Granite countertops are dangerous because they are radioactive, and they emit poisonous radon gas. This phenomenon is something that even the mainstream press has begun reporting. The E.P.A. and other regulatory agencies have received floods of phone calls from home owners and inspectors about high levels of radiation from granite countertops. Regulators are urging people to ignore the high readings as unimportant, because taking a negative stance against radiation in kitchens would also imply that the radiation used in modern medicine is also dangerous. There is a tremendous amount of money to be lost across several industries, in other words.

Some mainstream news agencies parrot that granite countertops are categorically safe, even though the variations in radiation levels are extreme. All granite countertops emit a small amount of radiation, but some are far higher than E.P.A. 'recommended amounts'. Despite the numbers being sometimes higher than environmentally allowable standards, the E.P.A. nevertheless maintains that granite countertops should not be a cause for concern. You see, radiation from countertops is safe. It's a healthy kind of radiation, and it might even cure cancer. Granite radiation is safe in much the same way that fluoride mystically becomes safe when it is mixed in drinking water or toothpastes. It's F.D.A. science, in other words.

Meanwhile, the E.P.A. recommends that every house get checked for radon levels to, of course, detect how much healthy radiation homes are blessed with. ABC News exposed that the Environmental Protection Agency does not even have a procedure for checking countertops, which might explain some of the agency's insanity. If they do not have any procedure, and presumably have not done any testing of their own, then we must wonder how they could possibly conclude that all granite countertops are safe. Since the time of Madam Curie, we have clearly known what radiation exposure does to health, as is the case of poison gas.

The Marble Institute of America unsurprisingly claims that granite is completely safe, and distractedly focuses on negligible sources of radiation in homes, such as that which "comes from soil or rock beneath the building". However, they do admit that some of the newer varieties of granite, particularly exotic types, have not been seen before, and are emitting the highest levels of radon gas and radiation. Again, safety was institutionally declared before any investigation.

Famous bio-chemist, Linus Pauling, was one of the foremost supporters of ending nuclear testing. He maintained that radiation damage is accumulative. Small amounts of radiation over an extended period is just as damaging as being exposed to all of it on the same day. The human body never truly heals from it, or develops any kind of natural defense, and we're talking about mutagenic damage (at the DNA level). Pauling won one of his Nobel Prizes for his work in convincing governments of the dangers of radiation exposure.

Even tiny amounts of radiation should be avoided whenever possible, including microwave ovens, Pepto-Bismol, commercial mayonnaises, and commercial salad dressings. These foods have a high probability of being radioactive, and will almost certainly have radiolytic compounds, which are caused by exposure to radiation. We recommend that those with granite countertops test the radiation and radon levels in their kitchens, to ensure that they are not at increased risks of cancer, birth defects, or a plethora of disease states that are routinely caused by radiation. The presence of radiation can sometimes be detected by the way it destroys colloidal silver.


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