The term X-mas has been aggravating to many Christians for years, because it was a method of removing Christ from Christmas.  The 'X' has been an attempt to literally cross out the Christ.  Historically, there have been many abbreviations for Christ over the past 1,000 years. The Anglo-Saxons used the terms Xt or XP to describe Christ, whilst the Greeks used the letter 'X' (Chi).  In ancient Christian art, both X and xp are abbreviations for Christ. The Oxford English Dictionary dates the abbreviation of 'X' for Christ back to 1551.  This was 60 years before the first version of the King James Bible was completed. Xian and Xianity were used around the same time, and are sometimes still used today; although not with the frequency of X-mas.  The term Christ actually comes from the Greek word for anointed.

Some of the godless people conspiring against the Christian faith have contended that the use of X-mas was not an attempt to remove the meaning of Christ from Christmas. These same people changed their methods when the history of the letter 'X' was recently discovered in regard to Christian history.  So, we now have substituted for 'X-mas' the phrase 'Happy Holidays'.  Ancient Greek?  I do not think so, and political correctness on this issue has taken its toll. 'Winterfest' is now the correct term for Christmas in Britain, where the Christian faith has been virtually eliminated. I hope that good American Christians will not allow this to happen here, but it looks like it is already happening.  When Christmas time returns again, do the right thing, and testify about the true meaning of the celebration whenever you hear these things. Someday the Christ may return the favor by testifying on your behalf.

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