Because I have spent so much of my life residing in the United Kingdom, I have come to understand the occult, what it teaches, and the effect that it has on people.  Witchcraft is extremely popular in Britain, and Wicca in particular, has become the fastest growing religion in both England and the U.S.A.  Its prevalence is tied with England's sudden depletion of morality.  There was a better time, when England was a Christian country, and when its people cared for one another.  These older generations valued truth and honor over money and power.  Those times have long since passed.

Compare the inverted pentagram used by witches in their ceremonies (left), and the Goat's Head Pentagram used by Satan worshipers in their ceremonies (right).  Most witches claim not to worship Satan, but neither group has a reputation for honesty.  Most claim to be "good witches", which is the single greatest oxymoron.

Most Americans believe that magick is a laughable myth of children's stories, and the product of hysteria from their nation's early years; but those who practice witchcraft believe in its power. Regardless of whether you personally believe (or disbelieve) in the power of magick, and the forces of the occult; it is undeniable that the occult profoundly changes the character of an individual. This is of paramount importance to understand it. I have seen these changes in several people; and most notably, my own father. Therefore, this topic is very personal for me, and I have seen moreso than most that evil succeeds when good men do nothing.

Many people journey into the occult due to a combination of rebellion and curiosity. When this rebellion occurs in adults, it is usually a response to their feelings of rage toward either society, or God. In many cases, God appears unwilling to give them the power that they desire; so they turn to other (darker) sources of empowerment. In teenagers, this rebellion may either be against God, or against parental authorities. For what rebellion could be worse than to veer down a deceptive path of evil, and for parents to have no clue about their child's safety: either emotionally, or physically? What parental nightmare is worse than having one's own child manipulated, and fed lies against both parents and morality in general, so that their child may commune with Satanic people? Angry teens turn down the path of the occult in order to create these fears, and as a type of revenge. In far too many cases; their lives are destroyed in the process. For the teenagers who are reading this: if you truly have bad parents, then you must remember that your best revenge is success. Self-destruction will only vindicate deplorable parents.

People who turn to witchcraft have a strong desire for power. My father thought of himself as a master of manipulation well before he became involved in witchcraft. He thought of himself as very cunning, and prided himself in his ability to control others. He became involved in witchcraft after he met a witch who owned an occult store in a local shopping mall. The woman told him that she sensed his life was falling apart. Allegedly, he told her everything about his life, including how financially depleted he was, his problems at work, and how he had a daughter who he could not control. She then gave him a magick rock, which was attached to a necklace. The rock would protect him from evil forces, she told him. He was told that it would become darker over time as it absorbed evil, and he would have to wash the evil away in water. The way in which he was manipulated by the woman is both obvious and ironic. The witch saw how my father appeared to be suffering from depression, and exploited his vulnerability. Using his weaknesses, she managed to find out enough about his life to con him into buying some of her products. Indeed, that store became his main place for purchasing occult items, from magick wands, spell books, and more magic rocks.

Witches are very manipulative people, which is spelled out in the Bible where it says that the devil is "the father of lies" (John 8:44, NIV). Often, their manipulative behavior is not as obvious. When people become engulfed by the occult, with its teases about greater power, their hunger for power intensifies. They learn the art of manipulation as a means of power and control. Just as is the pattern of an abuser, the more power that they have (or believe to have), the more they crave it. Both power and money remain at the root of all evil, and they are an integral part of witchcraft.

I watched as my father became greedy, promiscuous, and completely corrupt. He surrounded himself with evil friends, many of whom symbolically dressed in black from head to toe. They literally embraced darkness. He would lend money to some of them, only to be shocked that they never repaid him. I remember having read that the phrase "there is no honor amongst thieves" was originally the phrase "there is no honor amongst witches". I can no longer find the source, but it would certainly seem accurate.

One Wiccan practice when joining a 'magick circle' is to tie knots in a rope representing the new member, so that if he leaves the coven, the other witches are supposedly able to untie the knots and thereby destroy every area of his life. Whether the effects of this magick are real or imagined, the witches truly believe it to be real, and will happily work to destroy anyone who refuses to serve them. The coven's campaign of terror, blackmail, and mental slavery begins during the first meeting. This practice would be despicable to most people, but it is very common throughout the occult. A person who has been in these circles will create a self-imposed hell for himself, in which his reliance upon power, anger, regret, and his lack of faith in God will altogether destroy him in time. The hell that they have created will doubtlessly continue after death, in all but the most exceptional of cases. There are some people who manage to learn from their mistakes, swallow their pride, and are blessed with protection from the coven by the Lord. The people who survive and redeem themselves unscarred are few and far between.

The promoters of witchcraft, and especially Wicca, are constantly reminding us that their religion is not Satanic, but research into their history proves otherwise. One of the foundational texts of Wicca is called "Aradia", or "The Gospel of Witches". According to the text, the 'Goddess' Diana is "Queen of the Witches". She is said to have a brother, named Lucifer, who is "The Sun God".  Diana incestuously seduces him to create the unholy union between 'The Goddess' and Lucifer.  The political explanation has been offered that the idea of Lucifer as the true head of the witches was 'too strong meat' for the beginning Wiccans. However, Diana is regularly described as 'Queen of the Serpents'.  A serpent is the most universal symbol of evil.

There are some that have worked their way up the ranks of Wicca, and have fled, and written about it. While some may start out with positive intentions, they are slowly pushed from 'white magick' to 'dark magick', and ultimately into directly worshiping the devil himself. It is then that they become ritualistic sociopaths.  Leaving their coven is like trying to leave a mafia family.

The original meaning of Wicca was: bent, twisted, or warped.


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