The following recipe should help to arrest coughing and improve breathing. It is especially helpful during cold and flu infections. Several of the herbs have a numbing effect that is soothing to lung and throat pain. For especially bad lung irritation, this tea may be used in conjunction with mullein, but this should rarely be necessary. Readers should not underestimate the effectiveness of this herbal formulation. It is as powerful as any cough syrup and faster acting. Moreover, this remedy has a therapeutic effect overall, while the chemicals in commercial cough syrups impair the immune system.

  • 1 green tea bag * (We recommend Kirkland brand, and brewing your own)
  • 1/2 teaspoon cloves
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric
  • 1/2 teaspoon thyme
  • 2 teaspoons honey
  • Juice of half a lemon

* Green tea is preferred, but regular tea can be used as an inferior substitute.

Prepare this remedy by placing the tea bag and herbs into a coffee mug with boiling water. Let them seep for three minutes, then strain before adding the honey and lemon.

Chronic coughing and lung inflammation problems may indicate candida yeast overgrowth in the gastrointestinal tract. Doctors will generally test for lung cancer in people with chronic coughing issues, but the testing itself is prone to causing cancers; and thereafter doctors usually congratulate themselves for an early cancer detection. Patient beware.


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Betsy Pike
# Just What I NeededBetsy Pike 2013-10-27 02:32
As I sit here wheezy and sneezing, I came across this article and can't wait to try your tea recipe. I have been cold free for the last couple of years and was quite taken by surprise when my scratchy throat turned into a head cold this evening.Your timing in posting this article couldn't be better for me. Thanks!
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Diahann Moyler
# Diahann Moyler 2013-10-31 13:01
I so agree!
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Diahann Moyler
# So HappyDiahann Moyler 2013-10-31 13:01
I am so happy to see this. I just got over a coughing fit and I was in need of a remedy for this cough. Thanks so much. Will go home and prepare it asap.
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marie davis
# these help too....marie davis 2013-12-08 15:42
Hi, I have lung problems and this also helps me very much.
2 cups boiling water
2 drops red thyme essential oil
2 drops eucalyptus essential oil
Place the water in a glass bowl and add the drops of oils. Let set a few to mellow. Place a large bath towel over your head and shoulders and breath deeply the vapours comming off the water, farther away at first then comming closer to the bowl as it cools.

Also this helps, take a 2x2 square of old bath towel, and soak with lavender oil till just moist (not dripping) place this little towel next to your bedside where you can breath the vapours during the night as you sleep.
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Eric Rowland
# Splendid recipe.Eric Rowland 2013-12-08 16:20
I never buy otc cough remedies, as I know full well that they are worse than useless. However, your concoction certainly gave me relief. As a matter of interest, I am allergic to honey, so I substituted maple syrup. Couldn't find thyme, so I used cinnamon. Worked OK in spite of this.
Many thanks.
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Eric Rowland
# Vitamin D for flu prevention.Eric Rowland 2014-01-24 15:52
All my life, I suffered from colds, flu, bronchitis, etc. Whenever these conditions were around, I could be counted on as a bellwether. The most debilitating of all was bronchitis. You have to experience it to know how dreadful it is, and I must have spent a small fortune over the years on useless remedies. If I saw my doctor (which was quite frequently) he would prescribe antibiotics of one kind or another, which never worked. By the time I retired, at sixty-five, I was suffering from regular bouts and the condition was, worryingly, getting progressively worse. I despaired of ever having good health again. Then a few years ago, I read about vitamin D. and started to take 10,000 IUs a day. The outcome was astounding. My bronchitis rapidly cleared, and I have not had an attack for at least 5 years, now. I have also not had either the flu or a cold. The cough, in my previous post, was the result of accidentally inhaling an irritant.
I am now in my eightieth year, and must say that I feel fitter than I did when I was 50.
My doctor probably thinks that I am dead!
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Michelle DeLena
# TeaMichelle DeLena 2018-05-24 17:24
Need to know if whole cloves used for the tea or ground used?
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# RE: TeaSarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2018-05-24 17:37
Ground cloves are used.
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Michelle DeLena
# TeaMichelle DeLena 2018-05-24 19:00
Thank you I also need to know how often should you drink the tea?
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# RE: TeaSarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2018-05-24 20:14
As often as you need to. It's not dangerous. Drink as much as you like.
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