Redeeming Victims and Abusers

I wrote the following article for a local newspaper at the request of Davie Domestic Violence Services, but it was rejected by the director for political reasons just before its publication.

This is being written in lieu of October being Domestic Violence awareness month. Whether occurring in homes or elsewhere, this is an era in which a person needs not gander far before encountering abusers and victims. We are surrounded by abuse to such a degree that it has become a common topic with the news media. For instance, there was a recent case receiving national media attention in Palmdale, California concerning a sixteen-year-old girl having her arm broken by school security for dropping a piece of cake, and the case of a college student at the University of Florida in Gainesville, who suffered a pile-on of police and a subsequent taser attack (after he was already subdued and helpless). The latter attack was apparently done in reprisal for his having asked some tough questions of Senator Kerry. Videos of these incidents are wildly popular on the Internet as outrage about them grows.

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English In America

As an English teenager, I always felt that it was wrong for foreign languages to be on public notices and pamphlets.  It progressively became worse as I grew older.  Every product for sale came with instructions in ten different languages, ranging from French to Urdu.  I held the common belief that if someone were to migrate to England, then that person should learn the language and follow the culture.  After all, I told myself; if they preferred the culture and values of their own country, then they would not have emigrated.

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