"I recently read the H. W. article titled, "Smoking To Cure Lung Infections and For Good Lung Health" and I will soon be using the recommended Indian tobacco. Basically, I want to use the best possible method of using herbs like Indian tobacco for most age groups, including my family. However, I am not sure what the best method for inhalation would be, including smoking and other methods. For instance, in the article, you suggested using a pipe or rolling flax to smoke Indian tobacco. Also, I have recently heard about using dry herb vaporizers for Indian tobacco. The nicer vaporizers tend to be pretty expensive and I am wondering if they would be worth the price, versus using a pipe or rolling the herbs. However, would a dry herb vaporizer be a potentially safer, healthier option?"

The main difference between using a pipe and a dry herb vaporizer is that whenever lighting a pipe, one tends to inhale some of the toxic fumes from the lighter or match. If the family members who you intend to aid with Indian tobacco are young, then a dry herb vaporizer might be easier for them to use, because dealing with a match and pipe can be problematic for children. However, the only reason to treat a whole family with Indian tobacco (lobelia inflata) would be if they were all sick. It is not a preventative medicine, and one should not smoke any substance as preventative medicine.

Inhaling colloidal silver through a nebulizer is more effective than Indian tobacco for some lung infections. If you decide to use colloidal silver, then make it yourself or get it from Purevon, because impure colloidal silver is worse than none at all. We have a great deal of information about colloidal silver on our site. Taking a goldenseal supplement for a lung infection would also be of benefit, due to its astringent property, which helps a person to resist or eliminate pneumonia. Additionally, nebulized vodka vapor can be used as a lung antibiotic, and it dissolves mucous. Vodka can be orally consumed for added antibiotic effect, as is the case for colloidal silver. Our cough tea is outstanding for symptom suppression and restfulness. Much of the information cited here is explained in greater detail within our Colds and Flu article.

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