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American health care is abysmal, and this sorry state is used as one of the primary justifications for implementing a nationalized health care system, under the pretext that the medical situation cannot possibly get worse. For instance, the U.S. currently has the highest infant death rate of the civilized world, despite virtually all births being performed at hospitals, and the infants getting the most prenatal care. The socialized 'solution' would force Americans to funnel even more money into this greed-ridden pit of death and destruction, which is already considered world-wide to be the worst of the worst, despite what Americans like to believe. To put the true carnage into perspective, every country with working telephones has better survival rates, and in fact, the U.S. is ranked 38th in life expectancy. This is why the people of other countries tend to laugh whenever they hear Americans bragging about having the best medicine in the world. Just properly prescribed medicines kill more Americans every year than any war in its history, and this information comes from the medical industry's own mortality statistics. That does not account for the mistakes, the botched surgeries, or the cases wherein the establishment refused to take any responsibility. It is an exercise in sociology to understand how the American society can convince itself that it has superiority in an area where all of the data shows that it is clearly amongst the most inferior.

Therefore, the real problem with America's death rate is not that Americans are getting too little medicine, but that they are already getting too much. Americans are medicated more than any other people in the world, and there is something terribly wrong with the result. The only thing providing any checks against this catastrophe is the fact that doctors know that people can shop elsewhere. American doctors know that people are not beholden to them, and that it is their customers (not governmental agencies) who have the final decision in their own welfare. If any 'successful' nationalized health care system is adopted by the U.S., then the situation will get considerably worse, not better. Success in one regard will mean failure in another way that will literally be impossible for many patients to live with. The principal of "first do no harm" will be only a memory of the past that is linked to decadent capitalists by the comrades of the future.

Important Considerations

  1. The current socialized system in the U.S. (a.k.a. Obamacare) illegally applies tax penalties to citizens who are too poor to buy health insurance. It is an extremely immoral and thinly-veiled policy of taxing the poor, but it has been disingenuously promoted as a way to help them.
  2. In England, the richest socialized country in the world, one in ten parents are skipping meals to feed their children. Is this the quality of life that Americans should be seeking?
  3. How has socialism helped America in other areas? Remember education before the teacher's unions and governmental regulations? How about when America had manufacturing, and it was the best in the world? Now education and manufacturing are unionized welfare systems, and are ranked amongst the worst in the world.
  4. Will we ever get our rights back once the medical system becomes a taxing agent of the U.S. Government?
  5. Has any governmental agency peacefully surrendered any of its power back to the people in the entire history of the world?
  6. Didn't every communist nation begin exactly this way -- with bogus pleas to help suffering people, which is only obtainable if everyone surrenders his rights?
  7. As is the case with medicare and medicaid already, what happens when you suddenly and unexpectedly must pay a bankrupting hospital bill when coverage was retroactively terminated because you didn't obey the orders of your doctor? Who do you appeal to?
  8. If the poor are actually monetarily helped by socialized health care, then how does that money help them, since they will be told exactly how they'll spend it? Doesn't that just enslave the poor even more, as well as everyone else?
  9. Will the greed, corruption, and the medical carnage really stop once we are enslaved to a system that has the ability to perpetually tax all of us at will? Isn't that like paying mafia protection money, in the hope that the mafia doesn't ever become greedier?
  10. Will the medical establishment charge us more or less once it has unlimited health taxation power?
  11. Why did the White House use Big Pharma consultants to help draft the Bill if it really is meant to cut our expenses? How exactly is that going to work out for us?
  12. Isn't that why the Bill is about 3,000 pages -- to prevent us from reading or understanding it?
  13. Will the industry's greed really be stopped by governmental hand-outs, and will our health care suddenly become safe and effective?
  14. What happens once we run out of other people's money? Can you name a country with socialized medicine that this hasn't happened in?
  15. If the expense is really the issue to be solved, then how does creating even more expense make the poor wealthier?
  16. Isn't the government already the problem by blocking cheaper, safer, and more effective alternatives to financially prop-up the very system that helped to write the Bill?
  17. How do we opt-out when we find better alternatives? Where is that freedom in the Bill?
  18. If governmental take-overs are really a positive factor in a nation's quality of life, then can you name any communistic nation with a superior quality of life?
  19. What happens when you are refused treatments because you are on some type of "no fly" list, or when the government mandates certain treatments that the doctors know will kill you, because something qualified you as a trouble-maker. This is not merely conjecture. Reference the Shane Geiger article to read an actual instance of medically murdering a trouble-maker.
  20. What happens to the patients who are too expensive? Will they start refusing to give medicine to the elderly as has happened in England, or will they cut costs like Greece, by amputating the limbs of diabetics who do not need amputations?
  21. You can fire your doctor. Will you be able to fire socialized medicine once a doctor is assigned to you?
  22. If Obama Care is about promoting smarter, preventative care, then how do I get my refunds for my supplement purchases and organic foods? Does our money actually just go back into Big Pharma, as if this is how they planned it all along?

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