The preservation of national sovereignty has faced compromise in most countries throughout the civilized world.  It has historically been threatened by elitist groups seeking to override the power of a people.  The communist regimes of the previous century provide some of the best examples of this phenomenon.

When Unions Unite

In more recent times, those groups include the European Union, the North American Union, and the South American Union.  These groups are usually created without the knowledge of the people, and as such; most Americans have no knowledge of the plans of the North American Union (N.A.U.), or of its proposed existence.

The N.A.U. would combine Canada, Mexico, and the United States in a similar fashion to the European Union, and with a similar disregard for the national sovereignty and laws of each nation.  For those of you who are in doubt, you would probably benefit from reading the blueprint for the North American Union, which has been signed by the leaders of all three countries.  It is available at the Council on Foreign Relations website:  Building A North American Community.

When the N.A.U. is truly formed, there will be a shared currency which will be named the 'Amero'.  For there to be this North American shared currency, it requires that the U.S. dollar be drastically devalued below its historical values, and a destabilization of the entire U.S. economy to implement.  In other words, this well-documented plan from our "leaders" requires treason at the highest levels of the U.S. Government.  I am sure that you can see how this plan is currently unfolding, and yet hidden in plain view.

CNBC talked to Stephen Previs about the Amero in 2006, whereby he disingenuously boasted about how it would boost the economy.  The same was once said about the E.U., but communications with any German or Dutch citizen will reveal the truth.  They will gladly educate you about the true effects of the Euro on their countries.  In February of 2008, the United States and Canada agreed to share troops in civil emergencies.  What sort of emergencies would the U.S. need Canadian troops for?  It is very telling that many have described the proposal as "NAFTA on steroids".  Will Canadian troops be imposing laws on U.S. Citizens, even though the Constitution expressly prohibits even our own military from acting as domestic police?  Will it go down like the people being shipped to Guantanamo to bypass the Bill of Rights?

In 2007, CNN attempted to expose the plans of the NAU for a second time:

The South American Union may well be closer to being established than the N.A.U..  According to Fox news,  in 2006, South American leaders agreed to "create a high-level commission to study the idea of forming a continent-wide community similar to the European Union."

Until recently, I had no knowledge of the presence of the South American Union.  However, the BBC reports that the union has already been formed, and is modeled after the EU.

"At a summit in Brazil, they signed a treaty which created the Union of South American Nations (Unasur).  Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said the move showed that South America was becoming a "global player".  But tensions between several members will make it difficult for the group to achieve its goals, observers say."

All of the groups share common currencies, and thereby each country that joins with them is forced to sacrifice their sovereignty.  Members are pressured to sign new laws and treaties that makes withdrawal from the collective group a difficult endeavor.

Through my experiences, I can tell you that Britain is a prime example of modern enslavement.  In the United Kingdom, the rights of the British people, and the few remaining protections provided by their own national laws are being eroded by the precepts of the European Union.  The British people were never given a choice concerning their membership in the EU, due to the governmental belief that a referendum would have been "risky".  In other words, the governmental officials involved knew that the people would never willingly join, so they decided not to ask.

The formation of the European Union has been a great concern for most British citizens who value their sovereignty.  Interestingly, most of the opposition appears to come from the elderly who remember the perils of imperialism, and who witnessed a change in currency previously.  Perhaps witnessing the decline in the economy when Britain switched from half-pence, two-pence, and shillings to the pound was a learning experience.  Perhaps they know enough about history to understand the need to oppose the elimination of the right to trial by a jury of peers, that began in 1215.  Article 39 of the Magna Carta reads:

"No free man shall be captured, and or imprisoned, or disseised of his freehold, or of his liberties, or of his free customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or in any way destroyed, nor will we proceed against him by force or proceed against him by arms, but by the lawful judgment of his peers, and or by the law of the land."

This was signed into law by King John.

Because most of Europe does not allow for a trial by jury, it would not be allowed in a European court.  Europol, the European Police, were first founded in order to investigate serious international crimes.  Their authority throughout Europe was constantly evolving, until very recently when they were granted arrest powers in Britain.  They may arrest British people on charges which exist under European law, despite such laws never existing previously in Britain.  European law is something that few British lawyers have studied, leaving any 'felon' with very little chance of a fair contest in court.  The European court does not have the same principles as the British and American courts.  For example, it does not have a presumption of innocence until proven guilty, or the right of habeas corpus.

The British have found themselves enveloped by this situation at a time when it is probably too late for them to make a difference from within.  The current Labour government has sold out many of their rights, and will continue to do so until the destiny of the British people lays in the hands of Europe.  Most troubling is that very few people are aware of new developments with the British relationship to Europe.  Newspapers have been silent, with the exception of small presses which have mentioned the new 'Europol' in small articles towards the end.  The mass media has abandoned the British people and decided to turn a blind eye.  In fact, it is owned by the elitist traitors.

As much as it pains me to admit, as someone who once tried desperately to defend the freedoms of the British people; I believe that Britain is now a lost country.  I do not expect to effect any change in Britain, but I think that the American people might appreciate a small warning of what is to come, from someone who knows.


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