Michael Adams from Natural NewsThe number of queries to the Health Wyze Report for information about fraudulent alternative medicines and unwise supplementation has increased dramatically during the past couple of years. Some of the requests included questions about the wisdom of eating mushrooms to cure cancer, drinking iodine for thyroid issues, and the supposed benefits of eating underwater plants. The questions might have been funny if the long term results of the misinformation were not so tragic. As health researchers, we noticed unmistakable trends that could not be ignored concerning the increases in frequency of these requests. The spikes occurred especially after two events.

The first of the hallmark events occurred shortly after September 9th, 2008. It began with an article written by Mike Adams, and we immediately knew that it was something to be concerned about. The article related to a dramatic shift in his philosophy, and it was entitled, The 7 Principles of Mindful Wealth. In that article, Adams stated, "... it made me abandon five years of false beliefs and unlock a powerful new philosophy of financial abundance. I'm sharing that breakthrough financial philosophy with you here, but it's only something you'll find valuable if you're ready to let go of false limitations about money and welcome real, lasting change in attracting the money you deserve into your life... For nearly five years, I've been operating NaturalNews [formerly NewsTarget.com] in a way that practically guaranteed ongoing financial challenges. Because I never took money from the companies I wrote about - and I never earned commissions on the products I recommended - NaturalNews remained in a state of self-imposed financial stress." Mike noted that his new philosophy was based upon wisdom that he derived from a young girl who made homemade soaps. As his article dialogued their conversation together, Adams conveyed his attitude shift with the question, "Why shouldn't she be at least as wealthy as the executives at Proctor & Gamble who sell junk soap?". He pined in retrospect that he had operated Natural News like a charity, awhile earning the product companies that he had been previously plugging, "... tens of millions of dollars". Adams' financial epiphany purportedly happened when the young lady tempted him with the question, "... why are YOU the only one who doesn't benefit?". Mike's new guiding principle became, "Getting past self-imposed limits on wealth". He explained himself with the following dialog of what was purportedly spoken next. "'I explained to her that I could not earn anything from the products I recommended because that would compromise my integrity. People needed independent, objective recommendations, I insisted. My content had to be given away in order to be trusted.' She didn't entirely agree on that. '...It sounds to me like you've EARNED your credibility,' she said with a smirk. 'The only reason NaturalNews isn't earning more money is because you've voluntarily decided not to.'" At the conclusion of Mike's report about their conversation, which he commented was personally revolutionizing, he added, "But guess what? Karma doesn't pay the rent. Good karma isn't the recognized currency in modern society: Dollars are!".

The second event that preluded a noticeable flood in queries about health misinformation was the inclusion of Mike Adams as an official host of the Alex Jones Show. Mike Adams, the self-dubbed "Health Ranger" had greater ambitions than to merely remain the man to plug products for Natural News advertisers, so he found a way to reach millions by piggybacking the popularity of Alex Jones. In what might appear to be the result of yet another epiphany, Mike Adams remolded his persona into the image of Alex Jones to cement a mutually narcissistic union. The situation portrays a weakness that Mike has exploited to the maximum. Before their relationship began, the freshly patriotic Mike Adams had so despised the United States that he had relocated to Ecuador. With his new Alex-based personality, he's suddenly an all-American patriot who is fighting for American ideals.

Mike Adams is a Watchful Protector
Countering Think Credit to Thomas Corriher

Arial Software, Spam and Telemarketing

You Have Spam GraphicMike Adams is the C.E.O. of Arial Software. His clients include Microsoft, Zoom Airlines, Ebay, Gas Stations USA, DHL, XM Satellite Radio, and his company boasts to have 10,000 more customers. Thus, Michael Adams is hardly a lone ranger who is battling against corporate giants and insurmountable odds. In fact, he is well-connected to some very powerful corporations. He should be exceedingly wealthy because Arial Software is among the most expensive e-mail marketing options available, with many of his customers paying in excess of $5,000 for a single computer license. Even if all of his clients had only purchased the most minimalistic version of his software, which is priced at $985, he would have profited $9,850,000 (nearly ten million dollars) from his 10,000 clients; and of course, this estimate assumes that every company has only bought a single license at the cheapest rate. If all of his customers had instead bought Adams' software at the maximum rate, his combined sales would have provided his company with a minimum of $50,000,000 (fifty million dollars). Arial Software has offices in the U.S. and Taiwan.

"That's why today I still live in a modular trailer unit in Austin, I still drive a Toyota pickup truck, I dress like a rancher in blue jeans and flannel shirt, and nobody gives it a second thought when I'm out in public... Some people want to look rich and popular, so they wear a lot of bling, and they drive a high-end car they can't afford, and they live in a house they can't pay off, and they try to fool everybody into thinking they're rich and powerful. I'd rather fool people into thinking I'm NOT powerful." -- Mike Adams

For years, programmers have worked tirelessly to find ways to block spam e-mails. Some systems block based upon keywords, while others search for sentence patterns in e-mails that are typical of spam messages. Mike Adams and Arial Software have been working to find ways around this spam detection. Our research indicates that Arial Software is solely a spamware company, meaning that its software is designed primarily to aid spammers. Arial Software has composed press releases, complete with quotes from Mike Adams, boasting about its ability to evade anti-spam security.

"Once a personalized email message is composed, Campaign Enterprise Version 7.5 users can simply press the 'Anti-Spam Test' button to perform an instant check of their outbound email. The message is then instantly run through a pre-programmed checklist, which uses a set of evolving criteria to evaluate the outbound email message as anti-spam compliant. If any part of the email message resembles the traits of Spam, the user is alerted that the intended email message could be perceived as Spam by recipients or email filters." -- Arial Software, Press Release

Arial Software's 'Campaign Enterprise' software is designed to warn spammers when recipient spam filters are likely to intercept their messages, so that they can reword their messages to evade the Internet's mail security systems.

Mike Adams ironically owns 'SpamDontBuyIt.org', a web site that is allegedly aimed at instructing people not to buy from spammers. Yet this web site portrays that spam is a consistently profitable business, because some people actually purchase products that are advertised in spam e-mails. Mike wrote that it is this small population of people who truly bear responsibility for spam's continued existence. Mike Adams' anti-spam site appears to be created for the sole purpose of shifting blame from the responsible spammers onto the victims. The blame for spam should rightfully lie upon the spammers themselves, as well as those who promote and create specialized software for bypassing anti-spam security systems; companies such as Mike's own Arial Software.

Arial Software Screen Shot
Above is a screen shot of Mike's Campaign Enterprise mailing software in action. Notice the nifty tracking feature? Secretly tracking people is always important when trying to monetize, and for building a list of suckers who will actually buy from spam.

In 2006, Mike set up hundreds of different domain names (Internet sites) providing thousands of web links back to Natural News. It reflects a practice that is used by spammers and so-called 'viral' marketers that is meant to artificially improve a site's listing position in search engine results. Internet search engines frequently judge the popularity of web sites by the number of other web sites that link to them. By creating lots of web sites with hundreds of links back to Natural News, Adams propelled his site to the top of the list in search engine results. It is a method which cheats the system, so that one's own site will be found more often on the Internet, in place of sites having better and more appropriate content. Such shenanigans have historically made it difficult for search engines to be effective in finding the best information. Eventually, search engine engineers began instituting counter-measures against this shady practice, and enacted punitive measures to lower the list positions for unethical web sites, such as Natural News. As a result of these search engine changes, the overwhelming majority of Adams' early web sites have now been shut down. Adams presently owns only a tiny fraction of the domains that he once did. Nonetheless, during a period of approximately five years, Natural News was able to artificially boost its Internet popularity through this unscrupulous marketing practice.

We are still able to verify the records for 199 of Adams' former (450+) sites which contained Truth Publishing's address and contact information. The most commonly listed address in the whois records was:

Truth Publishing
12F-4, No.171, Sec. 4, Nanjing E. Rd,
Taipei, Songshan District,

Truth Publishing's official headquarters is at exactly the same address as Taiwanese telemarketing company, Enspyre. This address is still listed in the registration information for some of Adams' remaining sites, such as naturalpedia.org. For his flagship web site (naturalnews.com) Adams used the Domains By Proxy privacy service to make certain that nobody can look-up the information.

On October 28th, 2008, Adams published an article entitled, "Green-Lipped Mussels Omega-3 Oils Join Moxxor, NaturalNews". The article explained that Adams had partnered with a direct sales (multi level marketing) company to sell green-lipped mussels as a supplement for omega-3. As part of this business partnership, Mike Adams promised to write articles about the mussels, replete with links to sales sites.

"In fact, we've planned a whole series of articles on green-lipped mussel oil. And guess what? When you're on the NaturalNews Moxxor team, you can freely post these articles on your own web site or blog site, and replace our own enrollment link with YOURS." -- Michael Adams

An Advertisement Featuring Mike Adams, The Health RangerOnly one month after Adams' epiphany about wealth generation, he began writing articles expressing new beliefs in supplement methodologies, in order to sell products that personally profited him. He likewise encouraged his audience to promote the product line too. Adams was soon placed on Moxxor's Product Formulation Advisory Board in exchange for his willingness to play ball.

"The universe wants you to attract more financial resources when you're the right person to decide how to use it. And here I was, in the headquarters of the Moxxor company, being invited by the founders to participate in a potentially huge health-related financial opportunity being put right in my lap." -- Mike Adams

The Character of Mike Adams

When the movie 'Avatar' was released in late 2009, Adams promoted it:

"The concept of Gaia is also unleashed in the film, although it's never referred to as Gaia. At one point in the film when all hope seems lost for the natives, Jack Sully prays to Gaia to help save them, at which point the female character Na'vi says, 'Mother Nautre doesn't take sides. She only maintains the balance of life.' This demonstrates a much deeper understanding of the role of nature than most modern humans grasp." -- Michael Adams, Natural News

The phrase 'Mother Nature' was not actually a part of the dialog. It was later edited into the quote by Mike Adams, including the spelling mistake. Gaia was the name of a goddess in ancient mythology. She was the 'Great Mother' because she was said to be the mother of all the other gods. It is from this mythology that the phrases 'Mother Earth' and 'Mother Nature' arose. With the growing thread of paganistic environmentalism in society, the term 'Gaia' is being seen increasingly. The pagan religions have always been involved in nature worship, and they have long promoted that the Earth is a female figure which should be worshiped. The pagan infiltration into the alternative health movement has led to a massive promotion of their belief system. These people typically believe that environmentalism should have a higher priority than human life. It is why carbon dioxide, which humans expel, has been so vilified in recent years.

"In his book 'Her Hidden Children: The Rise of Wicca and Paganism in America' Pagan scholar Chas Clifton notes that the environmental awakening of 1970, the year of the first Earth Day, 'was a year when Wicca (in the broad sense) became 'nature religion,' as opposed to the 'mystery religion' or 'metaphorical fertility religion' labels that it had brought from England.' Since then, modern Pagans of many stripes, particularly Wiccans and Druids, have placed a special emphasis on being religions that care for, and have concern about, our natural environment. A who's who of Pagans, both high-profile and not, have told the press, and the world, that we give special concern to problems facing our natural world, and further, that our faiths represent a positive shift away from abuse and towards sustainability." -- Jason Pitzl-Waters

Pictured is a commemorative plate that shows important yearly rites honoring "the goddess" (Gaia), and the seasons in which they are practiced. Especially important is the sacred religious holiday, All Hallowed Eve (Halloween).

Alex Jones summed up the problem so well that we are quoting him:

"This film [Avatar] is pure propaganda... The U.N. has stated on record that they want to set up a global Gaia religion to sell the population of the Earth to have less resources, instead of developing their resources. And the movie says that earth is dead, and that humans are bad... It is total occultism, with Shaman ceremonies, with the horned god male and the goddess female... This film has come out now to push this global religion that Al Gore has openly pushed for."

The religion that is being metaphorically encouraged by the global elites in the Avatar movie is one in which people worship the Earth and are willing to surrender all items which harm 'her'.

"Every pharmacy, health food store, shaman and medicine man openly talks about the anti-cancer properties of various herbs [in Ecuador]... Why would any nation want to lock up its healers?" -- Michael Adams

Adams attempted to legitimize occult shamans and medicine men, calling them healers, instead of savages who get their mysterious 'knowledge' from spirits and hallucinogens. We noticed other indicators of Adams' spiritualism when reading about his interaction with Moxxor, the direct sales company that he eventually partnered with.

"Furthermore, I specifically asked that before the harvest of the green-lipped mussels, the aquaculture fields be blessed with positive intention, and thanks be given to the oceans and Mother Nature for providing such abundance. They not only agreed; Noel invited me to New Zealand to bless the aquaculture fields myself!" -- Michael Adams, Natural News

Blessing or cleansing with 'positive intention' is a pagan magic (witchcraft) practice. Modern day witches like to 'clean' their magick crystals by rubbing their hands across the crystals whilst thinking so-called 'positive thoughts'. The fact that Adams wished to give personal thanks to Mother Nature further indicates that he believes Mother Nature to be a conscious living deity, instead of merely a metaphorical phrase used to describe all life.

Witch Doctor Image by Hans Hillewaert
Which doctor? Oh, he meant witch doctor.

Photo credit: Hans Hillewaert

"And here's the philosophical contradiction in the liberty movement today: Too many of those who say they want the government out of their lives on issues like vaccines, parenting and local farm food are the very same people who demand government intervention on issues where someone else lives by a different moral code than their own (or a non-existent moral code, in some cases). Same-sex marriage, prostitution, abortion, recreational drug use you name it... Are you reacting to this story and thinking that people who engage in activity you don't morally agree with should be arrested or criminalized? If so, then you don't really believe in freedom. You believe in tyranny." -- Mike Adams, Natural News

It is actually the core job of law enforcement to enforce morality, which is what our most fundamental laws are based upon. Morality is what tells us that it is unconscionable to kill another human being. The laws punishing murderers are in place because they give force to our most important morals. Adams contended that "tolerance is liberty" in the article's subtitle, but being unconditionally tolerant of the immorality of others would leave us in a world that nobody would want to reside in. For any nation to survive without a moral compass, it must become a police state to save itself from its own people. This has happened in nation after nation throughout history. Contrary to Mike's assertions, real freedom is not about the right to do wrong without consequences, which seems to be something close to his heart. Real freedom requires personal responsibility, and responsibleness is always a product of a moral code. Adams confessed his belief that a society could become more free by simply disregarding its moral values, but it is specifically a nation's moral ideals upon which the rights of its citizens are derived. His ideology of ignoring the destruction of one's neighbors and being selfishly concerned only for oneself is an accurate definition of immorality. Showing his anti-Christian bent again, Mike contended that morals are a type of slavery, but history proves the opposite. A non-existent moral code has been the basis of every communist regime, and we will never find better examples of tyranny than those.

In 2008, Mike decided that it was time to abandon everything American, so he moved to Ecuador. He stated that he had become so concerned about corruption and poor health care in the United States that Ecuador was a wiser choice of homelands. Ecuador is a country that is plagued with poverty, kidnappings, disease, poor hygiene, and its citizens are often without access to clean water.

"In fact, I had many friends in law enforcement in Ecuador, and I spoke with them regularly. Sure, they were a little corrupt, but not in an over-the-top criminal way like with the FBI..." -- Mike Adams

Ecuadorian immigration can be gained by anyone who purchases an expensive property in that nation. Citizenship in Ecuador can be literally bought. While in Ecuador, Adams partnered with a local real estate company to encourage his readership to join him. He even offered tours for interested parties. Adams regularly wrote articles about Ecuador, including tips to help visitors avoid theft. Then, after spending two years there, Mike decided to return the United States, stating that Ecuador did not provide him with enough privacy. So he naturally moved into a low-population area: Austin, Texas. At the time of this writing, Adams is still attempting to sell his Ecuadorian home for a measly $695,000, which comes with all of the Ecuadorian luxuries, including electricity from a gasoline generator.

E-book cover for The Five Habits of Health Transformation by Mike Adams, The Health RangerWhen Adams distributes information about curing diseases, it is usually in the form of e-books, and the information is not free. For example, "How To Halt Diabetes In 25 Days" is available for $19.95. Adams claims to possess life-saving information, but then he acts as the gate keeper to that special knowledge. Even the mainstream medical establishment does not restrict vital information. While physical access to pharmaceuticals may only be available with a doctor's approval, the actual information is never restricted. We feel that withholding supposedly life-saving information until the victim of a disease pays a fee is wholly unethical, regardless of whether there is real value in the information. As researchers ourselves, we feel that if Adams were truly interested in helping people, then his allegedly critical information would be free. We made certain that our health information is always free on the Internet, including this report. Important health information should never be used to bully whip people into the choice of paying, or suffering consequences.

Health and Nutrition

On March 29th, 2011, Michael Adams published an article at Natural News titled, "Vegan parents charged in death of baby raised on mother's milk; facing 30 years in prison". The article reported about an 11-month-old infant who had been fed only breast milk from a vegan mother. The child subsequently died from malnutrition. After the autopsy, it was revealed that the child was extremely deficient in vitamin B-12 and vitamin A.

Mike Adams wrote:

"The baby died at 11 months of age, and when ambulance workers arrived and found the baby dead, instead of consoling the parents, they called the police. Why? Because the parents were vegans."

Ambulance GraphicMike's detective-like analysis reveals that the emergency medical technicians were conspiring to keep the vegans down. When ambulance workers arrived, they found a child who was considerably underweight. Thus, the situation seemed very suspicious. The child had been suffering with a case of bronchitis, which was severe enough for a doctor to recommend that the child be hospitalized. The article at Natural News conveniently omitted this critical fact throughout its long glorification of the allegedly victimized parents. Those parents had ignored the child's spiraling health issues, took their sick child home, and then they continued providing it with nutritionally inadequate breast milk from the vegan mother. In contrast to this behavior, whenever people get sick, they require more fats and proteins in their diets, but the dead infant never got those.

Adams continued:

"Never admit to state authorities that you are raising your baby on a vegan diet. This immediately raises suspicion among the state child protective enforcement morons who have zero nutritional knowledge and probably still run their own fundraisers by selling donuts to families. If asked, just tell 'em you feed your baby a 'balanced' diet that includes a little bit of meat, a bit of cheese, and so on."

Adams unintentionally admitted that a vegan diet is not balanced, and he recommended that vegan parents lie about what they feed their infants, in order to continue malnourishing their children unabated. Incredibly, Adams made these callous recommendations whilst reporting the death of a child, who died as a result of an inadequate vegan diet. Adams actually blamed the ambulance workers, and suggested that if junk food wrappers had been seen, then the paramedics would have had no problems with the child's terrible condition. He then self-righteously (and falsely) proclaimed that 7-year-old vegetarians do not get cancers. However, this young child never reached the age of seven because of a diet that was blessed by Adams, and the diet continued receiving Adams' blessing even after the child died from it. He blamed the emergency responders.

Mike Adams in Nature"And the third reason is because I would never want to be associated with the kind of people who live on steak and animal products as primary food sources -- those cigarette smoking, steak eating, pro-war, wife beating alcoholic numnuts who think global warming is a hoax and that that the whole world would be better off if we all just ate more beef and drank more milk." -- Mike Adams

Adams' zealous anti-meat stance is something that he keeps private most of the time, especially when he is on the Alex Jones Show. Alex's audience is comprised of more astute people than Mike's regular audience, so they already grasp the nutritional importance of eating meats. Adams appears to hate meat eaters on a very personal level, but these personal problems disappear whenever he is partnering with Alex Jones, who is a "flesh eater". Adams likewise carefully avoids mentioning his belief in man-made global warming.

"So what to do? Well, for one thing, if you are on a vegan diet, don't forget the B-12 and the omega-3 oils -- two nutrients that do tend to be very low in many who pursue vegan diets. A vegan diet requires a lot of nutritional monitoring to make sure you don't leave out a few things."

Vegetarians leave out more than just a few things. Vegetarianism is like a bad religion, because there are only two types of vegetarians: those who know nothing about nutrition, and those who do know but nevertheless ignore the facts. We previously reported about the necessity of both meat and healthy fats as components of a balanced diet. A vegetarian diet is so unhealthy they must regularly take nutritional supplements to compensate for their self-induced malnutrition. Without supplements, the drastic health implications are profound. Despite attempts by vegetarians and vegans to convince the world that their lifestyle is healthier, their vitamin B-12 deficiencies result in an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Adams typically neglects to mention most of the vegan deficiencies, but some further examples include carnosine, vitamin B5, safe and effective iron, and the most usable form of vitamin A, iodine, vitamin D, and of course, protein. The enormous nutritional deficiencies are why vegetarians must try (with varying success) to compensate by using toxic soy products. Even in the cases whereby soy products are capable of adequately compensating for the missing proteins, it still slowly destroys the person's overall health through its own inherent toxicity, and practically all soy is genetically engineered.

"There are a lot of negative effects associated with the consumption of red meat, and this is why more and more people are now giving up red meat and moving to healthier foods like fish, free-range chicken, or better yet, plant-based proteins like spirulina or soy products like soy milk and tofu. This is where you'll get your best protective effect and disease prevention, and you will be helping protect the environment at the same time. After all, it's far less stressful on the environment to produce food as plants than as animals."

Due to the lack of available proteins when no animal products are in the diet, Adams routinely recommends soy as a viable, healthy option for his vegan followers. The promotion of soy is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to distinguish when a guru's health advice cannot be trusted. The public has known about the soy dangers for decades. Virtually all modern soy is genetically engineered. Soy contains toxins even in its original organic state, and it is always processed with genetically engineered bacteria to lessen its toxicity, before they really start the chemical processing. Soy contains phytoestrogens, which are natural hormone disruptors that more-or-less mimic estrogen. These phytoestrogens produce severe hormonal imbalances, particularly in women; so soy consumption has greatly contributed to the epidemics of hypothyroidism and endometriosis.

Ironically, Mike's own Natural News features dozens of articles about the dangers of soy, but none of them were written by Adams, who continues to ignore soy's dangers. Adams acknowledged that pure soybean oil is used as a pesticide, but he still does not recommend against soy as a food. The phytoestrogens in soy are the plant's defense, which work to disrupt insect hormones to the degree that they cannot reproduce. Soy does the same thing with human fertility to a lesser degree.

Mike Adams Backward Food Pyramid In July of 2005, Adams released his backwards food pyramid, which he described as the "Honest Food Guide". It listed soy twice as a health food. Red meats were listed as the most unhealthy of all foods. In fact, meat was said to be far worse than donuts, soft drinks, or candy bars; but incredibly, diet products were the least harmful of the harmful items. Dairy products were rated in the middle, being unhealthier than candy bars. His top choices for human 'superfoods' included seeds, kelp, and of course, soy. Many of Adams' recommended foods are not even foods at all. Algae such as chlorella and spirulina are prominently listed and recommended as healthier alternatives to food. Mike's "honest" food guide notes that eating meats will cause a person to become "easily injured", have "chronic pain", and to be "frequently sick". "Sea vegetables" (algae, kelp, etc.) on the other hand, were claimed to produce "mental clarity", "accelerated learning", and they even prevent a person from becoming sick. These are the sort of false medical claims that could eventually land Adams in prison, since they specifically refer to products that he sells.

One of Adams' favorite words is 'superfood'. His superfoods ironically tend to be non-food items, or selected commercial products that are sold in the Natural News store. Mike's most commonly promoted 'superfoods' are chlorella and spirulina. The biggest problem with these algae is that they are typically contaminated with toxins and heavy metals. The National Institutes of Health warns that contaminated algae products cause liver damage, and even certified algae is potentially contaminated. This is because algae can only be accurately tested whenever the testing laboratory already knows what contaminants to test for. It is impossible to test for random unexpected contaminants, and that is what is found in sea water. With most algae supplementation, ocean pollutants will accumulate inside the liver, doing cascading organ damage over time. When the symptoms of a dysfunctional liver become severe enough to get noticed, the unchecked damage is usually quite serious. Health Canada reported that almost all of the blue-green algae supplements that they tested contained organ toxins, and they strongly cautioned against their usage. It is truly ironic that those who are eating Mike's so-called 'superfoods' are likely to develop liver dysfunction. Liver impairment makes a body much less effective in cleansing itself of future toxins. Red marine algae is the only underwater plant that is reasonably safe for routine supplementation, because it has a special tendency to not absorb most toxins, which is the opposite of most underwater plants. However, red marine algae is the only one not sold by Mike Adams.

A Hand Holding Algae Another 'Health Ranger' recommended "superfood".

A truth you will never learn from Adams is that most lean organic meats are absolutely harmless in moderation. All negative effects from red meats (such as beef and lamb) can be traced to industrial impurities. Examples are vaccines, artificial hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, metals, and most especially the nitrate compounds that are used to intentionally make the meats toxic enough for a longer shelf life. Those nitrate salts are extremely carcinogenic. Some of the meats even contain chemical additives to prevent them from turning green or gray. None of the known disease issues exist for organic, range-fed animals, so why does Adams never mention organic meat? If he really wants to save the maximum number of people from cancers, then recommending organic meats is more likely to help more people than recommending algae, which he knows will always be avoided by most people. He refuses to make a distinction between natural red meats and industry-tainted meats. Furthermore, he does not make distinctions between the types of red meat and their differing nutritional properties. These sleight-of-hand tricks are political attempts to link harmful meats like pork with highly beneficial meats like beef, lamb and venison.

"I sometimes blend it with fruit smoothies as well. We just happen to still have this at a significant discount at our store, by the way." -- Mike Adams

On November 22nd of 2010, Mike Adams published the article, "The Top 10 Superfoods I'm eating everyday". The article did not mention vegetables or other wholesome foods; but instead, he recommended product formulations that are available in the Natural News store. These formulations include such ridiculous ingredients as algae and pumpkin sprouts.

"I don't think people should eat animals at all, but if you're going to eat them, the brain is actually one of the most nutritionally-dense organs found in any animal. From a nutritional standpoint, the brain is the best source of healthy oils in all land animals... Those who eat more DHA have been clinically proven to be smarter in adulthood. And guess what's found in cow brains? DHA." -- Mike Adams

Mike attempted to disgust his meat-eating readers; and in the event that this approach did not work, he encouraged them to get themselves killed. One of the reasons why people do not eat cow brains is because it causes Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (the human variant of mad cow disease). This is an incurable disease, whereby a human brain develops tiny holes and becomes sponge-like. It is always fatal. For this reason, few people eat cow brains, tonsils, eyes or small intestines. Adams apparently despises meat eaters to such a degree that he recommended something which might induce a fatal illness in them.

Another Mike Adams Superfood The Natural News recommended alternative to beef -- cow brains, as reported by 'The Health Ranger'. This food may cause mad cow disease, which is always fatal.

People have renamed meats when discussing foods throughout history. For example, most people refer to a slab of cooked beef as a 'steak' instead of a 'cow slice'. Instead of deer, we say venison. The only exception to this rule of civilized society is fish. Whenever Mike Adams writes about meat, he usually uses the phrase "animal products", and sometimes even "flesh". Adams consistently refers to foods by their animal names, apparently in an attempt to disgust meat eaters. His word games can be noticed throughout most of his writings, and he infrequently even refers to steaks as "flesh steaks". Adams commonly refers to meats as "dead foods". Of course, the vast majority of all foods, meat or vegetable, are dead. Contrary to Mike's assertions, dead foods are not a bad thing. Food is usually cooked to make sure that everything, including bacteria, parasites, and various other pathogens are dead. Even Mike's top 'superfoods' are sold dead.

The Natural News store features 'Nascent Iodine', an iodine product that people are expected to drink for the purpose of detoxification. The site describes it as a "transformative iodine in a bio-elemental nanocolloidal state". We are unsure about what it transforms into, or where bio-elements are found. Iodine is not a cleansing agent, but it can slowly neutralize accumulated fluoride. It does not remove heavy metals or other toxins from the body, which is what a real cleansing formula does. Adams may have iodine confused with potassium iodide, a completely different substance. However, even potassium iodide does not really cleanse the body. It simply saturates the thyroid and ovaries with iodine-like compounds to prevent radioactive iodine from being absorbed into these tissues during nuclear emergencies. Iodine can speed the metabolism, but that neither results in cleansing effects either, which may be something else that Adams is confused about. He claims that his iodine product "maintains DNA integrity" and assists in "improving thinking". Iodine does neither. On multiple occasions, we have been contacted by people who have damaged their thyroids as a result of taking iodine orally, based on similar health shams.

Mike Adams Pushing Oral Iodine Consumption
It's so powerful that it's "atomic", unlike those other iodines that lack atoms.

We have written previously about the dangers of orally supplementing with elemental iodine. There are only two ways to safely supplement with iodine orally, and Mike's supplement utilizes neither. The preferred method is to have a diet rich in fish, which will solve a multitude of other nutritional issues. The other safe oral method of iodine supplementation is through red marine algae supplements, but they should be used with care. Transdermally supplementing with either iodine or iodide is usually safe in small amounts, so long as it is not povidone iodine. Supplementing with iodine (especially orally) can be fatal in a person who has Hashimoto's thyroiditis. There is no warning given about this at Natural News.

One of the reasons why Adams encourages the intake of iodine and algae is because vegetarians and vegans are often deficient in iodine, but the reason behind these recommendations is never admitted -- that his other recommendations cause the iodine deficiency. A Slovakian study showed that a quarter of vegetarians and 80% of vegans are iodine deficient, according to standards set by the World Health Organization. Most people obtain iodine from their consumption of chicken, fish and beef. The severe iodine deficiencies that are seen in vegetarian mothers and their very young, protein-starved children lead to cretinism; a type of mental retardation. The iodine deficiencies that are caused by vegetarian diets can have permanent detrimental effects upon the intelligence of developing children.

"Sunbiotics' Daily Chewable Tablets are a potent probiotic supplement enhanced with Organic Yacon Root - a superfood renowned for its prebiotic properties... These FOS have been recently classified as 'prebiotics.' Since they are not digested in the human gastrointestinal tract, they are transported to the colon where they are fermented by a selected species of gut micro-flora (especially Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus) and help to balance gut flora and aid digestion." -- Mike Adams

This so-called superfood is poorly digested, which is presented as being advantageous. The undigested bacteria then admittedly ferments in the colon, and that is supposedly healthy. Poorly digested foods are a major contributor to our modern disease epidemics. In particular, rotting foods in the colon tend to produce colon cancer. The proper way to clean the colon is by eating fibrous foods. As is usual, Mike rejects mentioning the best and most natural probiotic of all, organic yogurt; because it is an animal product. Probiotics are supposed to benefit intestinal flora to aid digestion, but Adams' product places additional strain on the body by resisting digestive breakdown.Sunbiotic Scam Yacon root is actually a carbohydrate that is very high in fructose sugar, so it will multiply the harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, causing the opposite effect of a real probiotic. It will cause a dramatic yeast overgrowth instead of aiding the beneficial flora.

The Natural News store also sells Zeotrex, which is apparently, "The first and only product in the world using a combination of organic zeolites, herbs and minerals produced from a unique proprietary process". Zeolites are porous crystals that are made of aluminum and silica. They are extensively mined in some parts of the world, and are sometimes made synthetically. They are used by the nuclear and petrochemical industries. The Zeotrex product that is being sold by Natural News is marketed for its detoxing effects, but its primary ingredient is a heavy metal compound. Aluminum is one of the primary heavy metals that people who are detoxifying wish to eliminate, because of its tendency to contribute to neurological problems, such as Alzheimer's Disease. The Zeotrex supplement product is produced using a "proprietary process", which means that the company is unwilling to tell its customers how it is really made. Zeotrex also contains a "base of Humic and Fulvic acid", which are extracts of mud. The irony of detoxifying with dirt and aluminum is hard to ignore.

"And if you don't want to grow anything at all, you can just start juicing the grass as we have been doing for several months. The field grass mixes extremely well with pineapple juice to make a delicious, refreshing raw living juice right from the fields." -- Mike Adams

There is nothing living about a grass juice, and promoting grass as a staple food is beyond irresponsible. During the Irish famine that occurred between 1846 and 1850, over a million people starved to death, due to a crop disease that wiped-out the potatoes. Potatoes had been a primary food source for the Irish. Many of them were found dead with green stains in their mouths, which they incurred from attempting to survive on grasses. Grass simply does not have enough nutrition to sustain human life. One of the biggest contributing factors to the Irish famine was that British law prevented the Irish from hunting or fishing, so their lack of meat greatly exacerbated the starvation. Due to the fact that the Irish were not able to get any access to proteins during this period, some historians refer to it as a genocide by the English.

In recent years, we have had numerous requests from people who wished to know what mushrooms we thought would be best for curing their cancers. We had assumed that this was the result of various health scams that litter the Internet. We recently discovered that in October of 2009, Adams published an article promoting the use of mushrooms to fight cancer. Cancer is fueled by yeasts and fungus, due to the fact that cancer cells must derive their only energy from a type of sugar fermentation, instead of respiration with oxygen. The waste products of this fermentation build in the tissues causing cascading toxicity and increased acidosis. Mushrooms are fungi themselves, so they aid this fermentation process by providing the perfect nutrients for cancer cells. We discussed this topic in episode 25 and episode 16 of our audio shows, because the requests for mushroom information have been so frequent. Mushrooms are the vampires of the plant world. Their job is to clean up the wastes in soil. It would be more responsible and effective to recommend cigarettes and soft drinks to a cancer patient than it would be to recommend mushroom therapy.

In March of 2009, Adams' nutritional advice reached new lows when he published a video based in Ecuador, featuring the squeezing of sugar cane through an oily, diesel-powered press. He then drank the unsterilized sugar juice, and claimed that "...because it's raw. It's not cooked. It's not processed. It's actually very good for you". At one point, he commented that freshly squeezed sugar juice does not spike a person's blood sugar, because its naturalness somehow prevents it. He further noted that sugar juice contains phytonutrients, because the green liquid was "like a grass". Actually, the green color simply meant that it contained chlorophyll. Contrary to Mike's video suggestions, sugar should only be used to sweeten, and it should never be a staple of the diet. We have noticed Adams' fixation upon sugars and carbohydrates, so his behavior concerning the sugar juice is nothing new. It likely indicates that Mike never made a full recovery from his diabetes, or that his diabetes has been re-triggered due to his diet of "superfoods".

The Health Wyze Report was the first non-industry research organization to discover the dangerousness of canola oil. The canola plant from which canola oil is derived is a genetically engineered offspring of an equally toxic weed called rapeseed. The canola plant was engineered by the Canadian biotechnology industry to save Canada's faltering rapeseed oil industry, which had been banned in the United States, because rapeseed causes severe heart tumors. Canola's parent rapeseed had sometimes been a fatal cooking oil via heart attacks, and the cooking fumes from it caused lung cancers. Besides the biotechnology industry, canola oil Beaker of vegetable oilowes its life to help from the nuclear industry. The world's first canola plant was 'born' in a biotechnology laboratory in 1976. Canola is the most dangerous cooking oil, and we felt that the unnaturalness of it would get the attention of Natural News.

In the summer of 2008, we made multiple attempts to contact Mike Adams and other representatives from the Natural News web site, concerning the topic of canola oil. Natural News was promoting canola oil to its readers as the healthiest cooking oil. All messages from Health Wyze Media about this topic were ignored, except for one of them. We desperately wanted to change Mike's position on canola oil. We so wanted to get the message out that we offered our canola research with the copyrights waived, if they would only run with the story. We offered to let Natural News take full credit and break the story. One of Adams' handlers finally replied, stating that Mike was too important to have his time wasted, and that he might entertain our message if we summarized everything into a small paragraph. In other words, beg.

A year later, Adams discovered that canola oil is bad, and suddenly other alternative health sites agreed in chorus, as if all of those health sites had always reported it; instead of promoting canola. It is similar to the situation with soy. One of Mike Adams' pro-canola articles from October 4th, in 2005, is still online; so not all of the evidence has been removed. That article parroted the F.D.A. position and republished official statements from the biotechnology giant, Dow AgroScience. In this last remaining pro-canola article from Adams, which is entitled, "Canada moves toward healthier cooking with canola oil", Adams actually wrote:

"Trans fat-free Natreon(TM) canola oil provides an alternative to hydrogenated oils used for restaurant frying, and the heavy marketing of this food seems primed to move the Canadian food industry toward healthier solutions for a population riddled with heart disease... A new generation of canola oil developed by Dow AgroSciences is a growing solution to a healthier Canada... Natreon canola oil is trans fat free and contains the lowest amount of saturated fat of any vegetable oil on the market. Natreon is abundant in 'good' mono and polyunsaturated fats. It's natural stability makes it ideal for food service applications, such as frying, and for products that require extended shelf-life, such as baked goods and snack foods... Dow AgroSciences Canada is an affiliate of Dow AgroSciences LLC, a global company based in Indianapolis, Indiana."

At the end of the article can be found, "Adams is an independent journalist with strong ethics who does not get paid to write articles about any product or company". The quote above came from an official corporate press release from Dow AgroSciences, which could be seen parroted at other health sites having the same "strong ethics". After his canola turnaround, Mike has since published articles such as, "Canola Oil is a Classic Example of Food Fraud" and "Canola Oil is Another Victory of Food Technology over Common Sense". We believe that his turnaround largely happened because our audience rightfully made this topic an embarrassment. It could be argued that doing the right thing late is better than never, but doing the right thing should not have taken him a year, and there is no way to know how many of his own people were harmed by his promotion of Dow AgroSciences and its genetically engineered canola oil.

Terrorism - Mike Adams Style

In 1998, Mike Adams started Y2K Newswire, a web site that was instrumental in stirring up hysteria regarding the upcoming year 2000 software failures. It is widely reported to have been the most popular web site for information about the allegedly impending crisis. Adams used this distribution medium to publish press releases about his humanitarianism, which included him quoting himself:

"Y2K Newswire, the Internet's most popular Y2K news site, saved the public half a million dollars in just two days by working with two large food distributors to offer below-wholesale prices on long-term storable food. One-year supplies of storable food Mike Adams Terrorism Lead Photowere made available for just $479, less than half the $1000 retail price and even lower than most annual grocery bills... 'We moved half a million dollars in food and didn't make a dime,' said Mike Adams, creator of Y2K Newswire and engineer of the food deal."

He released another press release comparing the supposedly impending Y2K disaster with NBC's thriller, 'Thirst'. It is a fictional film about a crisis in which public water supplies are contaminated in the midst of a heat wave. Adams commented:

"Y2KNEWSWIRE's analysis points out that 'Thirst' teaches viewers a dangerous lesson: that the good guys will always find a last-minute solution and everything work out in the end."

Mike Adams Red Alert Over Y2kAdams argued that people should panic instead of being calm. His solution to the apocalypse was for people to get a Y2K Newswire subscription, for a fee. In November of 1999, Adams shut down Y2KNewswire.com; claiming that he was afraid of being blamed for creating panic.

"Americans always panic in the final moments before any coming crisis for which they are not prepared, whether it be a hurricane, war, or -- I believe -- Y2K. When this happens, officials are going to look for someone to blame. They will never take responsibility for the situation they have caused. Instead, they will attempt to blame the only people who actually tried to prevent the problem: the Internet Y2K skeptics and those people who took action to prepare."

Mike committed a Freudian slip (above) by admitting that the only people who were making a positive difference and trying to prevent problems were those who disagreed with him: the Y2K skeptics. Adams then preemptively attempted to shift the blame for panic onto those who had worked to keep the public calm about the year 2000 switch-over.

Following the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, Adams again elevated his fear mongering. He wrote that the Japanese radiation, "spans oceans and continents", panicked his audience, and then shamelessly tried to sell them products that were supposed to save them from yet another disaster that wasn't. Adams is almost certainly the person who convinced Alex Jones that the radiation coming from Japan was a real threat to Americans living on the mainland. On March 11th, Jones reported that he believed there was a serious radiation exposure problem in North America, and then Mike followed with his own story the next day. It was a 1-2 punch that sent most of the alternative media into a hysterical frenzy that lasted for months. During this period, Mike and his peers cashed-in on the hysteria, which became obvious from the product questions that we received.

Healthy people who have had no significant exposure to radiation should never take potassium iodide (the main product) because there is a risk of thyroid damage, respiratory distress and heart attacks. The toxicity issues concerning overuse of oral iodine/iodide supplementation epitomizes why we endlessly recommend improving diet as the ideal way to eliminate nutritional deficiencies, instead of retroactively fixing a bad diet with supplements. Mike's audience was indeed at risk; not from the Japanese radiation, but again from his recommendations.

"In a world where a Fukushima-style disaster could happen any day, potassium iodide is an FDA-approved supplement that's scientifically proven to help protect your body from radiation... Click here to get potassium iodide discounted at the Natural News Store." -- Mike Adams

Mike Adams respects F.D.A. science whenever it helps him to sell a product. Potassium iodide does not actually protect the body. It only suppresses the entry of radioactive iodine into the ovaries and thyroid, which may provide some protection for those organs but only those two organs. Concentrated chlorophyll extract is more effective for overall radiation protection, as shown by U.S. Army research. Chlorophyll, the dark green pigment found in some vegetables, is significantly safer and better suited for resisting whole body radiation damage, but it is not sold in the Natural News store.

Countering Think Cartoon of Mike Adams on the Alex Jones Show
Countering Think Credit to Thomas Corriher

"The food and water in Japan is already contaminated, the oceans are radioactive, the air is radioactive, neutron beams are jetting out of the nuclear facility, it's raining yellow water, workers are being hospitalized with radiation burns... Always have extra food available, just in case. Next week on NaturalNews, by the way, we will be announcing the launch of a new line of long-term storable superfoods... The NaturalNews Store has potassium iodide back in stock today." -- Mike Adams

Accomplishing one's agenda through fear is the very definition of terrorism, and such behavior is the antithesis of journalism. Now that Y2K is over, and the Japanese radiation hype has passed, Adams has shifted to parroting whatever Alex Jones reports about the risks of martial law and potential food shortages. His rants about gun ownership rights have an unconscious effect upon his audience, so that they feel a persistent sense of dread that something terrible is going to happen. Adams knows that fear sells, and after all, "The universe wants you to attract more financial resources when you're the right person to decide how to use it".

Adams continually promotes his vegetarian, low-fat, storable foods as the solution to any future food crisis; but in a true survival situation, high-fat foods, proteins and meats would be essential. Vegetarian diets were not even possible before industrialization, because vegetarians quickly develop health conditions without supplements. This is especially true for regions with extreme climates.

"It takes 10 acres to produce the same amount of red meat protein as it does to produce one acre of soy beans. And producing spirulina yields a tenfold increase over the production of soybeans. So think about it: one acre of farmland used to produce spirulina can produce 100 times as much protein as beef and red meat. That will be very important to realize as our world population grows and it becomes increasingly difficult to produce the protein required by the population." -- Mike Adams

Actually, a diet of algae would leave a person with extreme protein deficiencies. Adams neglected to mention how many truckloads of algae are required to get the protein of one steak. He has also been willing to terrorize people with the scam of over-population to push his vegetarian religion. We are not running out of food or land. The United States discards 40% of its food, because much more food is produced than can be sold. With wiser and more ethical food management, America alone could feed the world. At the end of World War II, it almost was.

Natural News and Truth Publishing: Made In Taiwan

Natural News is based in Taiwan, as is Truth Publishing International, its parent company. Mike has a history of promoting American companies that outsource jobs, and he attacked a legislative bill from the U.S. Congress of 2004, which was intended to penalize such companies. The bill was entitled, 'The Defending American Jobs Act of 2004'.

"The real problem here isn't that companies are trying to save a buck by moving jobs overseas, the real problem is that U.S. workers simply aren't competitive these days thanks to a failing national education system that churns out dopey students who can't do math except when it comes to figuring out how high their salary should be." -- Michael Adams, Natural News

Natural News Taiwan LogoAccording to Adams, Asian workers are far more qualified to perform American jobs than the ignorant Americans are, and this is the real reason for outsourcing. Americans cannot even perform simple math, he contends. He conveniently ignores the topic of slave labor being cheaper, that the jobs are often performed by children for almost no pay, and that health and safety laws are virtually non-existent in the non-Western countries. Mike Adams wants us to believe that corporations are just looking for better educated people, which leads them toward seeking employees in countries like China and Taiwan. In actuality, our Asian replacements are frequently children, who skip an education to work 14+ hour days in factories. Due to Asian child employment policies, Chinese and Taiwanese children tend to have more work experience that our college interns do.

A Twain Child Slave Making Sugar Water for Mike Adams Pressing sugar cane for Mike Adams' consumption. How long will it be before this little girl loses a hand?

In March 2009, Mike posted a video of a business in Ecuador. The video featured the production of sugar cane juice, which was made by pressing sugar cane through an oil-covered, diesel-powered machine. Children were shown assisting in manufacture. In his accompanying article, Mike seemed confused by the outrage that was generated by his video, which essentially featured child slaves. He excused the affair by saying that it is normal for children to be actively involved in family businesses in South America.

"The site's [Natural News] expansion into multiple languages is part of the global vision of editor Mike Adams, also known as the Health Ranger, who speaks some Mandarin Chinese as well as Spanish." -- Natural News

None of the International languages at Natural News are Western languages, such as German, Spanish or French. Instead, Chinese and Japanese are featured. Meanwhile, Adams assures his readers that:

"Some of the best product brands in the world are all designed and made in Taiwan: Acer, Asus, Giant (bicycles), Trend Micro (anti-virus software), D-Link (network computing gear) and many others. Many quality brands that you think of as being American are actually manufactured in Taiwan then rebranded in America." -- Mike Adams

In the above tirade, Adams somehow forgot to mention his own companies. Truth Publishing and Natural News are both headquartered in Taiwan. Perhaps he forgot.

"The cost of living in Vilcabamba, Ecuador is surprisingly low, even if you're hiring a lot of help. A typical garden worker makes from $10 - $15 per day, and locals are always looking for more work." -- Mike Adams

When Mike lived in Ecuador, he took advantage of the impoverishment he found. He ensured that it stayed in the same condition, instead of fueling the economy. Adams admitted that the streets were void of street lights and that there was no reliable source of sanitary drinking water. His new Alex Jones-like persona now chastises the U.S. Government for similar exploitative behavior. Meanwhile, he is still exploiting the economics of outsourcing to Taiwan and taking advantage of its lack of legal regulations. An example of legal regulations that could be avoided by relocating to Taiwan are laws against medical fraud.

Mike Adams is a Watchful Protector
Countering Think Credit to Thomas Corriher

Everything is Wrong

It is no exaggeration to report that most of what Mike Adams writes about alternative medicine is woefully wrong, and in some cases, dangerous. We conclude that Michael Adams sorely lacks the skills needed to research the materials that he writes about, and most of what he teaches people about traditional medicines appears to be poorly researched at best. Mike Adams Natutral Health Solutions E-book What follows are examples of misinformation taken from Adams' e-book, Secret Sources. This section is included to help readers grasp the breadth of the problem.

The disclaimer of Secret Sources begins with, "The information should be used in conjunction with the guidance and care of your physician. Your physician should be aware of all medical conditions that you may have, as well as the medications or supplements you may be taking". Why must Adams' readers get permission from their doctors just to use vitamins or his advice? It is a rather odd disclaimer for someone who is supposedly fighting the system; especially since he asks readers to trust the orthodox medical establishment as the final authority in all health matters. The disclaimer need not exist for legal concerns, since his Taiwan-based operation should help him to avoid most messy legal issues.

"One final point on all this is that I make absolutely no money from the sales of the products I mention here. None of the companies paid to be listed here. This is not a giant advertisement. Many of the companies here are not even aware they are being listed, and won't know until this is published... You can get close to that experience today by using this freeze-dried berry blend product from Emergency Essentials. For $26 you get a can full of a blend of freeze-dried berries that are absolutely loaded with antioxidants and health-enhancing phytonutrients." -- Mike Adams

The switch-over from promising not to advertise products to advertising products happened quickly. At the time of writing Secret Sources, Adams had always disclaimed getting compensation from his advertised companies. The products listed in his book, for which he is supposedly receiving no compensation, include detailed pricing lists for products, and information about where they can be purchased from specific companies.

The word "phytonutrients" deserves special attention because it is one of Adams' favorite words. Phytonutrients is a word that actually has very little meaning except for people like Adams, who liberally use it as a buzzword to impress everyone with their finesse regarding health research. Mike cannot have a good understanding of phytonutrients, because the Mike Adams with a Puppet Honoring The Seed research about them is in its infancy. In theory, these little understood trace compounds exist only in plant-based foods, and they are not considered to be essential nutrition. Adams likes to sprinkle this word for two reasons: 1. to seem impressively brilliant, and 2. to promote his vegetarian agenda; since phytonutrients do not exist in meats.

Ironically, the nutrients that are found in meats are generally superior to comparable phytonutrients. Take for example that some researchers have labeled beta-carotene as a phytonutrient, which is the source of vitamin A found inside carrots. While there is nothing wrong with getting some vitamin A from carrots, it is important to know that the vitamin A derived from beef (retinol) is absorbed by the body at a level that cannot be obtained through vegetable consumption. It is one of the reasons why vegetarians have a greatly increased chance of developing terrible eyesight. These are the sort of nutritional facts that Adams seems to avoid.

"Blueberries have been clinically proven to lower cholesterol better than statin drugs." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

Adams did not bother citing evidence, because there are no credible, third-party, peer-reviewed, independent studies yielding any evidence of this. As alternative health researchers, the whole premise of Mike's statement is appalling, because any decent alternative medicine practitioner would never consider the existence of excessive cholesterol as a disease in itself; but it is instead a symptom of a more serious problem. Cholesterol is actually a good thing, at least in the short term, because it aids a body in protecting itself from serious inflammation damage; and thus from both internal bleeding and drastic arterial damage. Cholesterol saves lives. It is not necessarily the evil villain that Adams and the medical establishment would have us believe. Blueberries might decrease certain types of inflammation; and that would be a good thing. If that is the case, then blueberries might also help to reduce elevated cholesterol levels.

It needs to be mentioned that Adams has a terrible habit of implicitly supporting the bad (and somewhat disproven) cholesterol science that is still influencing modern medicine, which contends that any diet containing what Adams calls "animal products" may be harmful by way of introducing saturated fats into the body. It conveniently ignores that a balanced diet containing some natural fats is vital for decreasing whole-body inflammation, and to thereby decrease the "bad" cholesterol levels. Adams does not accept the newer findings that verify what humans had already known for thousands of years prior. Namely that the human body needs real protein and some natural fats. Serious cholesterol issues come from not having a properly balanced diet, but Adams' typical solution is to imbalance the diet of his audience even further through vegetarian therapies. More vegetarians have contacted us about elevated cholesterol problems than normal people have, because a body will produce its own cholesterol if a person's diet is lacking in beneficial fats. This is why the cholesterol problem cannot be cured in most cases, because the recommended fat-free therapies themselves will cause a body to produce its own cholesterol at ever increasing levels to defend itself from the inflammation caused by the deficiencies of those diets.

"Broccoli - Contains an assortment of phytochemicals clinically shown to prevent the growth of tumors." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

Adams somehow forgot to cite those clinical studies again. Broccoli is indeed a powerhouse food for health, but no tumor has ever been halted with broccoli. This sort of despicable misinformation leads to people dying horribly from cancer. Adams transitioned from the silly "phytonutrients" to the even sillier "phytochemicals". It is a concept that he borrowed from the American Cancer Society. Only alternative health gurus and the American Cancer Society suggest that cancers might be stopped with phytochemicals, despite the fact that we barely have any understanding of them. There are no documented cases of cancer patients ever being helped by either broccoli alone or by isolated phytochemicals. To state otherwise is patent dishonesty.

"As a service to www.NewsTarget.com [NaturalNews.com] readers, I've negotiated an exclusive discount with Emergency Essentials. Type 'newstarget' in the promo code box of the shopping cart at http://BePrepared.com, and youll get free shipping on any order more than $20 inside the united states." -- Mike Adams, Secret Sources, p. 49

Excerpt from Secret Sources by Mike Adams

Adams repeatedly insists that he is providing this information to people because of the importance of helping others, but the product plugs and price lists are withheld inside a book that costs $29 to get access to. A skeptic might conclude that he is double-dipping.

Recommended by Mike Adams the Health Ranger"Secret source #2 is a company called Walton Feed. Visit their web site at www.WaltonFeed.com. I have been using Walton Feed for many years. I learned about this company years ago when I was helping people with preparedness and nutrition. Walton Feed is absolutely the best source for affordable healing foods such as whole grains and quinoa. At Walton Feed, you can feed yourself and your family at a fraction of the price you've been spending at the grocery store... You should also avoid all milk, butter, margarine, shortening and sugar products." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

No reason was given for the above recommendation against dairy products, but we know. Milk and butter are unacceptable because they are "animal products", as Adams calls them. Butter is almost an essential item for perfect dental and heart health. Natural butter can actually reverse cavities through a process known as remineralization, but butter's heart effects are too complex to cite here. We agree with Adams about industry's monstrosities, such as margarine and shortening; but the harmfulness of sugar is completely dependent upon the source and the amount. For example, people should not drink large glasses of unclean sugar water and expect to become healthier, which is something that Mike promoted in one of his videos. The problem for Mike with milk and butter is his personal issue with people eating "animal products". He has repeatedly demonstrated that he will spread misinformation about so-called "animal products", even at the detriment of his follower's health. Nonetheless, there were good reasons for dairy being categorized as an official food group, because there are incredible benefits to consuming (non-homogenized) organic milk, natural butter and organic yogurt. To drive the point home, dairy products are a critical part of alternative medicine's best anti-cancer therapy, the Budwig Protocol. It is a topic that Adams has always personally avoided, despite the protocol being all natural and despite it being the most successful anti-cancer treatment known.

Mike Adams showing off his buffed body"Secret Source #3 is a wonderful company called the Amazon Herb Company. It sells what may very well be some of the most medicinally useful herbs in the world: rainforest herbs... These aren't just standard rainforest herbs, either. These are the most medicinally powerful herbs I've ever tasted." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

The herbs come from the rain forest and have what Mike Adams considers to be the special medicinal taste, so we can be very certain that they are indeed powerful medicines. It's really hard to argue with science and logic like that. The special herbs are actually more powerful than the standard rain forest herbs, and that is really saying something.

"In other words, these 8 ounces of liquid contained the same concentration of herbs that could have easily cost $160 if I had purchased them as tinctures from another company. Yet the Amazon Herb prices were quite reasonable -- just a fraction of that $160... Amazon Herb products are based on truly miraculous medicinal herbs. It's no exaggeration to say that these herbs can prevent and even reverse chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

If the F.D.A. ever proved a financial tie, then Adams might find himself in prison for these claims for a very long time. It could be why he so frequently reassures his readers that he receives no compensation from the companies that he advertises. Falsely stating that a product cures cancer, and then profiting from the sale of that item is a very serious offense in the United States.

"Call it homeopathic influence if you want, but the truth is that the emotions and intentions of the people producing these products really do have an impact on your health." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

That homeopathic influence explains much, but it is more important to note that mistreating the human body with fraudulent medicine is far more harmful than any amount of intentions. The positive intentions thing has a deeper, hidden meaning that is revealed inside the character section, reflecting what Mike considers to be his spirituality.

"The Amazon Herb Company goes even further and uses what they call a spagyric process for transferring the healing power of the harvested herbs into a consumable product... Nothing gets thrown away, and the full energy of the original plant is reconstituted back into the liquid or capsules that customers purchase. This spagyric process, which is only practiced by a few companies around the world, may help explain why I have personally found these Amazon Herb products to be so potent and medicinally valuable." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

We would love to view the official research about that spagyric process. Perhaps it would explain Amazon Herb Company's techniques for transferring healing power. Some of our readers may have been thinking that Mike's marketing attempts were just hokey pokey, instead of the product of serious health research. Let the lesson be learned. How do they manage to reconstitute the vital plant energy with their special spagyric process? The spiritual plant energy is obviously more significant than the energy from animal products, and it betrays a heathenistic belief system.

"These herbs are so powerful that if I had a family member who was diagnosed with cancer, for example, I would immediately send them a combination of products from Amazon Herb Company, including Cat's Claw (Una de Gato) and Gravizon." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

Mike Adams must be very unpopular with his relatives. Cat's claw -- that's another solution for cancer? Perhaps cat's claw should be used when the phytochemicals are not strong enough.

"Quinoa Flour... A versatile 'healing food' flour that can replace flour in most recipes. Quinoa is an ancient grain, used extensively by the Incas. It offers the highest protein of any grain, even boasting a complete protein (all essential amino acids)." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

Hemp is the only plant containing all recognized amino acids; but a body would still become malnourished if hemp were used as a total replacement for meats, due to the lack of symbiotic fats, certain vitamins, and perhaps other nutrients yet to be discovered. The various proteins and fats in meats are the building blocks of the human body. Flour is never an adequate substitute. The fact that Adams hinted that real proteins might be replaced with (and we shudder) flour -- left us almost speechless. Containing a protein does not make any flour a special healing food. It suggests that diseases can be treated by a food item that is known to convert into sugar inside of the body; when in actuality, inflammation from excessive sugar is the single biggest cause of disease world-wide, and the aftermath cannot be halted with blueberries or phytochemicals.

"As your body digests the quinoa, it will eventually figure out that there weren't a lot of calories in the meal. But by that time, you've already won the appetite battle. The meal is over. You've already fooled your stomach into thinking you've had a huge serving. This is a little trick to get around your ancient appetite control system -- the one we're all pre-wired with as human beings." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

Adams' advice encourages his readers to diet via self-imposed malnutrition and carbohydrate consumption. It is not exactly the wisest health advice that we have ever encountered. What is most amazing is that such a diet will cause massive weight gain into the long term future, because the self-imposed malnutrition will trigger emergency survival hormones that will cause a body to hunger much more often and store significantly more food as fat. Of course, any diet consisting largely of flour-based carbohydrates is also a diet of mostly sugar. Such terrible advice is why most diets (particularly starvation diets) fail. The most successful diets have people eating more often, for the purpose of deactivating those hormones, which are already active in most of us, due to our less-than-ideal 1-to-2 meal lifestyles. Five or six small and healthy meals are ideal for the human body; and such exemplary diets are the reason why body builders have almost no body fat. Astute readers may also realize that body builders and others with low body fat do not diet with flour of any kind. Mike's flour-based suggestion for how to lose weight is truly a Natural News original.

"The Health Ranger (Mike Adams) is a holistic nutritionist with more than 5,000 hours of study on nutrition, wellness, food toxicology and the true causes of disease and health. He is the author of The 7 Laws of Nutrition, Grocery Warning, Spam Filters for Your Brain, and many other books available at www.TruthPublishing.com." -- Mike Adams, 'Secret Sources'

As an ethical journalist, Adams did not simply fabricate that 5,000 hour thing, and he did in fact, time himself. There is no such thing as a holistic nutritionist. We wish our readers good luck in getting a college degree for that. It is a self-endowed title meant to impress, and his secondary education is actually a degree in technical writing.

Editor's Epilogue

Thomas Corriher the editor of The Health Wyze ReportWe debated whether this report should ever be written for years. We knew that there were some disturbing facts about Michael Adams, but we always weighed them inside his overall help-to-harm ratio. We measure the help to harm ratio in everything that we do, and in every recommendation that we make. Being ethical requires finding and embracing the lesser of evils, and journalism is no exception. Above all, we must first do no harm.

We finally reached agreement that Mike Adams has been heavily tilted towards being more harmful than helpful, and that he has been for a number of years. The ratio recently became much worse. With much reservation, we decided that this had to be written, and none of our colleagues would ever muster the courage to do it for us. So now we take the lead, because we have to.

As reporters of health issues that particularly highlight the methodologies of alternative medicine, we have monitored the work of Mike Adams from his earliest writings, and we have likewise monitored the works presented at Adams' main web site, Natural News [formerly News Target]. During earlier times, we had recognized so much bursting potential in Michael Adams that we gave him free advertising in Naturally Good Magazine.

Cover for book Natural Cures by Kevin Trudeau Mike Adams Natutral Health Solutions E-book Twins?

We eventually realized that Adams' business is like that of Kevin Trudeau's. This policy consists of being obscure about critical details concerning alternative disease treatment methods, which individuals are encouraged to pay money to obtain the official media. Such media tends to be little more than marketing itself, because even the included health suggestions tend to be plugs for more products, in addition to the more blatant marketing for additional media that is found at the end of the documents. Incredibly, Mike has a history of writing that he does not do it for the money, even inside those commercial books themselves. He seems to have carefully molded his business strategy after Kevin Trudeau's extremely profitable marketing empire. Regardless of whatever readers might feel about either Adams or Trudeau, it cannot be denied that both of them are truly brilliant marketers. The biggest difference between Kevin Trudeau and Mike Adams is that the latter boldly takes it a few steps further. Adams actually gives harmful health advice, whilst railing that the F.D.A. is unfairly persecuting people like him. In actuality, Adams is not being persecuted at all. The F.D.A. could put Adams away in a heart-beat, so his entire lone ranger routine is little more than marketing that is meant to generate karma and credibility for himself amongst the disenchanted. He is alternative medicine's pied piper.

Adams has never truly been anti-establishment, because he is the establishment. Adams is a proud businessman with his own online health store, a sizable media empire, the owner of a lucrative software company, a mass-marketing genius with affiliates, owner of a web site that is somewhere near the 700th position for web sites in the United States, and now Michael is routinely getting free advertising for himself to millions of people by way of his new connection to Alex Jones.

The Health Wyze Report logoWe conclude that Michael Adams is severely ethically challenged, but he compensates with his cunning. He is doing quite well for himself, despite his persona of a meekly lone ranger involved in fighting corporate Goliaths on our behalf. We have become convinced that his 'ranger' routine is a sleight-of-hand trick that is designed to improve his marketing efforts and to discourage this sort of factual exposure. Most of our alternative media colleagues would consider this report as journalistic suicide, because Mike Adams has marketed himself so well as the uncaped crusader. His crusade to rid the world of globalists and unethical corporations would best begin with a hard look in a mirror.

We are concluding this report with a public confession about our complicity in the rise of Mike Adams. What comes next is the most painful paragraph of this document, because it exposes a failure at Health Wyze Media. Let us preface by stating that our intentions were always good, but our policy was flawed. We have debated Adams' merits as a researcher and as a human being for many years. These things could still be debated now. However, we always knew that there was something about Mike Adams that could never be debated. This special quality is his marketing skill. He is a master marketer at a level that we can barely grasp. In fact, this is the one thing that we envy about Mike. Early on, we recognized that we could never market alternative medicine as well as Adams did. The particular items that he marketed were often questionable, but we felt that his marketing at least helped people to realize that there might be viable options to the hellish pharmaceutical treadmill. We felt that perhaps through our silence that some people would ultimately find better sources of alternative information; like the Health Wyze Report, for example. In retrospect, our former policy was like making a deal with the Devil. We recently discovered that there was something terribly wrong with our policy of silence, based upon the continual messages from people who have worsening cancers, which have included questions about why mushrooms were not helping. We must wonder how Adams responds to such questions, and if he is willing to simply let those people die. We recently realized that we could not do it anymore. I told my colleague, Sarah Corriher, "Damn-it, this is going to stop, and we're not going to be silent anymore". Her reaction was the 'it's about time' one.

I am continuing with the most disturbing of all the topics herein. It encompasses something vitally important that the overwhelming majority of our readers will have missed. We missed it ourselves until recently, despite having been dedicated health researchers for over six years. Going back to our early history, the pervasive carnage and corruption that can be seen within the modern medical establishment was one of the guiding factors that prompted our initial work. Believe it or not, Mike Adams was one of the people who inspired us to begin it. Many things have changed throughout that six-year period, and we have grown in wisdom. Since the beginning, one of our core ideals has been to become the most politically incorrect of all alternative media sources for health; and thereby, to be the most honest of all sources. We knew that political correctness is always a corrupting factor, regardless of the particular politics involved; because political correctness means hiding facts or rewording them to avoid popularity problems with one's peers. We believed that we would never be guilty of this, until we realized that we were already guilty.

It is an expression of a much greater problem that goes far beyond Health Wyze Media and Natural News. Our epiphany is that all of the people behind the alternative sites about health are working together: either directly or indirectly. There is no independent research that is independently peer-reviewed amongst the others. Even the most absurd findings are analyzed through a politically correct lens, and marketability is usually the final factor concerning which treatments are valid. The situation grotesquely mirrors the bad science and corruption of the medical industry. Sometimes the motive is financial gain, and it is popularity at other times; but truth cannot be found amongst those who do not possess ethics. Despite our admitted flaws and mistakes, we still believe that our alternative health research is the most independent and thereby the most honest.

The bigger problem was revealed when we noticed that our formerly esteemed peers at the Weston A. Price Foundation had begun using the term "superfoods". We immediately knew that they had been Miked. We took a quick scan of their site to verify; and verify it we did. The next thing of notoriety was an article by Sally Fallon Morell that was entitled, The Great Iodine Debate. There was actually very little debate. The article promoted drinking ever-increasing amounts of elemental iodine, as if it were a healthy elixir. Take the following quotation from the article as an example of the new age and politically correct science that most of our peers have embraced:

"Abraham and Brownstein argue that the iodine requirement is 1,500 mcg per day (1.5 mg), which is difficult to achieve without using a species of seaweed high in iodine, iodized salt or supplementation."

We never expected to see the Price Foundation including material that promoted underwater plants as food for human beings or the intake of excessive amounts of salt, but these things have become politically correct amongst our peers. The important thing to notice from the above example is that iodine toxicity is actually being encouraged in the fact that the admittedly high amount of iodine cannot be gained from any normal human diet; and therefore, it is trivial to deduce that the human body was not designed to process that much iodine. The article essentially catalogs a shameful process of experimenting on humans to see what happens; and while that could be called science, it most certainly is not ethical medicine. The test subjects of these grand experiments are not given the informed consent that they are being used as test subjects for a substance with known toxicity issues. Instead, readers are told the lie that their health is being helped. If Weston Price were alive today, he would be deeply ashamed of Sally Fallon and the colleagues whom she has come to admire. Fallon is not some random lady from Blogspot. She has been involved in some serious research in the past, and we quoted her work in previous times. Of course, we can no longer quote her as a credible source of information. Such politically correct articles are why so many iodine drinkers have written to us about miserably failing health; and we're talking about really serious, life-endangering issues, like difficulty breathing and heart rhythm abnormalities. We get lots of those 'help me' messages as a result of such advice. We also get plenty of attacks, because either we are wrong, or everybody else is. We wish it were the former; because we could then easily fix the problem between our chairs and keyboards. It is unfortunately not so easy.

To spell it out, there is an elite club that is made up of the who's who in the alternative health media. They work together, profit together, and nobody gets out of line. They are a chorus, sometimes spouting truth, and sometimes lies, but the chorus always sings unanimously. Except us, that is. We are not welcome in the club, and the problem that this reveals is a serious one. The fact that there is unanimous agreement about what is to be promoted amongst the club members means that there really is no independent alternative media covering health issues, and this is a very disturbing realization. Some of you will not be able to believe it at first, and we will understand that. It is nonetheless the truth, and it is a truth that we cannot run from forever. Take for example the highly esteemed Dr. Russel Blaylock. He absolutely ignores us, and he's just one of dozens who do. If Blaylock disagrees with something that we published, then we would expect for him to jump at the opportunity to correct us. We're shunned instead. All of the gurus likewise ignore us, because we tell the truth, even when it makes our own community look bad. That makes us the problem. Thus, we do it alone, because we have to, because they won't do what we do.

Most of you originally came to us because you wanted to find alternatives to the medical monopoly and the dishonest science behind it. This is something that we have labored to provide you with. However, we are alone. We are so very alone. You won't find another open, honest, objective source, or real independent research within our community. I'm sorry, but it is the truth. The things that the F.D.A. says about our community... well... they're sadly true. Our leadership is comprised of con-men and other opportunistic manipulators, whose suggestions will often hurt you more in the long term than doing nothing at all. Even those who have character (and these people never make it to the top) rarely have the research skills needed to do the job.

The members of the elite club will continue sticking together tightly, and now more than ever, they will privately (and maybe publicly) label Health Wyze as the problem, alongside anyone else who threatens their dogma. We can expect to see even more reports from them promoting mushrooms to treat cancers, urine-based therapies (Dr. Stanilaw Burzynski), MMS (chlorine dioxide), and drinking elemental iodine; despite the fact that these things tend to have the opposite effect upon health than what is advertised.

Real science is a good thing, but its perversion is terrible. Whether bogus science comes from the establishment or from people who falsely present themselves as truth seekers; bad science is still bad science. It is a dangerous fabrication built upon a foundation of lies. It is the sort of thing that we intend to fight, regardless of its source. Political correctness will not get in our way again.

I'll go deeper into the source of the problems, even at the risk of totally demonizing my efforts. There is a singular dark and sinister force behind our problems in obtaining truthful health reporting, and I do mean literally. The anti-Christian religions, including the Wiccans (witches), other pagans, and flat-out Satan worshipers have embraced what is legitimately God's medicine. Our community is infested with that human trash, so we needn't look far to find evil. That junk about us not eating animals and saving the environment from humanity isn't a new thing. These are ancient principles of Earth worship going back thousands of years. It's why you see the words 'Natural', 'Earth', 'Mother Earth', and 'Gaia' being thrown around so much at alternative medicine sites. Hidden in plain sight, they are worshiping the 'Great Mother' (also known as 'Mother Earth'). The people of these religions don't really want to help us with our health, despite their embrace of alternatives. In fact, the dark religions promote hurting others for self-gain. They mainly want to stop us from offending their goddess, 'Mother Earth', and that starts with us no longer eating "her" animals. What follows is tricking us into offending the one true God, by disregarding our rightful dominance of nature. He commanded us to eat meats after the great flood, but the pagans tell us that we are to become subservient to the beast(s). We have studied the dark religions, and the patterns are unmistakable. It's why you'll only find the truth here.

"If you will listen carefully to the Lord your God and do what he considers right, if you pay attention to his commands and obey all his laws, I will never make you suffer any of the diseases I made the Egyptians suffer, because I am the Lord who heals you. -- Exodus 15:26

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