There is a new underground railroad, but this one is not about freedom, but about exploitation.  It's about destroying everything that America stands for, to satisfy an elitists agenda of creating a global governance.  It's about the eradication of nations, borders, and our esteemed American society.  For the foreign readers, the Underground Railroad was a series of secret routes where escaping U.S. slaves were provided aid and cover in the 19th century.  The new railroad is, however, part of a plan involving enslavement.

Watching England Die: A Prelude to the Downfall of the U.S.

As a Brit, there is a pattern unfolding in the New World that I have witnessed before.  In the United Kingdom, immigrants were welcomed after World War II, because massive amounts of working-age men had died, and there were too few able-bodied men left to work in the factories.  For the first time, women were working in factories; further underlining the need for a greater workforce.  The open immigration policy eventually officially ended, but no caps on immigration were ever enforced.  Today, 860 more immigrants will enter into Britain, illegally.  None will be deported.  In fact, they will be rewarded for their crimes against the nation with free housing, free medical care, and a free check to spend every month that is covered by legitimate citizens' tax payer money.  Many of these invaders will be granted formal asylum, despite the presence of more than 10 free countries between their native soil and Britain.  This is contrary to international asylum laws, but denying the request of an asylum seeker has become too politically incorrect.  Whenever these immigrants have children, they are always raised according to the less civilized culture of their parents.  Their culture will massively conflict with that of the native British for generations, and this will be by willful intent.

Christianity is still somewhat ingrained into British culture, but the rise of Islamic culture in the country is a menace that is hallmarked by perpetual violence.  Physical violence is actually a codified part of their religion, despite the political rhetoric about them having a "religion of peace".  Young Muslim men feel that raping teenage girls who are 'unbelievers' is supportive of their religion, so they routinely rape as if it were a religious rite.  To them it really is.  Many of them matter-of-factly consider these sexual assaults to be holy, and this is strong evidence that they do not belong as part of any civilized society anywhere, ever.  Meanwhile, Christian churches are knocked down whilst mosques are built in their places, symbolically representing the rapid changes in culture throughout the nation.  British people are frequently forced out of communities which have become flooded with immigrants.  One way or another, the invaders encourage them to flee.  They have proven that one nation does not need airplanes or tanks to mount an invasion force against another.  Many of the Brits have come to euphemistically call it "being ethnically enriched".  Despite the sarcastic joking, the British people are furious, and talks about civil war have been ongoing for the past decade.  There have been riots, and mini culture wars, but it has not become a nationwide battle, yet.

"... if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also..."

— Matthew 5:39, Bible

"I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.  Therefore, strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.  This is because they acted adversely to Allah and his messenger, and whoever acts adversely to Allah and his messenger - then surely Allah is severe in requiting (evil).  This -  taste it, and know that for the unbelievers is the punishment of fire."

—  8:12-17, Qu'ran

Those who make an idol of multiculturalism are too blinded to realize that two drastically different cultures cannot mix, without physical force, and without at least one of them being annihilated.  While races can work and live together with little friction, actual foreign cultures cannot blend, but will merely eradicate one another in favor of a new matrix that potentially resembles neither.  Political correctness has resulted in the British people becoming second class citizens inside their own land.  They must seek permits to fly British flags at their own homes (but not for Pakistani flags), lest the Muslims claim an offense to it.  British police routinely order British citizens to remove piggy banks from all public view, even if they are displayed inside their own homes, since pigs can be offensive too.  Even "offensive" nursery rhymes and childhood stories are banned from the schools (ie. The Three Little Pigs).  This is all done in an attempt to avoid offending newcomers who were never welcome, or even allowed in; and whose very presence is in open defiance of the nation's laws.  The great irony is that these newcomers will never admit that they came because the United Kingdom has always had a superior culture to their own.

The reasoning and excuses that we have come to expect regarding their migrations are based upon misconceptions and outright disinformation.  Most of the middle easterners who travel to the United Kingdom do not really do it for greater human rights, social welfare programs, or an improved education.  That is what we are supposed to believe, at least until it is too late to stop them.  They actually invade because their religion specifically encourages a hostile takeover of the world, which is a central requirement of Sharia (Muslim) law.  They are missionaries of a type that we have not been conditioned to understand, and who can not be truly understood by those of reason from civilized societies.  They literally are an invasion force, and it is a similar situation to the takeover that prompted The Crusades, except the violence is spreading much more slowly, and the tactics are much more sneaky.

N.W.O. Phase II: A Hispanic Invasion Force Overwhelming America

It is now happening in America.  The hispanic peoples have flooded into the United States against the will of the American people, and with the same level of immigration law enforcement as the United Kingdom.

"A nation without borders is not a nation."   — Ronald Reagan

While routinely driving about, we frequently notice that Mexicans typically seem to be driving expensive new vehicles, usually better than those of our American peers.  We began wondering where the money comes from, since the overwhelming majority come here illegally.  The jobs that they get are supposedly low paid, and 'under the table'.  Thus their finances are unaccountable.  We wondered how they managed to arrive in the first place, since this indicates that desert-crossing peasants are somehow besting a nation with the most technologically advanced military in the world's history; having satellites that can locate a coffee cup from 26,000 miles away.  How is it that these people of poverty could just appear in the U.S., and suddenly have cars, houses, I.D.s, and glowing credit scores when native Americans are having trouble just holding onto these things.  Something is definitely amiss, and we began suspecting an underground railroad with connections to the top.  Somebody is definitely helping these people in treasonous violation of our laws.  In Britain, the source of financial aid for immigrants is obvious; the British government, using money from taxpayers (who pay 17.5% sales tax, by the way).  In America, the source is not so obvious.  Admitting to aiding the illegal immigrants would be political suicide, and rightly so.  We decided to start digging.

The Times Online once published an article titled, "NWI banks offer home loans to undocumented immigrants".  The article has now been pulled, and the only evidence that remains are the blogs which quoted from, and link to the phantom article.  The Times of North-West Indiana published a similar article.   The article starts like this:

"TCF Bank is the first bank to open the door to home loans for undocumented immigrants in Northwest Indiana; Fifth Third Bank plans to follow suit this month. TCF and Fifth Third will be among the largest banks in the United States to offer the new loans. They join about 15 other banks in the Midwest to do so.."

How is it possible for major banks to provide loans to people who are undocumented, who are known criminals, who do not have a stable source of income, have no collateral, and could disappear overnight?  If an American visited a bank fitting this profile, he would undoubtedly be denied any loan or account whatsoever.  So, why is the Mexican community being given preference over American citizens in America, despite the unmistakably insane liabilities?


The above video shows a Mexican U.C.L.A. teacher calling California "stolen, occupied Mexico" and calling for a revolution.  The video has become viral, and outrage continues to grow.  However, this is no isolated incident.  Learn from it because it represents the mentality that we are up against, and you can be certain that you will be seeing more people like this, for they are becoming increasingly emboldened with time.  The overall goal of Mexicans does not lie in job opportunities, but in the vengeful annexation of the U.S..  After the Mexican-American war, Mexico was forced to accept its loss of Texas.  Now, they're back.  Gradually, Texas is becoming more like Mexico as the invaders flood into it.

Mexico's Former President Vicente Fox visited the United States to speak to the Mexican community, at one point identifying them as "heroes".  Imagine for a moment if Americans had fled to another country, without notice, in violation of both nation's laws, and then began working there illegally.  Can anyone imagine our U.S. President publicly taking pride in such shameless criminal behavior; much less calling such people "heroes".  Isn't having one's fellow citizens escaping to another nation a bad thing that normally indicates that there is something to be ashamed of?  It seems to defy all reason until we consider that the whole thing could be part of a plan to overrun the invaded nation.

Mexico could never withstand a fight with the United States in a declared war, but it can lead a slow invasion, until there is no difference between the State of Texas and Mexico.  In a similar manner to how Pakistanis mockingly refer to England as Englandstan, some Mexicans are already referring to parts of America as Northern Mexico.  Of course, the immigration will not stop.  It will continue to spread throughout the United States, until the American people find the courage and resolve to deal with the situation.  The invasion is happening now because previous generations of Americans would not have tolerated it, and their media would have never implied that they needed to.  Decades ago, police would have gladly looked the other way as Americans did whatever needed to be done.

A movie that was almost released, titled Machete, also underscores the feelings of most Mexicans toward the American people.  In some kind of doublespeak, the movie showed Americans as the violent people seeking a takeover.

Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West recommended that farmers and ranchers arm themselves last month, as Mexican criminals move their operations closer to the border.  He also cited a case in which an American was kidnapped, taken into Mexico and killed.  With Mexico's drug war becoming ever more violent, home invasions and cross-border kidnappings are becoming more common along the Texas border.  In fact, American teenagers are now being recruited as assassins in drug cartels, with promises of cash, cars, and power.

This is the sort of cultural integration that really takes place.  It's not the politically correct harmonious merge of cultures.  It's the importation of crime, and the degradation of the more civilized culture.  This is the hard reality of multiculturalism: the part they leave out of college courses.

The Economist magazine had the gall to call American citizens 'Nativists', due to their desire to put an end to mass unchecked immigration.  The same article explained that the Mexican Matricula Consular, a form of identification, is now accepted in a large number of U.S. agencies.  This is used in conjunction with the ITIN, an equivalent to a social security number that is supposed to be used by legal aliens who are trying to file their taxes (to comply with U.S. law).  Banks and some DMV offices now allow it as a form of identification.

"The integration push is already under way at the Mexican consulate in Chicago...  Mexicans sent $13.3 billion in remittances home from America last year."

Aside from the effects of mass immigration on American culture and sovereignty, the invasion is also having a profound effect on the US economy.  Massive amounts of money is leaving the country each year to foist Mexico; creating the devaluation of dollars.  This is tacitly encouraged by some corporations, with supermarkets having "Send money abroad" machines advertised.  We all know what they really mean by "abroad".  As long as they get a share of the money, they don't care about the loss of American values and culture.

As is the case in Britain, political correctness is beginning to impede reason in this country.  A famous case of students being sent home for wearing American flag shirts on Cinco DeMayo highlights the problem, and it will not stop there.  Another student was recently suspended from school for removing a Mexican flag, and is being ordered to pay for its cost.

Shown right is a photo of what some Mexican students did in March 2006 at Montebello High School in California.  Why are they here if they devalue America so much?

Following England's sorry example, American children will be the first to encounter the problems of mass immigration, and they will be the subject of political correctness.  They will be told that their fears are unfounded, and that they are immoral for questioning the invasion force, or for espousing American culture.  It is just the beginning.

This Is Part Of The Plan

Some people are petitioning for more hostile immigration laws, but reasonable laws are already in place.  They are just not enforced.  We know, for a fact, that certain District Attorneys in Texas have been told by federal officials to ignore cases involving illegal Mexican aliens, "or else".  Unfortunately, no one is courageous enough (or stupid enough) to go public, and put their name on record regarding this.  Alas, cowardice is actually a large part of the problem, and we tend to expect better from those who hold public offices.  Creating more laws would only succeed in making it more difficult for the legitimate, law-abiding immigrants, who enter the United States desiring to become Americans (not Mexicans encamped inside America's borders).  New laws would not actually slow the invaders.  It is similar to the way in which gun control laws only prevent the law-abiding citizens from owning firearms.  Immigration laws simply need to be enforced appropriately, and those who are here to undermine America should be promptly returned to the land that they came from by any means necessary.  However, there are reasons why this will not be allowed to happen.

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.   It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.  But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government.  The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

-- David Rockefeller, at Bilderberg Meeting

The abolition of nations is desired by the global banking elite.  The eradication of cultures and borders is necessary before they can continue their agenda of creating a New World Order.  If there were no real nations, then there would be no reason to have localized governments.  If all people were integrated and the same, then they could be represented by the same body.  That body is standing by, waiting in the shadows for their plan to be fully fulfilled.  Make no mistake: none of what is happening is accidental.  The United States must be particularly targeted, because of its peoples' inherent respect of personal freedoms and responsibility; and perhaps even more importantly, its unique Constitution with its core Bill of Rights happen to be the very antithesis of the fascist system that they intend to implement.  Oh yes, America and all she has represented over her brief history must be laid to waste.  That includes her institutions, her faith, her position in the world, her economy, her military, her borders, and of course her Constitution.

The European Union was forced on the British people against their will, in much the same way that the American Union will come to the United States.  The British were denied their right to a referendum about it, because it was well known that the British overwhelmingly wished to stay independent.  Billions of pounds go to the E.U. each year, whilst the homeless flood the streets, unable to pay for housing.  The inclusion into the E.U. meant that immigrants from other European countries may enter freely, and without limit.  The dictates of the E.U. now supersede British law, which is a foreign body that was not elected by the people.

The North American Union is already being created, which includes Canada, Mexico and the U.S..  If similar policies were applied to the N.A.U., Mexicans would enter this country in an overwhelming flood.  When the South American Union, North American Union. and European Union eventually merge, as is the goal.. we will have that global government.

I write this as an immigrant living in America, because this is a country that I have come to love, and its values are not found anywhere else in the world.  If America is invaded and sabotaged, then there will be no hope for anyone.  It is the last beacon of light, holding on to faith and morality, and allowing people to practice their God-given rights.  I believe that America is worth holding on to.  What it represents is worth fighting for.  If we are to save this country, then we must find the courage to deal with the sworn enemies of the United States as previous generations would have, regardless of whether they are invaders walking our streets, traitors in high offices, or members of secret societies hiding in corporate penthouses.


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