From: Thomas Corriher
To: Jerry
Subject: Re: Parkinson's Disease
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 19:23:00

"My wife is in the latter stages of Parkinson's. I have heard that Parkinsons med's do not work after five or six years and matter of fact are going more harm than good. Is it possible to wean her off those med's and how should this be handled?"

This question made us angry at all of the parties. Our initial reaction was to ignore the question. Tempting responses were "you made a deal with the Devil" and "you made your bed, so now lie in it". Alas, I figured that such responses would only be counterproductive, but this sentiment is why we made the video, Dealing With Doctors. We get lots of these questions; like several a day. The pattern is that someone's health and finances were utterly destroyed by a blind obedience to a doctor, and then we are eventually contacted for a miraculous bailout. What is galling is that if these people had actually believed in what we do, then they would not be desperately needing us to save them. They appear when they get desperate, after doctors have told them that they will be callously allowed to languish and die. Suddenly, the alternatives look like a viable option, perhaps after years of them mocking it. It is the epitome of false friendship when they arrive. When a doctor tells them, "there's nothing more that I can do", this translates into meaning that there is nothing that he is allowed to do by the current pharmaceutical regulations, so he would watch his patient die horribly to protect his own career without even the slightest remorse. They even have the audacity to call this very typical behavior as practicing "medicine". Maybe it was because the insurance money was cut off, as is often the case too. If the public ever grasped the situation for what it really is, then our doctors would be in immense physical danger from their own patients.

The Main Lies of This Case

  1. There is nothing that the doctor could do to remedy the problems.
  2. The drugs cannot be stopped, so the patient must continue to obey.
  3. The drugs were initially having positive effects without harm.
  4. The new symptoms (deterioration) are only due to the organic disease but not the poisons.
  5. The disease is not related to any past drugs or other toxicity issues.
  6. The disease is entirely genetic, so no person ever has to take any responsibility whatsoever.
  7. The drugs were an honest effort to help her health, and were definitely not a business decision to get drug company "perks" (like free vacations).
  8. The doctor understands the disease and the human body.
  9. The doctor had her best interests in mind, and would not harm her.
  10. The doctor would never lie.

I'm sure that I forgot a few more. The point is that if the truth ever intersected in your relationship with your doctor, then it was purely coincidental and unintentional.

Thus, we have gotten the flak of yet another health catastrophe. The trouble is, we already know from experience that anyone who has worshiped doctors enough to get himself into this sort of predicament would not listen to us anyway. When he asked if it is possible to eliminate the "med's", it conveys that he may not yet be able to disobey his doctor, or he's just probing if he could swap obeying one 'expert' for another. Has he learned nothing yet? If we have to give him the permission to do what he already knows is the right thing, then our words are not the answer to his problem. The answer for him is to truly embrace his conscience before it is too late. He asked us if he should do the right thing, but he would not be asking that question if he did not already know that he was doing wrong.

Our answer for him is to come back when he really knows who to believe. Perhaps that will happen if he sees through the medical religion, to finally notice the cause and effect relationships rationally. His wife went to the doctor, so is she actually better for it? Is she any better now than she was before all of the pharmaceutical 'help'? Is there some kind of pattern to be noticed? Is this story different for any chronic disease that they treat? How many people have chronic diseases cured every year with standard medicine? Considering that the answer is none, should we really be calling it medicine? A better question might be to ask, "What minuscule percentage of the chronic diseases are not categorically worsened by 'medicine' every year?" In our almost eight years of health and medical research, we cannot name one case. We challenge all of our readers to find one.

Was the sorcery of pharmacology more powerful than God's laws? You know, those 'miracles' of modern medicine as they so blasphemously state in their open mocking of faith. It was the defiance of those very laws through chemistry (sorcery) which got her into trouble in the first place, even before the diagnosis. The problem began with the abominable drinks and foods, long before the 'miracle' drugs almost finished her off. Don't make any mistake about it or dismiss this, for there are some deep, good versus evil undertones behind all the distractions and propaganda that are involved. Our enquirer was mistaken and deceived at a level that cannot be expressed into words, as so many others have been. It is sadly normal, and a clear sign of the times that we are in.

Come to us with faith and a conscience, or depart.

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Alyssa McClanahan
# Alyssa McClanahan 2014-10-19 00:15
Hey guys,

loooong time reader here... I was just wondering when/if you were going report on anything about Ebola? A part of me is very concerned, another part of me does remember the Swine flu- however since I find myself with very little News to follow- any advice, information or facts would be very much appreciated. I always have food, water, immune-system boosting herbs and colloidal silver on hand for emergencies but am wondering what else and if it's enough.

Thank you for your hard work.
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Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief)
# Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief) 2014-10-20 13:46
We have ethics, so we shall not be fear mongering about ebola like just about everyone else. This situation is a clear example of how pervasively unprincipled both the alternative and mainstream media are. The current ebola terrorism is a bit like a horror movie. All of you must know at some level that the reports are carefully scripted to keep us from tuning out, but you people just can't stop watching. Seriously, just pull the plug! For your mental health, pull that plug and stop your "programming". The establishment will not allow ebola to run rampant, because such a catastrophe would endanger them too, and it would lead to a state of anarchy that would eliminate their power structure, and perhaps even cause a full revolution. On the other hand, a continuous fear of various monsters and boogeymen will keep the population in check for them. Haven't any of you seen the pattern yet?

Here are your quick answers:

1. You don't have a snowball's chance in Hell of catching ebola.

2. If you somehow get ebola, then your only hope is God's intervention. You would not be likely to be able to get enough silver into yourself fast enough. The speed and massive destruction of ebola makes it unique.

You can improve the accuracy of the news reporting by striking the front of your television with a hammer, and avoiding sites like Prison Planet and Natural News. You're a slave as long as you are being controlled by fear. We'll be no part of it. Snap out of it!
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Alex Jones
# Alex Jones 2014-10-20 19:01
We're all going to die! Every last one of us! These people here are obviously members of the Black Nobility. 1776 is the answer!
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The Health Ranger
# The Health Ranger 2014-10-20 19:04
Checkout the "Family Maximum Pandemic Protection Kit (" available now in the Natural News store. It's recommended by the CDC!
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Alyssa McClanahan
# Alyssa McClanahan 2014-10-22 03:11
I probably should have known better then to ask for help from you guys! You're always a bit overzealous. I see why of course, I mean it's nothing to take lightly it's our planet, our minds and our bodies at stake. But is replying to me in such a way necessary? You spent the entirety of your reply lecturing me on watching mainstream t.v./news. Did you miss the part where I said "I find myself with very little News to follow":-? Excuse me, truly, for not being more clear on my questions or what I mean but I was trying not to drone on about myself. Well now I'm miffed and feeling misunderstood so let me explain so I am no longer referred to as a "slave" or talked down to.

First off I do NOT own a t.v. or satellite/cable. I guess I figured by telling you I am a long term reader and I don't follow News, you'd think of me as someone who is on the same page as you completely. Now I remember how, um, difficult people are and how you guys must deal with that a lot. I know I do...A LOT. An example that comes to mind would be one of your twelve paragraph articles about HOW BAD RADIATION IS, HOW BIG OF A SCAM ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE IS, WHAT CANCER IS, THE HISTORY OF IT ALL, LINKS TO WHAT YOU CAN DO and then at the end of it all is a woman commenting "So should I or should I not put my son through chemotherapy?"

Anyways, when I asked if Healthwyze was going to report on Ebola and give us any advice or information, I meant are you going to 'pull the curtains' on it, that IS what you do on just about everything. You give time and dates, patents, what's really going on, what's the lie, what's the facts, if it's all a hoax, shine a light on the smoke and mirrors, what we can do IF it happens or something like it happens. Your articles touch on every single angle there ever was or could be AND has the answer/the solution at the end of it so we know what we can do to be prepared.

I am 20 years old and a girl... so typically nobody around me gives a crap what I have to say and everybody feels it's okay to tell me what to do. I can't even count how many times people have tried to ram their opinion and beliefs down my throat when they catch on to my 'alternative' lifestyle. I've had people get in my face and tell me I'm going to die because I don't eat a certain meat. I've had people shake their finger in my face and lecture me about "better living through chemistry". I've been called a food Nazi by my dad, who also told me it was a waste to buy me organic food. I've had a magazine thrown at me with an article about vaccines and yelled at that I was going to kill my future children. I've been yelled at by hard-core Christians about medical science (because THAT's in the bible). I've had friends chase me around and spray things on me. I've had people mock me about how things like cooking with canola oil freaks me out and made fun of for never buying name brand girly crap. All this and I have not once yelled at anyone or even spoke assertively about being quite content where I am. I keep a smile on my face and quietly nod my head like I'm taking what they're saying into consideration, all the while hoping one day someone treats me with the same human decency and shows SOME respect for my own opinions and beliefs. I don't even go around promoting all this information and showing how much bloody passion I have for it. I have never even commented on any forum, video, article, website that basically tears down anybody who thinks differently and calls them crazy for going against what we're told is good for us.

I feel utterly alone, I do not have anybody in my life that is even remotely on the same page and I have to constantly put up with stupid questions like "so how DO you eat vegetables?", "how could anybody give up bacon?" and "are you a hipster?". The answers I'm thinking: go to the store, buy vegetables, put it in your mouth, chew. Now stop eating fast/junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And hipster? No, I did not go downtown to a really stylish cafe' and find out that organic food and green smoothies were 'in' and 'trending'. It's a little more than that considering it BOILS MY BLOOD to just think about ever having anything to do with allopathic medicine and I'd rather cut off my own arm then let my children ever be vaccinated.

It seems like Healthwyze could care less about fans or how their readers FEEL or see the writers (because you see that as not a goal/not the point) But I must say that finding this website, back when I was around 16, was GOD SENT. It changed my entire life literally over night, and I am using that word correctly. I don't want to list EVERYTHING that I changed and do now but just be assured that it's 100% everyday. There are no other options to me.

I remember like it was yesterday how everything in my life seemed to have led me down a path to find this website. If I wasn't tossed around and abused (how just about everyone else is) by mentally ill people who didn't care about quality of life then I would have never found myself locked away, at 14 years old, from the outside world, with only the internet. All I did was download music and movies but there is a recurring theme in those things, especially movies. It's that innocent, darkly interesting, magical thing called numerology which is also tied directly into astrology. I soon found out that those things are NOT just fun with numbers and finding out who the stars says your soul mate will be. Numerology and astrology are all about rituals and symbolism, and all roads lead to satanism or vice versa. Satanism and all it's symbols are everywhere and on everything. Satanism then leads to information about the Illuminati and all the conspiracies in our daily life and through out history. It was ground-breaking to me.

I had considered myself as an atheist for my entire life until I realized I believed in Satan (not as a man or a red scaly thing). My reasons for being an atheist were there was no evidence a God existed but I found a massive amount of evidence that evil existed. That there is a group of people whose sole purpose is dedicated to having a hand in going against all things good, all things that make humans the wonderful, complex creations that we are. How could just people who like money and power spend so much effort working against ALL true creations? Because there's more to it. Because it's the battle between good and bad, because bad wouldn't exist if good didn't. Then I was left asking myself "so what is God?" I recall being so lost and feeling like the world was ending and that there was no hope.

That would be around the time I found this website. You guys showed me God. God is science and science is God. Nature, so intricately crafted for us is our weapon, is our answer and health is basically worshiping God. Funny, how no one is taught anything like that but nothing has ever made more sense to me.

Now I see through it ALL. I know exactly what to look for, I know what wording they use and I know how they present it to us and tell us exactly what we want to hear. They know that people need someone to blame so they can feel better about sitting at home as everything around them goes to shit around, all the while still believing that our biggest problems are something like taxes and gay rights. They know that people generally lean towards disliking the government anyways so they serve up on a platter this entity 'The Government' to blame. I know that every political figure has to fall so a new can come to the rescue and we can throw are babies at them to sign and save us all. I could go on forever because it truly never ends but the last one that I most definitely see is they know when the public is leaning towards different information/beliefs/opinions they infiltrate those different media outlets that express such and sway the readers or viewers back onto their agenda under the guise that they were for the people and anti-whatever-you-want-it-to-be the whole time.

Anyways, I credit Healthwyze and just one other to everything I am today and plan to be in the future. Your reports were like breathing air for the first time. So when everyone is running around like headless chickens or everybody thinks I'm crazy and I'm feel like I'm in a sea of endless ridicule- I take comfort in reading my ONE source of news. I take comfort in knowing that I'm not alone and I'm secure in a shield of information that ignites every inch of my being to continue fighting.

Sorry for the most likely painfully long response.
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2014-10-22 03:35
My bad. I let Thomas off his leash again. I believe that you are taking Thomas' comments a little too personally. He was not singling you out as an individual for mocking, attack, or anything of the sort. He was actually doing what he does best, which is grandstanding about the overall situation for anyone who would listen. That's what he does. However, sometimes he uses a rocket launcher when he should be using a pistol, and the flak can fly in all directions. You seem like a nice girl, and we are sorry that you thought that Thomas was opening up on you. It is much worse when he does open up on a person, by the way.

The situation with ebola reporting has become so absurd that we can hardly do anything other than make jokes and rant about it. If we continue to get questions about it, I fear that Thomas may take up drinking. As things stand now, we have decided not to cover the ebola story, because the truth of the matter is that there is no story, and we cannot compete with the hysteria machine at this time.

Thomas, who is sitting near me, wants me to mention that after the swine flu, bird flu, this, that, and the other thing.. if people are still biting, then we cannot help them anyway. People are either smart enough to see the pattern by now, or there is not much point.
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gail peters
# Drugs and More Drugsgail peters 2016-02-28 01:00
I can really empathize with your feelings regarding this couple. I just don’t get that people can’t see that they are being poisoned. I have a friend who said she was going to get the vaccine for pneumonia this year. I told her it would give her pneumonia. She believed her doctor who told her all older people and children should have it. She is in her seventies. I tried to explain to her children and older people would be more likely to get sick from the vaccine. She got the vaccine and she was horribly sick for three weeks. I rarely ever go to a doctor, and when I do, they don’t like me because I refuse their drugs. 12 years ago, after a bone density showed I had osteoporosis, the clinician actually became very angry with me for refusing a scrip for Fosamax and turned her back towards me. Being treated like that was really upsetting, but my knowledge re the medical industry has grown by leaps and bounds since then. Now I think it is funny that they show that kind of anger over a patient not wanting a prescription. I refuse to be on long term drugs. My mother was on 12 prescription drugs when she died a horrible death. Over the years they just kept adding drugs to fix what the drug she was already on was doing to her - never stopping the offending drug – just kept adding more. I am getting close to the age she was when she died and I look at least 30 years younger than she did. Her medications did a number on her body. Doctors DO NOT like it when you have different opinions about what is good for you. My health care is up to me and in my control. They are only interested in sick care. Healthy people don’t generate income. Time to get off my soap box. This story about this couple got to me like it did you.
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