Over the past few months, I have been shocked by the number of industries which are overrun with greed. It is no surprise to me that corporations bow down to money. However, I am shocked that the industries which are the absolute worst are most commonly those we are bound to trust. Foremost of these is the health industry, to which we trust with our well being. We readily add foreign toxins to our bodies because doctors instruct us to do so; rarely questioning the sanity of it. Most of us never consider that the doctor could be wrong, or as it is in many cases, that his pay is more important than his patients, and it is already known that doctors readily turn away those who are lacking insurance. In fact, this realization is so terrifying for some that they try desperately to convince themselves otherwise about the motives driving this industry.

Sometimes their methods are reasonably successful. So why must they attempt to silence everyone else, whilst inwardly trying to convince themselves of their own infallibility and righteousness? Why do they attack cheaper and easier solutions which have existed for thousands of years? Life-spans were much longer when these holistic and naturalistic approaches were used as the 'conventional' medicines -- often double the current life expectancy according to ancient and biblical records.

Did you know that cayenne pepper can suppress a heart attack if placed in the mouth, consumed in tea, or applied to the skin under a damp cloth? Imagine the loss of sales if this were widely known. Questioning others for ethics is seldom done in our modern society, especially when the unethical citizens are members of an influential organization. Our lack of courage in questioning others is one of the many reasons why our civilization is currently headed toward its own self-destruction.

Next, there is the educational industry consisting of the schools and colleges to which we hand over our children; day after day. We trust that the children will be feed what they need to flourish, and taught what they need for success in the world. These schools encourage the use of a neurotoxin (MSG), with food industry corporate partnerships.  They ignore the Christian principles that founded this country, and they are willfully ignorant of how this nation was once great because of God's place in the hearts and minds of the people.

If these industries were nothing more than big corporations attempting to make profits, then their behavior would be more acceptable. The fact that they are public services should hold them to higher standards. Apparently not. In fact, it seems that their governmental connections offer them more protection, for if any other industry were to kill as many as the health industry does in one year, then it would have been shut down a long time ago.

If corporations convinced masses of children that homosexuality were a 'natural thing' to the point that it actually lead healthy heterosexuals kids to wonder if they are 'normal', then there would be public outrage. No caring parent would allow their child to spend time with people who showed their children video's like: "It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues In School". The link that I provided states:

"It becomes quite clear that most children are affected by anti-gay prejudice in some way, and that they are very responsive to a curriculum that teaches respect for everyone, including lesbians and gay men."

I cannot refrain from highlighting how children are indeed "very responsive" to everything taught to them by their deemed authority figures. It does not take an intellectual to realize that a child is easily influenced, and is thereby vulnerable to manipulative influences. These people are knowingly taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of young children, which is the very reason why this video is being shown to youths as young as seven-years-old. It should remain the choice of the parent when children are exposed to political activists, but I certainly believe that no child deserves this at a young age. Some years ago, these so-called 'activists' would have been charged with multiple accounts of "corruption of a minor". They still should be.

Although I do not have a personal problem with the gay and lesbian community, it does not mean that I believe they engage in healthy behaviors. I certainly do not believe that children should have to listen to state-sponsored propaganda about it, or any type of political rhetoric at an early age. This is simply one issue, and does not even begin to identify all of the problems with modern education.

In modern society, the bigger the organization, the increased likelihood that it will become completely focused upon greed; and the less it will care about the welfare of its "consumers" -- and that is what you are to them: a wallet with legs attached. Perhaps you will think twice next time you go to the doctor, and even include the term 'holistic' in Internet searches for your health problems. (Although, you should be very cautious about trusting sites by MDs, or ones which have other signs of mainstream affiliations, because they tend to use misinformation and faint praise to discredit alternative medicine.) You may find that you have the remedy already in your home, or that a simple herbal supplement could save you from lots of problems, and loss of money. Your Internet searches on holistic health will lead you to people who have nothing to gain, and are simply choosing to provide advice. (Helping people like doctors are supposed to do.) This is incomparable to the situation with the overwhelming majority of doctor's offices. If you are out of luck, then say a prayer, and send me an e-mail, and I will see if I can help. Over the past few months, I have run across lots of different ailments, and have progressively learned to treat them.

Next you could think about the environment that you send your child to in school, and consider if you think there would be an alternative? We found that homeschooling was a much better option. Zach has now far surpassed other children in his age group. We passed the academic year-end goals for kindergarten in only a week. There are other options, but remember to never let God leave your heart.

Finally, when you buy "all-natural" food in the grocery store in a bid to be healthy, do not believe the marketing on the front of the package; but instead read the ingredients, educate yourself, and take control. Do not let big businesses manipulate you with games of devious marketing. If you cannot pronounce it, then do not eat it. For instance, many companies are selling canola oil as the "healthy" alternative, but canola oil is a bastardized oil made from genetically engineered rapeseeds.  The canola plant was 'invented' in 1976, and it wasn't just through "selective breeding" as its dishonest proponents proclaim.  Its parent, rapeseed, was banned for food oils, because it attacks the heart to cause degenerative lesions. Canola is not exactly the 'healthy' choice either. What remains of it (after cooking) is just another hydrogenated oil being pushed by the industry solely by greed factors, and it will damage the cardiovascular system in time like all such oils. Part of the word games used to deceive you about canola oil involve the fact that it is a healthy oil until it is heated.  Then it undergoes a chemical transformation.  So yes, canola is a healthy cooking oil provided that you do not actually cook anything in it.  Canola oil is also noted to produce cancer causing toxic fumes when heated at lower temperatures than are required to cause "smoking" by other oils, and of course, heating is its intended use.  My personal, and strong recommendation is that you use cold pressed extra virgin olive oil for everything, or even pure butter. Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is unchanged from God's hand.  Sunflower oil (not to be confused with safflower) is a second best if it is unavailable. Also, if you can afford to do it, then I recommend you buy food from whole foods and health food stores instead of the major supermarkets.


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