Beating The Money Changers, Predatory Banking Hit Men, and Thomas' Personal Victory Over Pedro J. Zabala, Jr.

Partners in the law firm of Bilkem, Milkem, and Fleesum. Their motto: "Guess where we're going to stick this thumb!"

In these struggling financial times, there are ruthless opportunistic people who prey upon the poor, and upon those whom they perceive to be too weak to defend themselves. These predators show no compassion to those who are without money, and who are struggling to keep their homes, and look after their families. These bottom-feeding sociopaths are known as debt collectors. They employ a plethora of dirty tricks and deceptions to steal everything away from their victims, awhile figuring that such behaviors are safe, due to their victims' likely inability to afford legal counsel. They are literally cancerous to our society.

What is a particularly bad aspect of these banking hit men is that in a huge percentage of their cases, they willfully terrorize people over debts which are not required, by law, to be paid, or debts which never existed in the first place. If you have ever received a threatening letter from a company that you have never done business with, which demands that you to pay them money that you never owed, then you are far from alone.

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The New Underground Railroad: For Illegal Mexicans

There is a new underground railroad, but this one is not about freedom, but about exploitation.  It's about destroying everything that America stands for, to satisfy an elitists agenda of creating a global governance.  It's about the eradication of nations, borders, and our esteemed American society.  For the foreign readers, the Underground Railroad was a series of secret routes where escaping U.S. slaves were provided aid and cover in the 19th century.  The new railroad is, however, part of a plan involving enslavement.

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Understanding The Complex Dance Between Abusers and Victims -- Why Neither Side Can Get Enough

Part of this article was originally written for a local newspaper at the request of Davie Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center (Davie County, N.C.) during the period that I worked for them. This article was sadly rejected just before publication for political reasons. (It was bad for business.) I was later politically terminated from the agency for criticizing the local public school system.

Our Environment Of Abuse

davie county domestic violence services and rape crisis center graphicWhether occurring in homes or elsewhere, this is an era in which a person needs not gander far before encountering abusers and victims. We are surrounded by abuse to such a degree that it has become a common topic with the news media.

For instance, there was a recent case receiving national media attention in Palmdale, California concerning a sixteen-year-old girl having her arm broken by school security for dropping a piece of cake, and the case of a college student at the University of Florida in Gainesville, who suffered a pile-on of police and a subsequent taser attack (after he was already subdued and helpless). The latter attack was apparently done in reprisal for his having asked some tough questions of Senator Kerry. Videos of these incidents are wildly popular on the Internet as outrage about them grows.

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Mark Of The Beast and Soul Catching

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that hath the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

"If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God."

-- The Revelation, 13:16-17 and 14:9,
King James Bible

Stacy Peterson

Stacy Peterson was the 23-year-old wife of a police sergeant.  She disappeared on October 28th, 2007, after being trapped in an abusive relationship.  Many women held in abusive situations can manage to escape when their abuser is at work, but this was not an option for Stacy.  Stacy's husband quickly became a prime suspect in her disappearance after it was discovered that his third wife had accidentally drowned in a bathtub.  Stacy Peterson had told her psychiatrist that her husband had admitted killing his ex-wife, and that she feared for her own life.  Quickly, she was moved from the status of a missing person to a likely homicide victim.

This case was different from almost all others, because her husband always knew where she was.  He used her cell phone to track where she was at all times, so she had no privacy, and no escape.  Although most people cannot track others by cell phone tracking systems; law enforcement can.  His occupation as a police officer provided him with the means to watch where she was, and how long she stayed at each location.  There was nowhere that was out sight.

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A Warning to Young Girls about the Pedophile Stalker, Paul Faulkenham

Pedophiles and Monsters Abound... but first... a little history...

About two years ago, my wife and I decided to rescue Sarah from a dangerous and horrific home life by bringing her into our family in the United States.  It was a cloak-and-dagger stealth rescue mission in some ways, although some of the people closest to Sarah learned of the journey just before her departure.  Very little needs to be added about it, except that we will never regret it.

Her father learned of her attempt to flee immediately beforehand, so he called me in order to run interference and perform damage control.  He proclaimed that Sarah was mentally ill, and ultimately, we would need to work together to help Sarah with her "problems".  When he boasted that he had killed another American with his "magick" powers, any remaining doubts about Sarah's history were immediately gone.  I suppose he was attempting a thinly-veiled threat about what his "powers" could do.  There were so many responses that I wanted to make, but I had to resist for Sarah's sake.  It was necessary for me to pretend that we would indeed work together when Sarah arrived, as if we would "fix" Sarah, so that he would not interfere with her departure.  Through gritted teeth I reassured him that I would lecture her about respecting her father, and that she would be returning within two weeks.

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The Occult, Witchcraft, England, and The Darkness Now Growing In America

Because I have spent so much of my life residing in the United Kingdom, I have come to understand the occult, what it teaches, and the effect that it has on people.  Witchcraft is extremely popular in Britain, and Wicca in particular, has become the fastest growing religion in both England and the U.S.A.  Its prevalence is tied with England's sudden depletion of morality.  There was a better time, when England was a Christian country, and when its people cared for one another.  These older generations valued truth and honor over money and power.  Those times have long since passed.

Compare the inverted pentagram used by witches in their ceremonies (left), and the Goat's Head Pentagram used by Satan worshipers in their ceremonies (right).  Most witches claim not to worship Satan, but neither group has a reputation for honesty.  Most claim to be "good witches", which is the single greatest oxymoron.

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An Explanation About The Problems At WikiAnswers (

I am posting this e-mail here, so that other WikiAnswers Supervisors and contributors can see why the alternative medicine section is now unsupervised.

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From Christmas to X-mas, Happy Holidays, and Winterfest

The term X-mas has been aggravating to many Christians for years, because it was a method of removing Christ from Christmas.  The 'X' has been an attempt to literally cross out the Christ.  Historically, there have been many abbreviations for Christ over the past 1,000 years. The Anglo-Saxons used the terms Xt or XP to describe Christ, whilst the Greeks used the letter 'X' (Chi).  In ancient Christian art, both X and xp are abbreviations for Christ. The Oxford English Dictionary dates the abbreviation of 'X' for Christ back to 1551.  This was 60 years before the first version of the King James Bible was completed. Xian and Xianity were used around the same time, and are sometimes still used today; although not with the frequency of X-mas.  The term Christ actually comes from the Greek word for anointed.

Some of the godless people conspiring against the Christian faith have contended that the use of X-mas was not an attempt to remove the meaning of Christ from Christmas. These same people changed their methods when the history of the letter 'X' was recently discovered in regard to Christian history.  So, we now have substituted for 'X-mas' the phrase 'Happy Holidays'.  Ancient Greek?  I do not think so, and political correctness on this issue has taken its toll. 'Winterfest' is now the correct term for Christmas in Britain, where the Christian faith has been virtually eliminated. I hope that good American Christians will not allow this to happen here, but it looks like it is already happening.  When Christmas time returns again, do the right thing, and testify about the true meaning of the celebration whenever you hear these things. Someday the Christ may return the favor by testifying on your behalf.

Sociopaths, Authority Figures, and Abusive Personalities

There are many different reasons why people seek power in society. Citizens like to believe that their leaders reach high-ranking positions because their leaders have natural leadership abilities, and furthermore, that leaders have a desire to use their gifts to help others. Unfortunately, this belief is true only in exceptional cases. Most often, the reason for people becoming authority figures in society is due to their desire for greater control over others. Most authority figures gain their positions for exactly this reason. If you examine abuse, political or otherwise, it is easy to see the connection between the power drive to abuse and toward creating abusive relationships.

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Greed, or Just Evil?

Over the past few months, I have been shocked by the number of industries which are overrun with greed. It is no surprise to me that corporations bow down to money. However, I am shocked that the industries which are the absolute worst are most commonly those we are bound to trust. Foremost of these is the health industry, to which we trust with our well being. We readily add foreign toxins to our bodies because doctors instruct us to do so; rarely questioning the sanity of it. Most of us never consider that the doctor could be wrong, or as it is in many cases, that his pay is more important than his patients, and it is already known that doctors readily turn away those who are lacking insurance. In fact, this realization is so terrifying for some that they try desperately to convince themselves otherwise about the motives driving this industry.

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