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Over the past week, the Codex Alimentarius Commission has discussed the labeling of genetically modified foods at a conference in Quebec, Canada. They decreed that they would make a decision within the year. The question is, what bearing does this have on the United States or Canada?

There should be no place in the civilized world for a product regulatory committee that is above public questioning and pressure, and whose representatives were never appointed by the people they supposedly represent. America's Founding Fathers would be rolling in their graves if they knew that a superordinate agency had been created, which could flippantly bypass the decisions made by the American government or its people.

For now, rules which are produced by Codex Alimentarius are voluntary, but what sort of penalties will be in place for those who refuse the voluntary protocols?  The recommendations that are created by the Codex Commission have already quickly become law throughout most of Europe and Canada. If you are wondering how Codex could possibly subvert the laws of apparently sovereign nations, then the answer lies with its connections to the World Trade Organization, which demands that nations comply with Codex policies, or they automatically default in all trade disputes. This causes the penalized multinational corporations effected to encourage governments to be Codex-friendly.

Codex claims to protect the public, but its protection is something that no citizenry has asked for. It is prudent for us to always beware whenever a group pretends to protect us for our own good without our consent or knowledge. In such situations, you can know that something evil is afoot. The Codex members claim to be solving important problems, but these are not their problems, these are our problems. The idea of outsourcing our health policies to unaccountable, 3rd-party foreigners is the pinnacle of insanity; especially when we are given no representation. If our F.D.A. regulations are the frying pan, then Codex will eventually be the fire.

Is Codex really intended to finally save us from the deadly side effects of Big Pharma's poisons, health frauds, or the multitude of toxins inside all of our processed foods?  Not exactly. Instead, Codex has long planned to help protect us from dietary supplements and herbs.

Emergency rooms are hardly flooded with people who have had adverse reactions to supplements. So we actually need more legislation for pharmaceuticals, which by the way, really do kill people as the third leading cause of death in the U.S.. We do not, however, need to be saved from naturally occurring, amino acids. Yet the Codex people contend that the normally harmless herbs and supplements must be carefully controlled like a health endangering menace. Their official position is that pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals are safe for us, and need no regulations.

Congressional Representative, Dr. Ron Paul, relayed the following on the Glenn Beck program (paraphrased):

"Codex Alimentarius, established in 1962 as a U.N. trade commission serves corporate greed with no interest in health or consumer protection. The World Health Organization says Codex Alimentarius, 'Has not made a contribution in human health in its 42 years of existence'.   Codex Alimentarius sponsors are Big Pharma, Big Medica, Big Chema (profitable toxic chemicals used on food and fields, including deadly pesticides banned in the U.S.), Big Agribiz (industrial factory farms that use antibiotics, drugs, and hormones to increase profits), and Big Biotech (creates dangerous untested genetically modified organisms (G.M.O.'s) planned to become legal worldwide unlabeled). Codex Alimentarius has no actual legal standing, but it exerts enormous influence since it is used by the World Trade Organization (W.T.O.) to decide trade disputes. Codex-compliant countries win automatically regardless of the merits of the case. Devastating trade sanctions result, so the U.S. is now racing to destroy protective laws that interfere with the implementation of Codex."

According to Dr. Paul, this is what Codex has in store for us:

  • Natural nutrients can be declared toxins that Codex will supposedly protect us from
  • Ban virtually all natural health options
  • High-potency supplements will be made illegal
  • Deadly drugs sold unopposed
  • Dangerous growth stimulants (hormones) mandatory in all meat and milk (e.g. Monsanto's r.B.G.H.)
  • Banned pesticides will be permitted in your food
  • Untested, unlabeled, Frankenfoods in your kitchen (G.M.O.'s - Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • Free-radical enriched radioactive foods (i.e. "cold pasteurized" and "irradiated")
  • Weak and meaningless "Organic Farming" standards allowing dangerous drugs and chemicals in so-called "organic" foods.

The fight over genetically modified food labeling has continued for years, and the majority of American's are already unknowingly consuming genetically modified foods daily. What if labeling became mandatory, and 80% of processed foods had to bear a "Genetically Modified" label?  Big companies know exactly what would happen to sales, which is why the public is continually kept in the dark. You see, many of the regulations are not in place to protect us. The regulations are in place to protect them from us.

The Natural Health Federation has attended closed Codex meetings, and claim that we are winning the battle. Countries which were once opposed to full-disclosure to consumers are now changing their position.

"Not counting the private session where we spoke out often, the N.H.F. took the floor to speak to the full Committee some 7 to 8 times on this topic, at one point even telling the Committee that 'it was a curious situation when the delegate for the European Union spoke more on behalf of American and Canadian consumers than either the American or the Canadian delegates who had no authority to speak on behalf of their citizens since opinion polls showed a vast majority of Americans and Canadians supported the labeling of GM foods." --  Natural Health Foundation


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