Certain celebrities have been associated with specific diseases. For instance, Patrick Swayze will be associated with pancreatic cancer indefinitely. Michael J. Fox represents Parkinson's disease, and the Marlborough Man ironically represents lung cancer. For those who do not remember, the Marlborough Men were the smoking cowboys who attempted to make filtered cigarettes seem more masculine. The commercials were a huge success, until all of the actors began dying from lung cancer. The demise of the Marlboro Men was publicized heavily by the mainstream media, because it has long been open season against tobacco products, since it became illegal for tobacco companies to fund news shows.

The cause of Michael Fox's Parkinson's disease is always side-stepped by the media, similar to the dishonest tobacco precedent. Readers may notice there has never been a peep about the cause; and moreover, the talk has been singularly about finding the supposedly elusive cure. The cause of Fox's disease is not yet politically correct to attack. It would get most reporters fired.

Throughout the 1980's, Michael did commercials for Pepsico, and he promoted Diet Pepsi cola exclusively in the latter years of his contract. It is believed that he became an ardent consumer of Diet Pepsi throughout this period (even off-set). Then, in 1991, Michael was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson's disease. It would be seven years before he told the public about his diagnosis, so the link has been missed by most people.

In 2000, Michael founded the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which was supposed to help discover the cause and cure for Parkinson's disease. Various groups have sent information to the foundation about the link between aspartame (found in diet colas) and Parkinson's disease, but they have been ignored. The group instead donated $175,000,000 to researchers of Parkinson's disease, while wholly ignoring the existing information about aspartame, just as most researchers have. The foundation is yet another organization which apparently believes that funneling even more money into the petrochemical cartel will help to find an elusive cure, for something that would require an admission of guilt to cure, and the loss of a billion dollar diet drinks industry. The chemical industry is the problem, not the solution. Their profits from treatment regimens soar higher with each new Michael that they create. Meanwhile, they continue promoting diet drinks as the healthy alternative, because sugars, after all, are bad.

The mainstream medical establishment apparently does not know the cause of Parkinson's disease, but it has been linked with heavy metal exposure and excitotoxins. N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors in the brain are responsible for the excitotoxicity associated with Parkinson's disease. Aspartate is one of the main components that is released when aspartame is metabolized, and it directly effects the NMDA receptors. Regular intake of aspartame damages those receptors, and can eventually lead to Parkinson's disease.

It is known that Parkinson's disease occurs whenever the dopamine-related nerve cells inside the brain are decimated. With dramatically decreased dopamine, the nerve cells in the effected part of the brain cannot properly transmit messages. In studies, aspartame has been shown to decrease dopamine levels in the brain to induce the unmistakable neurological decline that is seen in Parkinson's patients. A troubling study from the Norwegian University of Science, verified aspartame as an excitotoxin, and as a neurotoxin that is particularly dangerous to children. None of this is ever mentioned by either the Michael J. Fox Foundation, nor any mainstream media outlets, who avoid the topic of aspartame.

Aspartame will cause the death of brain cells and damage to the brain neurons without any other implicating factors. It is a pure poison that is sometimes used to kill ants, and it is known to be the surest way to cause brain tumors in laboratory rats. Some cancer studies have used aspartame to intentionally induce cancers in laboratory rats, for the purpose of later testing anti-cancer drugs. Aspartame is chosen because it is so reliable at producing cancers in high dosages. In addition to its ability to cause Parkinson's disease, it may also cause multiple sclerosis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, reduced intelligence, obesity, asthma, muscle spasms, and a total of 92 symptoms that even the F.D.A. was forced to confess. There is a great irony that obesity is one of the side effects of aspartame, considering it is used exclusively in diet products. The same chemical industry that produces this poison is the industry that sells even more lucrative treatments for the aftermath, so it is a case of one hand washing the other. Therefore, the cure will not be found anytime soon.

The Politics of Aspartame and Why It is Still Legal

In January of 1980, the F.D.A. advisory board banned aspartame, because their research showed that it caused brain tumors. This decision could only be overturned by the commissioner. Then, in November of 1980, Donald Rumsfeld was hired as part of the transition team for President Ronald Reagan, prior to which, he had been the President of Searle (the company that created aspartame). On the first day of the new administration, the previous F.D.A. commissioner's authority was suspended, and Rumsfeld assigned Dr. Arthur Hayes as the new head of the F.D.A. Hayes was previously just a defense contractor, but he had a close relationship with Rumsfeld because they had worked together under the Nixon Administration in close contact with the President of Pepsico. Hayes' first decision was to approve aspartame for dry foods, and by the end of 1983, he had approved aspartame for soft drinks too. He was later forced to leave the agency, due to media pressure concerning his acceptance of corporate "gifts". The defense contractor then went to the Searle public relations firm as its "senior medical adviser". Shortly thereafter, Monsanto purchased Searle. Rumsfeld received a $12 million "bonus" for his help in ram-rodding the F.D.A. into unbanning aspartame.

Perhaps Michael J. Fox will someday realize what caused his disease, and if he does, we hope that he will use his celebrity influence to inform others about aspartame. There are very few people who drink Diet Pepsi as frequently as Michael did, particularly at such a young age. Thus, Parkinson's disease rarely occurs in people so young. Finding the cause of these events is not difficult, except for people who are intentionally trying to avoid the obvious. Most of the organizations pretending to seek a cure, do ignore the obvious as official policy. They prefer genetic explanations, since these mean that nobody is to blame, and no reason for the funding to ever stop. Genetic explanations mean that they are certain to never find that cure, and that's money in the bank.

If the mainstream media were to spend as much time attacking excitotoxins like aspartame and MSG as they did tobacco, it would not be long before many of the major diseases, including Parkinson's disease, became a thing of the past. Fibromyalgia would disappear completely.


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Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief)
# Thomas Corriher (Editor-in-Chief) 2010-05-11 19:47
Sarah is right about tobacco. Lung cancer was a rarity (non-existent in some smoking cultures like the U.S. Indians) before cigarettes were "enhanced". Now they even include carpet glue in the papers as required by law. Sarah's also right that the media pile-on happened only after it became illegal for the tobacco industry to sponsor the news networks with advertising. What do you think would happen if Big Pharma were banned from advertising on television and radio too? Things would change quickly, and we wouldn't just be "crazy kooks" anymore. It would mainstream sites like this. Until that happens, the lies will continue, and Big Media will be very friendly to Big Pharma (Big Pharma is its biggest advertiser) just as the media once did for tobacco.

One major point that is being missed here is that aspartame is being promoted to IMPROVE HEALTH. People drink this poison actually believing that it will make them healthier. It EVEN causes obesity, even though it is marketed particulary to dieters. People do not smoke (regular) tobacco because they were told it will make them healthier.

Anyway, there is a glimmer of hope. You're here, and you obviously care, and we promise you that you are not alone. It is easy to give up with all the evil against us, and surrounding us, but it only wins if you do indeed give up. Let me tell you a little secret we have noticed in our travels to retailers and pharmacies: we're winning. Sure it is a very slow victory, but we gain ground every day. We will win. Don't have any doubts.
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mike stilinovich
# Never give up !mike stilinovich 2015-02-16 22:23
I may be more optimistic than most but I believe that there are far, far more good people on this planet than evil. Or maybe I'm just so damn naïve, ha ha. But I really don't think my God and I Am are naïve.
Another thing that I am positive about is that "evil will prevail when good men (women) do nothing!"
That is why it is time to act and eliminate the evil empires with love. Don't laugh until you know the rest of the story, stay tuned!
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David Marshall
# Cruel and unusual?David Marshall 2010-11-03 14:12
Please have your members in the U.S. Congress give back to U.S. Service Personnel and Veterans those Constitutional Rights that convicted rapists and murderers, keep!

Convicted rapists and murderers are given protection from human experiments by the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights no cruel and unusual punishment; Eighth Amendment. As implemented by, “... Article 7 - Freedom from Torture, or Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.”, page 13 of 14, “Written policy and practice prohibit the use of” [prison] “inmates for medical.....experiments.”![4] The U.S. Supreme Court’s 1987 STANLEY [3] “to harm” Department of Defense (DOD) LSD experiment is approved by the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1950 FERES [1], i.e., by its ‘can do no wrong, ends justify the means’ ignored Bill of Rights. The STANLEY case is one of the U.S. Senate’s 1994 “During the last 50 years, hundreds of thousands of military personnel” were subjected to “experiments that were designed to harm”, e.g., the reported biological and chemical agents, radiation exposure, hallucinogenic and investigational drugs, experimental vaccines and behavior modification projects.[5] To-date the U.S. Congress has rejected the U.S. Senate 1994 Report’s, “The Feres Doctrine should not be applied for military personnel who are harmed by inappropriate human experimentation when informed consent has not been given.”[5] The conducted known, certain injury trials were a dereliction of duty in direct disobedience of the DOD Secretary's 26 February 1953 NO non-consensual, human experiments.[2] During the U.S. Senate’s 1994 reported past 50 years, most of the "to harm" service records were destroyed in a 1973 National Personnel Records Center fire. Congress’s 1974 Privacy Act censored experiment verifying witnesses from any surviving records!

The "Veterans Right to Know Act" to establish the Veterans' Right to Know Commission was proposed in the 2005 and H.R. 4259 [109th] 2006 Congress.[6] A veteran's right to get the “designed to harm” [5] needed for treatment, and experiment identifying, evidence never became law. This is consistent with the 1957, “....The intelligence community believed that it was necessary "to conceal these activities from the American public in general," because public knowledge of the "unethical and illicit activities would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles and would be detrimental to the accomplishment of its mission." Id., at 394 (quoting CIA Inspector General's Survey of the Technical Services Division, p. 217 (1957)).”; See [Footnote 4] of Section IV, 1987 STANLEY.[3] All “activities” are conducted under the ongoing secrecy cover of National Interests, e.g., WWII, Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War and Iraq. Despite the 16 of 66 year efforts of some, the U.S. Congress still has failed to provide those that serve with U.S. Constitutional Rights and freedom from “to harm” [5] experiments.

Overlooked by many in Congress is our “Pledge of Allegiance” “with liberty and justice for all" and the U.S. Supreme Court’s ignored own, carved in stone over its entrance, “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW”! With a now ignored 66 years of unethical and illicit activities, do not the U.S. Senate’s reported Feres human guinea pig “EXPERIMENTS THAT WERE DESIGNED TO HARM” continue?


[1] 1950 - Feres v. United States, 340 U.S. 135, 146 (1950). http://supreme.justia.com/us/340/135/case.html

[2] 1953 - DOD Secretary's 26 February 1953 NO non-consensual, human experiment’s Memo pages 343-345. George J. Annas and Michael A. Grodin, "The Nazi Doctors and the Nuremberg Code; Human Rights in Human Experimentation” (New York: Oxford University Press, 1992).

[3] 1987 - U.S. SUPREME COURT, JUNE 25, 1987, U.S. V. STANLEY , 107 S. CT.. 3054 (VOLUME 483 U.S., SECTION 669, PAGES 699 TO 710). http://supreme.justia.com/us/483/669/case.html

[4] 1994 - U.S. State Dept., "U.S. Report under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights July 1994, Article 7 - Freedom from Torture, or Cruel, Inhuman
or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.” Electronic Research Collections (ERC)

[5] 1994 - December 8, 1994 REPORT 103-97 "Is Military Research Hazardous to Veterans' Health? Lessons Spanning Half a Century." Hearings Before the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs, 103rd Congress 2nd Session.

[6] 2005 & 2006 - "Veterans Right to Know Act" to establish the Veterans' Right to Know Commission was proposed in the 2005 and H.R. 4259 [109th] 2006 Congress. H. R. 4259.
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Jack  Valentine
# Lymje DiseaseJack Valentine 2012-03-29 17:05
The story that I heard was that Michael J. Foxx came to Yale New Haven Hospital, was diagnosed as having Lyme Disease, treated with the standard antibiotic regimen, 28 days, and came back complaining of new symptoms months later. Then he was told by their astute doctors there that he now had Parkinson's . My uncle had Parkinsons's and my cousin's let him die without thinking about what he really had.Shame..The same thing happened to a lady I know who was misdiagnosed from the start by a physician in Hartford, CT. She finally gave me all of her symptoms and I told her that she wasn't going to die and then she gave all of her symptoms to a 'knowing' doctor that I found for her and it was finally figured out that she had Babesia, Lyme Disease and a host of other ailments. I have no medical degree only have had this disease and other tick diseases off and on for about 30 years.She had asked for testing from her primary doctor and he refused to do it, even though she had run a farm with many animals and had told her doctor that she had taken at least six ticks off of her last Spring.
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Janis Jenkins
# Aspartame... It's a CrimeJanis Jenkins 2014-04-06 17:43
It's too bad that Michael J. Fox has not been told the truth. I hope that he at the least has lessened his consumption of the poison. I used to drink it until I read the email that shot around the world from the famous Nancy Markle I believe her name is. From there I did my research and found out about Betty Martini, who was working to get aspartame exposed and banned for what it is. What a crime that our government health officials knew what the experiments revealed about aspartame and still approved its use!! The experimental monkeys had grand mal seizures and even were dying and still the approval was pushed. It's all about the all mighty dollar, greed isn't it?
My health improved once I stopped drinking the poison. Unfortunately, my family did not listen to me. My father developed severe dementia as a result of drinking diet soda (along with a SAD) and passed away with a sad death not really the person who he was.
The bottom line is that we all need to take charge of our own health, eating clean as much as possible and doing the right things for optimal health.
I also want to let you know that I'm glad I found your web site. I appreciate all the work you put into this. A big thank you!
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Vilma Oman
# Why don't you call Mohammed Ali?Vilma Oman 2014-06-14 16:27
He might be drinking diet whatever to keep his weight down. It has always bothered me that they blame his Parkinson's on the rough and tumble of boxing. So why weren't his other opponents struck down with this dread "boxer's disease":-?
A little late, perhaps, but worth a shot ....
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Terry Aston
# Terry Aston 2014-09-26 23:17
Makes me wonder if people with Parkinsons have taken a Fluoroquinolone ( FQ's) Antibiotic such as Cipro, Levaquin or Avelox, and there are a lot more. Did Parkinson's come about after cataract surgery, or surgery or another illness? Doctor are handing out Fluroquinolone antibiotics like tic tacs. These so called antibiotics have a chemo agent in them and they are like atomic bombs to the human body. These poisons ADDUCT to the DNA. They can cause cell death ...destroy connective tissue, cross the blood brain barrier and mimic many diseases. Doctors never believe it is the medicine...it is always your body breaking down.
If you have taken one of these antibiotics and are having health issues feel free to join us on Fluoroquinolone Toxicity 24/7 Live Chat.
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