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The Wuhan Corona Virus (a.k.a. COVID-19, Chinese Coronavirus) blindsided us, and information about the pathogen is still sketchy at the time of our writing this. It is nevertheless a prudent and moral requirement that we immediately publish our current observations and recommendations.

The disease appears to be a bio-weapon, as was the case with Lyme disease's leak from the Plum Island facility (near Lyme, Connecticut). The biggest two differences between the infections are COVID's lack of syphilitic-like spirochetes and COVID does not need the assistance of an insect vector (such as ticks) to infect. Otherwise, the similarities are unmistakable, like how an otherwise safe animal 'germ' that safely propagated for eons was altered with modern genetic engineering to infect humans. This is the favorite design strategy amongst the bio-warfare programs for two distinct reasons: 1. Humans have no in-built defenses against what were normally genetically-incompatible animal diseases and 2. The animal kingdom is an endless source of novel diseases that have never been seen in humans.

Observations of Interest

  1. The pathogen strikes hardest against the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. It is especially dangerous for people who have conditions of the lungs, heart, or kidneys. Diabetics are particularly vulnerable, due to the fact that diabetics always have kidneys that are under stress, and diabetics have impaired immune systems. We wish to reiterate the point about their weakened kidneys, because some medical literature inaccurately contradicts the presence of diabetic kidney deterioration.
  2. The virus attacks the lymphatic tissues of the kidneys, testicles, and lungs, alongside all of the lymph nodes throughout a body. Although it is of yet unreported, we are concerned that the virus might cause sterility and impotence in some men, which might be permanent, due to its targeting of the testicles. It would make sense with China's historical obsession with population control and policy of creating designer viruses.
  3. There are scant reports of it attacking the heart in the worst cases.
  4. As with the other superbugs of the past, such as Lyme disease and plague, COVID-19 directly attacks the lymphatic system, and it has an unusually long incubation period (of about 10-14 days), wherein the infected person is more-or-less symptom-free. This gives it the opportunity to spread wildly before it is detected, which makes effective quarantining virtually impossible.
  5. The virus is extremely contagious. Everyone should anticipate that they will eventually get it.

Treatment Recommendations

Our recommendations may initially seem a little bit odd, especially to those readers who are unfamiliar with alternative therapies. Much of it was taken from our Lyme disease protocol. Our family used it to successfully treat ourselves with exceptional results. The recommendations below are in order of importance.

  • Colloidal Silver - Medicinal colloidal silver is alternative medicine's nuclear weapon against infections. For safety reasons, we strongly recommend purchasing only Purevon colloidal silver, as we have found that most of the manufacturers are untrustworthy. We produced a colloidal silver manufacturing video for those wishing to make their own at home.
  • Astragalus - Orthodox medicine has nothing that can drive an infection out of the lymphatic system. However, we do. It is a herb called astragalus. You can buy it as a supplement elsewhere. Be sure to take only a small amount each day, because overdoing it will stress the body.
  • Niacin (Vitamin B-3) - Niacin can increase the deep tissue penetration of colloidal silver. Niacin is a very unusual supplement with unusual effects, so read our article about niacin before using it. We recommend that people not use more than 100 mg. daily. Use only pure niacin (no "time-release" or otherwise "improved" niacin formulations).
  • Chlorophyll - This provides the body's cells with better oxygen absorption, which will support the body overall. In addition, it provides a safe amount of copper, which will make the body more toxic to pathogens. It will also give colloidal silver better penetration, because silver will electro-chemically bind with the naturally occurring copper that is inside of the chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the only safe way to supplement with copper internally. Do not use chlorophyll if you have pancreatitis or Wilson's Disease. You can read more about chlorophyll in our chlorophyll article.
  • Zinc - Zinc lozenges are usually the best way to supplement with zinc. Never ingest zinc on an empty stomach, or it may cause discomfort and extreme nausea. If you decide to take an actual zinc supplement, then we recommend reading our article, Not All Zinc Supplements Are Created Equal. Zinc and copper work together in the body.
  • Myrrh - One of the world's oldest and most natural anti-biotics. It is the sap of the myrrh tree. It was considered more valuable than gold in biblical times for its life-saving properties. Yes, this is the stuff from the Christmas story.
  • Exercise - Exercise every day while you can. Even a tiny bit will help. Exercise is the only way that the human body actually cleanses its system-wide lymphatic system of a variety of waste toxins, which are excreted through sweat. Exercise will also produce CoQ10 to help minimize inflammation, which in itself can be quite injurious. Do not overdo the exercise and rest whenever you become fatigued. In other words, just do whatever you can do, so long as you do not worsen things.
  • Vitamin C - We should not need to comment much about this very obvious choice, but we do need to say that a person should avoid soft drinks and foods with benzene derivatives (such as sodium benzoate) whenever taking vitamin C, or it will release (chemically uncouple) a much more toxic form of the benzene.
  • Food Cravings. - Satisfy food cravings because they are often meaningful. For example, a seafood craving would likely mean that your body needs more omega oils, cholesterol, or iodine, in order to fight better. Craving pickles or cucumbers would mean that you need more folate (eg. folic acid). Even one's junk food cravings should be heeded, for a body needs more salt, sugar, and fat during times of illness. Trust your body.
  • Alcohol (optional) - Ethyl alcohol, which is the type found in liquor and other alcoholic beverages, can be used as an antibiotic that especially targets the lungs. Whiskey is the most antibiotic of any alcohol that one can find, even surpassing vodka. Whiskey is difficult for most people to drink straight, so we recommend having it inside of a Hot Toddy, which has additional benefits. Intoxication is not necessary for effectiveness. For a lengthy explanation of alcohol's medicinal use, read our colds and flu article. Never drink an alcohol that is not meant for human consumption, such as rubbing alcohol (isopropyl/methanol), as it could be fatal. Never use alcohol with Tylenol (acetaminophen).
  • Finally, get plenty of fluids, plenty of rest, pull the plug on your television, and stop listening to the manipulative purveyors of panic.

Extra Notes: Do not use ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin) if you suspect that you have this virus. Ibuprofen is known to make the condition much worse. Medical experts are recommending Tylenol/acetaminophen/Paracetamol instead to people who are in need of an anti-inflammatory agent for pain relief. However, Tylenol should never be used in conjunction with alcohol, so pick one option or the other, but never use both at the same time. Tylenol is quite dangerous when mixed with alcohol, and this fatal combination is responsible for most so-called "binge drinking deaths". If you have weakened kidneys from diabetes or otherwise, then we would recommend taking the kidney supplement from Dr. Christopher. This article will be updated as new information becomes available, so check back.


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