if anyone else wants to steal my idea, go ahead! I repeat the quotation found on the side bar of this very webpage: "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." -- Albert Einstein

I have three questions:

1. I eat a lot of flax seed because it is inexpensive and is also high in protein, fiber, etc. Does it work just as well (or better?) to just blend whole flax seed with cottage cheese/yoghurt in a high-speed blender, rather than using flax seed oil? ...I just saw that under "-)r.Johanna Budwig Mix:" on the site http://www.aspartame.ca/page_c1.htm that it recommends there actually putting both in the mix. Do you have any comment on that? or on just using whole flax seed?

2. What is the purpose of the cayenne?

3. Under "The Diet" above, it says among other things, No Butter. Why is that?
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Adam Hunt
# More questionsAdam Hunt 2011-10-27 15:10
Also, is soy flour really bad? I don't eat much meat so I try to get quality protein from mixtures of different plant sources. One is my homemade protein bread I make from ground whole wheat, ground brown rice, corn meal, soy flour, unsweetened coconut flakes, ground flax seed, milk, eggs, butter, and soy lecithin. I read that combining wheat, corn and soy flours are one way of getting a balanced plant protein. I am open to other ideas though for accomplishing a balanced higher protein diet w/o much meat... Also, while I understand that flax meal baked into bread most likely does not carry the same health benefits as it does raw, is it unhealthy to add it into my bread dough? How about the more stabilized version of flax seed blended at high speeds with cottage cheese?? How about the coconut flakes? Sorry for so many questions, but perhaps others will be enlightened at the same time... Thank you!
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Malu Norabuena
# IS the protocol effective for LupusMalu Norabuena 2012-01-15 00:12
Hello, i would like to know if the Budwig protocol would help me with inflammatory problems I suffer, even though I am still on low doses of cortisone and inmunesuppresors
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Anthony Dodd
# FOCC & DiabetesAnthony Dodd 2012-01-17 15:53
I am a Diabetes Type 2 sufferer and I have just started the Budwig Diet however, I am using Low fat Cottage Cheese in the Budwig plan - I am concerned whether using this is acceptable and also, if consuming Cottage Cheese on a daily basis is okay for someone with Diabetes?
Has anyone tried the Budwig Diet for Type 2 Diabetes and if so, what was it successful?
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Zygfryd Ostrowski
# AnaemiaZygfryd Ostrowski 2012-03-04 16:08
I like very much article,I heard about Cottage Cheese and Flax seeds but I never try to use it.
Now I have health problem like Myelody splastic Syndrome (refractory anaemia with ringed side oblasrt which is not curoable.My redcells have riron rings and canot produce new cells,hemoglobin is very low 7.9 and I am 82 years old ,I can not have cells inplent because of age. now dr. is going put me on Procrit but it hase lot sideeffects. If you know something lets me know .
Sincerely Zygfryd
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John Murphy
# hemp oil-flax seed oilJohn Murphy 2012-06-12 17:55
is hemp oil a better alternative to flax,as the omega 3-6-9 ratios are said to be in balance.Also what of the adverse relationship between dairy food and breast cancer....
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donald Reese
# donald Reese 2012-09-21 02:34
Hell-o family
Are you talking about adding a lil cayenne (peper)? If i can' find it what else can i replace it with?
also, am i haming my diet by eating baked chicken?
Thank you'll so much for being here. In the Lord's name...
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Angela Mihalski
# Coconut milk yogurtAngela Mihalski 2012-11-11 17:43
Thank you for this GREAT info!! I want to make my own yogurt using coconut milk. I have heard that coconut milk and coconut oil are very nutritious, can take high heat, and are a wonderful source of healthy fat. Would you recommend using coconut milk yogurt with this protocol? Thank you for your kind reply!!
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S Flewelling
# S Flewelling 2013-01-06 16:40
Sarah, thanks so much again for talking to me today!

Okay, so reading reading...this is confusing to me but may be something I am missing as my head is surely spinning...

"No animal fats
No meats unless organic (chemicals & hormones)"

Just wondering if this may be clarified and I apologize for missing something if it was clear! THANK YOU.
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Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief)
# Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief) 2013-01-06 21:49
Yes, I believe that we made a few mistakes which made our points ambiguous. It's fifty lashes for us! We edited, and we hope that the article is less confusing now.
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Stephanie F
# Stephanie F 2013-01-11 13:10
Thanks Thomas! So much! And never - no lashes ever for all the work you guys do!!
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Patrick Puett
# Question about fat contentPatrick Puett 2013-05-31 23:01
I was reading the book "The Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook" by Dr. Budwig today and it said in it that low fat or even nonfat cottage cheese should be substituted instead of Quark when making the FOCC mixture. Why would it say that if the fats were the vital parts?
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Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief)
# Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief) 2013-05-31 23:58
You've uncovered something very disgusting and disturbing. The contradiction is due to the fact that modern (less ethical) people are editing Budwig's work; to make it politically correct. She was more successful in treating cancers because her work was not politically correct -- because it was independent of the failed dogma. We've seen the same disgusting thing happening with the work of Linus Pauling -- where a modern editor of one of his books forwarded Pauling's book by apologizing for the deceased researcher's "sexism" -- since Pauling dared to use the word 'mankind'. Trash like those editors should never be allowed to play editors, especially regarding historical work that is so important.

Never in her life did Dr. Budwig ever tell people to consume diet products or low fat products. She contended that these artificial and bastardized chemical-industry products were the biggest part of the inflammatory problems, and she was right.
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Patrick Puett
# Reply: Question about fat contentPatrick Puett 2013-06-01 00:12
I thought you would say that, and I believe you. I really found the point in the article about traditional quark having a higher fat content convincing and so I am trying to do more research into the topic to do the budwig protocol as best as possible . What exactly are the sulfured proteins that bind to the Omega 3 acids? From what I found they are the amino acids Methionine and Cystine, is that correct?
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Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief)
# Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief) 2013-06-01 02:59
I don't even have a clue without pouring over the information again. More importantly: is that it is quite possible that no human being who has ever lived really ever understood even a tiny fraction of the biochemistry of the human body. This is very likely, in fact. The first rule of genuine science is admitting what we do not know or understand. It's really hard to find genuine science nowadays. The one thing that we are certain about is that it works and does so safely.
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Chris Klomp
# Honey versus Agave nectarChris Klomp 2013-08-26 11:38
I usually sweeten with honey, but sometimes I use the nectar, if I want a more subtile hint of sweetness.

I see several instances where you recommend against Agave nectar, however I have not seen it substansiated.

Can you clarify your stance on the Agave nectar?

Thank you, Chris.
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Jen Husselman
# Please help with oxygenating drink.Jen Husselman 2013-10-17 18:03
I tried the oxygenating drink yesterday, added ingredients as listed, never saw the peroxide fizz and about a half hour after drinking it I vomited everything in my stomach. I would very much like to try it again but don't want that to happen.
Please help, thanks.
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Amy Quadros
# Amy Quadros 2013-11-16 21:13
Is it necessary to follow the complete Budwig protocol. Couldn't we just add the flax oil and cottage cheese to our normal diet. Will it still be effective in prevention and treatment of benign tumours?
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2013-11-17 16:20
For prevention, just using the flax oil and cottage cheese/yogurt is fine, but it would be wise to use the entire protocol for curing a known cancer.
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Arthur Mike
# Hemp cure my cancerArthur Mike 2014-08-18 17:55
I am unable to post this in the Success Stories for whatever reason, so I posted here. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer on October 18, 2013. I was advised by my doctor that my only options were to get a prostatectomy or have radiation seeds implanted in my prostate or receive regular external beam radiation. I declined. I knew there had to be other options.
I scoured the Internet and discovered a wealth of information about cannabis oil curing cancer. I was able to obtain some medical marijuana oil through Dr Palmer (Rick Simpson Oil) from it and consumed the recommended dosage by mid January. On January 26th I had a cancer reassessment which consisted of an MRI with a state of the art Tesla 3 MRI machine. Results - NO SIGN OF CANCER! CANCER FREE!One of the things that helped me while going through all this was reading the testimonials and the success stories of those who have used the oil and were cured And with good food diet. Now that this wonderful oil has cured me, I feel I need to let others know as well. Please feel free to contact me, ask anything
should you like more information or directly contact Dr Palmer at: were i purchased from. Thank you, Arthur Mike ~
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Mr Ralph F Stone
# Purchasing Linium B6 (Flax Seed Oil)Mr Ralph F Stone 2014-11-09 22:18
I see that Standard Process, the company Dr. Philip Hurd uses for his products is limited to health professionals only. Can you, or he direct me to a chiropractor in the Toccoa, Ga. area that would have the same or like quality flax seed oil, along with a good rep for administering adjustments? Or even a company you may use for good quality product?

This article on the Budwig Protocol is just mind bending. This entire site is! I've been glued to it for about five hours now, ripping through article after article. I've posted several articles already along with turning people onto your site. This is incredible! I also plan on supporting you some financially.

Thanks so much for your research and no bullshit honesty.

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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2014-11-10 20:55
You do not need a chiropractor to get flax seed oil. You can find it at regular health food stores. Any chiropractor who tells you that you need his special supplements is a fraud. That is the number one sign that a chiropractor (or naturopath) cannot be trusted. Simply purchase cold-pressed and preferably organic flax seed oil that is sold in light-resistant capsules.
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Mr Ralph F Stone
# Quark Cheese...Mr Ralph F Stone 2014-11-09 22:41
What do you think of this recipe? Wonder if it would contain an adequate amount of sulfur proteins needed to produce a quality quark? Seems too simple.

Take a couple cups of milk. We were testing it with whole milk, but I've also tried it with lactose-free milk and nonfat milk. Make sure the pot is completely clean. Bring it to a simmer on the stove. Let it come to room temperature and then whisk in maybe 1/2 cup of buttermilk. Let that sit overnight at room temperature and you'll notice it will thicken to a yogurt-like consistency. Take that and strain it overnight in a cheesecloth-lined strainer. The next morning you've got cheese.

Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2014-11-10 21:00
We honestly don't know much about cheese making, so we could not tell you if that recipe is any good before doing some experimenting ourselves. Although, we frankly do not have the equipment to test the density of the sulfur proteins.

We do know that using altered milk products, such as reduced fat and lactose free options, is the last thing that you need. For the healthiest results, you should use non-homogenized (creamline) milk. The altered milks have the same sort of consequences that we see whenever someone tries to outsmart God.
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Bobby Lichtman
# Bobby Lichtman 2014-11-16 02:34
How long would you have to do this protocal to get rid of candida?
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Mr Ralph F Stone
# Quark/Yogurt MakerMr Ralph F Stone 2014-11-19 15:03
Having never heard of quark cheese, I looked it up. From what I've found, it is pronounced 'kvark', and means curd. As you stated, it's hard to come by here, and expensive. So I found a site where I can buy a machine to make my own, as well as yogurt if anyone is interested. The site is:

Go to kitchenware and small kitchen appliances.
The cost of the machine is like $69.00 less tax and shipping.
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Lucinda J Warner
# Budgwig DietLucinda J Warner 2015-01-14 18:10
I did the Budwig Diet and chemo in 2011. I also got her cook book--- used it with success and passed it on to a friend who was close to dying from an infection in her body. She is doing well today.

Bill Henderson is one who recommends
the Budwig protocol and I read his report before starting breast cancer treatment. I had a fast growing breast cancer.

Had to have chemo every other week for 28 treatments then 3 months of radiation.

I never missed a chemo treatment--- my white blood levels were always perfect. I told the oncologist what I was doing--- and he said, "keep on doing it."

I've been cancer free since 2011.

I highly recommend the Budwig protocol.
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Jo Moore
# The fraud of the war on cancerJo Moore 2015-01-20 15:38
Much solid evidence shows that "The Cancer Industry is Built Upon Lies."

This cartel, which the cancer charities and the major media also belong to, has been dismissing, ignoring, and obfuscating the true causes of cancer while mostly putting the blame for cancer on the individual, and has used known deceptive cancer statistics to "show" (think: mislead) the public just how successful their traditional toxic cancer interventions are, and pours almost all resources in treating cancer but almost none in the prevention of the disease (read the epilogue in this article on the fraudulent war on cancer: here (www.supplements-and-health.com/mammogram.html) ).

On the other hand, this criminal cartel has been ignoring, deriding, or suppressing many viable alternative cancer therapies.

Cancer treatments are in favor of the business model of the medical orthodoxy, cancer "cures" or prevention oppose the business agenda of organized medicine. It' all merely a game of profit-generation for the most dominant medical industry.
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isabella weir
# Questions about the Muesliisabella weir 2015-01-21 11:34
Hi Thomas and Sarah,

Let me begin by thanking you for all you do. Before stumbling upon your website I was doing a lot of research and getting so frustrated with all the conflicting information online. It is such a Godsend to have all the information in your book and site. Literally, as I had been praying for direction just before finding you.

I have a few questions about the muesli, probably silly, but I just wanted to make sure. It says you can add more flax oil if you desire, but is it also fine to add more yogurt? My 3 yr old son is accustomed to eating 6oz of yogurt (fresh goat yogurt not store bought) every morning and this equals only about half of that. Also, is the honey added just for taste or is it part of the "magical equation":-? My son and I like the flavor without it so would prefer to omit it.

I would like to hear your opinion of sprouted flax..it's claimed to not go rancid...

Also it says that cancer patients don't have to worry about eating too much flax but how about non cancer patients? My son has never had any processed foods or grains. He eats plenty of wild caught baked fish and all all organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes I can get my hands on. I make sure he has a variety of everything and plenty of green leafy vegetables. So nutritionally he should be doing pretty good not counting our terrible nutrient depleted soil. I've made mistakes in allowing some vaccines. I was unprepared for the pressure from the doctors at the time. As a result from that and my own health at the time he was conceived he suffers from eczema, has severe peanut and cashew allergies, and I believe intolerance to latex (his eczema certainly flares up with avocados) as well as to other things I haven't exactly pinpointed yet. My primary goal is to somehow find a way to reverse the allergies/intolerances and cure his eczema.

As for me, though I don't have cancer at the moment that I know of, I do have lichen sclerosus, which is considered to be an autoimmune disease. I am currently using the info in your book and site to try and cure that. So far just working on alkelinizing my body has been making a difference.

So there you go, just wanted to introduce myself and share a little background, and hopefully get a few answers if you get a chance.

Thank you again for all of your dedication!


Isabella Weir
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David Jenkins
# Goat Cheese substitutionDavid Jenkins 2015-03-27 15:14
Would the goat cheese be an equal substitution volume-wise, 100 grams? Outside of the context of this regimen, eating that much cheese would have my common-health-practices radar go off.

Just in case it comes across as such, my comment is not a slight in any way, but a sincere inquiry from somebody not used to eating that much cheese at one sitting. I'm game if this is consistent to the regimen.
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Frances Muse
# My daughter AprilFrances Muse 2015-04-04 06:03
In 1996 my daughter April died of cancer. She went through chemo radiation and had a bone marrow transplant. She suffered so much. The bone marrow was a 100 percent success. She was doing so good that they let us come home early. We where in Minnesota for the transplant and for Thanksgivings the medical team said we could go home to Texas and have a Thanksgiving homecoming. Little did we know that Christmas we would be in the hospital and on 1/11/1996 April would die from lung complications due to radiation that destroyed her lungs.
You see the doctors in Minnesota knew the radiation destroyed Her lungs but they never said a word.
After reading all of this information I will never have a doctor treat me for cancer.
I am starting this diet and regiment of Dr Budwigs to get my body on the correct of path of being healthy.
It's a horrible thing to see your child go through so much pain and suffering. These medically doctors here in the USA are so programmed to make the $$$$$ that too many people are dieing when all along they could be curing.

Thank you for letting me share. Before April left this world she said " Momma don't ever forget me" It has been 19 years and I will never forget

Frances Miuse
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David Jenkins
# Soaking flax seedsDavid Jenkins 2015-05-21 16:44
I've read recently that soaking flax seeds allows them to "germinate", making more of their nutrients available to the body. Would anyone know if this is true? I did a little experiment where I use soaked whole flax seeds (instead of whole dry seeds) and then blend them in with the quark and flax seed oil, when making the Budwig meal. The blending process breaks them up just as well if they were ground dry. Could there be any added benefits to this?
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Lindy Combs
# Lindy Combs 2015-10-24 18:09
I am currently consuming my first mixture (done in my Ninja juice) of the flax oil (Barleans flax oil w/lignans) and organic 4% cottage cheese (Organic Valley brand). It is thick and creamy like meringue. But I don't think it is non-homogenized.

What should I expect as a result of 5 tablespoons of the oil in one cup of the cottage cheese, which I am eating now...all of it.

I can already feel something going on. Hmmm..
~ Lindy Combs
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Rob Connor
# Flax seed oil storage...Rob Connor 2016-01-26 14:54
Good Day!

First, I'd like to inform the staff that their email sign up link is busted. Had to copy & paste the link in order to get to the verification web page.

Second, I have found a way of storing glass bottles of Flax Seed oil after every use by using a vacuum seal cork with my FoodSaver. Works like a charm, no more air left in the bottle to spoil the oil. I just vacuum out the air after each use and put it back in the fridge!

Thanks for the original Budwig Protocol. I was using the Budwig Center's and I'm relieved that I've got it right. My wife has rectal cancer(08-01-14) that spread through out her body, including her brain. One tumor on the brain stem, one in the center of her frontal lobe. Did two port chemos, oral chemo and two rads. Sent her home 12-4-15. Three doctors said she had weeks, not months. One month later did a scan and the brain tumors stopped growing. The doctor was perplexed to say the least. Never told him what we we're doing. I juiced 40+ ozs of veggie juice a day for the wife to slam down and the Budwig. My wife will be getting an MRI on 02-29-16. Can't wait to see their faces after that scan!

Good luck and my prayers to all!
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# RE: Flax seed oil storage...Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2016-01-27 05:29
The vacuum sealing idea is very clever. We're impressed.
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philomena scotte
# did it work?philomena scotte 2018-02-03 19:08
I had my late husband on the diet, and then he stopped to go on a trip and when he came back everything went wrong and he died within a month and a half. I read only afterwards that if you stop the budwig diet before healing, the cancer will come back with a vengeance and nothing will stop it. I feel terrible that I didn't make him stay and continue the diet without interruption. I do so hope your wife got better.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Carol Johnson
# same happened to my husbandCarol Johnson 2018-08-11 16:24
I honestly thought my husband would not get on the plane, and I had asked him not to go, but he went on a trip for a week during which he could not continue the protocol or the diet because of where he went, and within a month and a half he, too, died. I thought a week would be alright if he was careful what he ate. But when he came back he was already not feeling well, and he stopped finishing his quark/flax seed preparation or eating or drinking the juices I made for him, and began losing the weight it took us so long to put back on. I'll never know if it really was true that stopping for a week caused this, but I know if I ever have cancer, I will never stop. He was doing very well until he took that trip.
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Rachel Ramsey
# Liver CancerRachel Ramsey 2016-03-11 18:31
Hi, In the article it is mentioned that someone should Delay detoxifying if it is liver or kidney cancer. My mother would like to start this protocol. She was diagnosed with stage 4 Colon Cancer almost 5 years ago. The cancer has been removed from her colon and hasn't come back there but it has presented in her liver and lungs. The Dr's have at this point said, nothing will work and gave my mom just months to live. She still has energy to walk up and down stairs, eat, sleeping well. She is in a little pain but not too much. Long story but after reading detoxify or die and several other things explaining exactly what Budwig prescribes. Would you recommend not starting the protocol since her liver is compromised? She does have several cancer tumors in her liver and one in her lungs.
Thanks for any help you can offer.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief)
# RE: Liver CancerThomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief) 2016-03-12 15:11
Yes, we said to delay detoxifying (if possible) for liver cancers. However, we never implied that one should just sit back, watch somebody die, or to do absolutely nothing. The Budwig Protocol is not detoxification at all. The detoxifying thing is based on a risk assessment -- a gamble in other words. Our advice is based upon betting that a super-toxic (cancerous) liver will be harmed more by a detoxification whilst it is cancerous, and that attacking the cancer directly with a true therapy is the more time sensitive operation, since fighting cancer is a race against the clock. Sometimes the advice is wrong, so people ought to follow their gut instinct.
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Les Barnhill
# Rancid oilsLes Barnhill 2016-05-25 14:45
Hello, thank you for your presence in this word. God bless you all. My question is regarding oils in groats and or steel cut grains. Has any research been performed on the longevity of oils in grains after the husk has been removed and before they have been steamed? I'm curious to know if there should be concern when purchasing groats or cut oats for a fresher muesli.

Thank you,
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Suzannah Glidden
# GratitudeSuzannah Glidden 2017-11-04 23:12
I'm deeply deeply grateful for this information and for Dr. Johanna Budwig and all of you. Abundant blessings to all.
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Bonnie Abel
# flax seed for colorectal cancerBonnie Abel 2017-11-08 12:31
On a download from the Budwig Center in Spain, while reviewing the flax oil - cottage cheese recipe, I saw a comment stating that for patients with colorectal cancer, they should not use the ground flaxseed as a component of the flax oil-cottage cheese mixture. This is the only place I have seen this mentioned. Any thoughts on this?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief)
# RE: flax seed for colorectal cancerThomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief) 2017-11-08 13:46
We don't know if you are seriously asking this question or if this is bait, but we'll give you the full update.

We once posted a lengthy report about the Budwig Center, in which we cataloged their long history of fraud and their dishonest representation of the Budwig Protocol. This happened when Lloyd Jenkins was running the center. In our harsh criticism, we pointed out that everything about them seemed to be a lie from the very get-go, even the name of the center. Johanna Budwig was in no way affiliated with them, and in fact, she forced Mr. Jenkins to leave the premises on the only occasion that they met, after attacking with her cane. That might give you an idea of what Johanna Budwig would think about the so-called "Budwig Center".

After trying to "reason with us", as if we were going to form some kind of partnership with him, Jenkins eventually turned to threats when we did not respond. He found a sleazy northeastern (U.S.) lawyer to come after us. The lawyer conned Lloyd into thinking that he had a great case against us for libel. Jenkins believed it because they apparently don't have much in regard to free speech and a free press in Spain. In Spain, the burden of proof is on the person defending himself, in a guilty-until-proven-innocent system. We have freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the truth on our side, all of which are defenses in the United States. When it became obvious that they were going to turn this into a federal case, with their accusation that we had defamed the Budwig Center, we knew that they were willing to go the distance, even if it took years for them to lose their case. So we made a deal with Jenkins, because we didn't have years to waste on the case. We actually have a lot of important work to do, and there is never enough time. The deal was that we would remove our scathing report explaining all of the fallacies and frauds of the Budwig Center on the condition that he clean up his act. He vowed to us in the strongest terms that he absolutely would. Now the center is run by his daughter.

We can tell you that at no point did Johanna Budwig claim that ground flaxseeds were dangerous for any condition. I guess the moral of this story is that just because someone is railing against the establishment and purportedly representing a better alternative, does not mean that they are any more honest than anybody else. Our advice to you is the same advice that we give to pretty much everybody, with every condition: Your trust in other people to take care of you and do the right thing is probably what got you into this mess. You should save the money and fix it yourself if you want it done right. That's why we wrote this article. It's right here in front of you. We are no fans of the F.D.A. or the way that they normally operate, but it does do some good sometimes. For instance, if the Budwig Center operated in the United States, everybody who works there would be serving long prison terms, as they deserve to. If you literally want to hear us talking about the Budwig Center, we discussed the affair in episode 36 of our audio shows.
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Bonnie Abel
# flax seeds for colorectal cancerBonnie Abel 2017-11-09 01:39
Dear Thomas, this was a sincere question. My husband was recently diagnosed and we have begun investigating the Budwig protocol. We have ordered the books and while waiting for them, we are trying to develop a plan using the internet for info. I came across this note on the download as I mentioned above and found this site so I thought it would be a good place to ask the question. I had seen the reference to the letter that was pulled, but didn't realize there was a connection to this site. I do appreciate you clearing up the matter of the flax seeds for us.
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jeff Hargett
# cottage cheese mixturejeff Hargett 2017-12-12 20:13
Quoting Bonnie Abel:
Dear Thomas, this was a sincere question. My husband was recently diagnosed and we have begun investigating the Budwig protocol. We have ordered the books and while waiting for them, we are trying to develop a plan using the internet for info. I came across this note on the download as I mentioned above and found this site so I thought it would be a good place to ask the question. I had seen the reference to the letter that was pulled, but didn't realize there was a connection to this site. I do appreciate you clearing up the matter of the flax seeds for us.

Bonnie you have come to the right place. If you don't see improvement in a few weeks then come back here so Sarah & Thomas can help you figure it out. The reason Johana was on 92% successful is because it's difficult for humans to control what they eat. Food is more addictive than meth and most if the food is fake anyway. I caught on to the budwig center before I found this site because low fat and skim milk was considered industrial was when Johana was doing all her research and the fact that she was the leading scientist in the world on fats so she would know that low fat diets were a hoax.
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Gil Levy
# Kefir cheeseGil Levy 2018-01-17 18:22
I'm treating my dad who has very short time to live, in a race to save him.
He has CLL with Richter transformation :(

He lives in Istanbul, Turkey. I cannot find here Flax seed oil in capsules, only in bottles.
I don't know what shkuld be the nutrition factors of the Quark cheese I found here, nor it's ingredients. can kindly provide me with this info?

I currently use a liquid Kefir organic milk and I use as cloth to make cheese out of it.
Is this ok?
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# Very intersted to pursue this protocolSebastien 2018-03-06 21:26

My mother has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer with liver metastasis, and I am ready to try and convince her of this diet BEFORE they are going to start chemo on her as well as a potential immunotherapy. Can you tell me if there are any parts of this protocol that I should reconsider because of the fact that she has a large tumor in her colon that could block her colon completely in which case you would need emergency surgery. I would higgly appreciate any additional information as she has already been advised to not eat for example any fruit that contain seeds in them as they might create digestion problems. Really hope you can give me some additional information because of the possible digestion problems, many thanks in advance.

kind regards, Sebastien
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Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief)
# Very intersted to pursue this protocolThomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief) 2018-03-07 03:40
The seed thing is correct. If something cannot be digested, then it is only negative. Notice that in the Budwing Protocol the flax seeds are to be ground, in order to make them useful. Be aware that the Budwig Protocol is not your only option. We mention the best alternative treatments in the "Related Articles" at the bottom of this article. We covered the Budwig topic so thoroughly because nobody else did (except for Budwig herself), and we found that an alarming amount of information about the protocol was either dishonest or simply wrong. The other writers (elsewhere) for the most part do not seem to realize that getting the facts wrong gets people killed, or they simply don't care.
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# Follow upSebastien 2018-03-07 09:35
Hi Thomas,

Thank you for the additional information. I am already aware of b17, we started giving her apricot kernels already grinded in a fresh fruit shake but its hard to get someone to be actively busy with this as people dont believe the value of those products and so dont take it too seriously which is very unfortunate. But this Budwig diet it seems to me as a very logical and easy to implement way to start with an alternative method and not get too much resistance from my mother and her surroundings that still believe that chemo and immonotherapy will make her better. I also noticed that I was already following around 35% of her additonal remommendations, like not drink tapwater anymore which smells badly of chlorine in this area, so it just seems to make sense overall what she is saying. I will have a look at the other related articles as well to try and find a balanced formula between all those topics mentioned.
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Andrés Valencia
# permission for video on youtubeAndrés Valencia 2018-04-14 16:40
Hello Sarah C. Corriher / Thomas Corriher,
My name is Jorge Andres Valencia Aguirre, Thank you! for such valuable information that they have shared. I would like to ask for your approval and permission to be able to talk about your report in a video, of course! giving the credits to you two for the great job. I clarify, that my Youtube channel is not monetized and I share the information in Spanish without any profit motive, rather than sharing information for those who need it.
Thanks in advance.
Andres Valencia
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# RE: permission for video on youtubeSarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2018-04-15 16:22
Certainly. We have a generous copyright policy. We simply wish to be given credit for our work.
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Aneta Pietka
# kefir instead of cheeseAneta Pietka 2018-04-19 22:25
would this work with kefir instead of yogurt? thank you
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Rachel Tan
# Restart on budwigRachel Tan 2018-09-06 20:46
Hi Sarah, I went thru some comments from people mentioned that their husband died after a trip while stopping the budwig , once started should not stop and if restart will not help, My husband has to stop due to not able to consume food and now his cancer spread in liver, I intend to start again the budwig for him since he can eat now, but the comment column on 2 ppl saying once stopped will not be effective anymore, what’s your thought.
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John Pewthers
# sleepJohn Pewthers 2018-11-17 10:44
Both my wife and I have been on Budwig for a couple of years.
We both get really sleepy after we have the formulaic diet for breakfast.
Obviously not important, just extremely curious.
By the way I have been eating the apricot seeds as well.
Is there any way to tell if they are NOT homogenized?
Thanks John
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Linda Rex
# flaxseed and breast cancerLinda Rex 2018-12-03 01:05
Is there anything to the information that claims that flaxseed has estrogenic effects, and should not be used (or should be used with caution - however that would be) by women who have been diagnosed with estrogen positive cancers?
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Penny Bialek
# Capsule Flax oilPenny Bialek 2019-01-03 08:33
Can you take extra capsules during the day of the flax oil? My husband was just diagnosed with lung cancer and while we wait for the results he started the diet. He does not like the mixture flavor any helpful recipes?.
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Kathy Toews
# fat contentKathy Toews 2019-01-14 16:34
Hi there. Thanks for the work you are doing. I printed off some info from your website in 2014 and read it then and put it somewhere. I decided to "just look up the Budwig Protocol" again in 2019 and what a shock to see the plethora or sites, none of which had the information from what I had recalled from your site in 2014. I spent two days looking for the hard copy from 2014 from your site as I was sure that something was off - the low fat cottage cheese to be exact. Just one question. From the 2014 info from your site, it said "It should be stirred with a wooden or plastic spoon. Wood is ideal, and metal should never be used." I'm wondering what is meant by "metal" here, as you mention the blender. My husband thinks that metal in her era was possibly something like aluminum. I'm not sure but most cutlery is "stainless" steel but maybe not good stainless? Do you have any ideas on that? Thanks, Kathy
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# RE: fat contentSarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2019-01-15 00:16
Hey Kathy; We removed the references to the metal spoon because we couldn't find such references in Dr. Budwig's original work, and the guy who she trained as an apprentice didn't know of anything about it. So, don't worry about it. Glad you found us again.
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Steve Wood
# start & stop is deadly?Steve Wood 2019-02-17 00:14
Hello Sarah & Thomas,

Please tell me more about the deadly and critical info about starting and stopping the Budwig mixture. We found out about the Budwig protocol from elsewhere and my wife (stage 4 lung cancer) had been consuming a mixture of cottage cheese and flax oil for about a week or two, and juicing organics as well. We weren't emulsifying the mixture or adding extra flax seeds or honey. I've been renovating the bathroom to get rid of black mold in the house and she's been staying at friend's for about 2 weeks with out juicing or Budwig mixture and she's been eating poorly. We're ready to move back in. Can you suggest where we go from here?
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