From: Thomas Corriher
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Subject: Re: Colloidal Silver, Vaccines, Sunlight, etc.
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 14:23:00 -0400 (EDT)

"While searching for the answer to a question that I have listed below, I came across this website.  Apparently they now say that collodial silver can cause conditions like liver cancer..."

The silver nitrates that the pharmaceutical industry created may cause a wide variety of health problems, and indeed contribute to cancers too.  Those who wish to attack colloidal silver always conveniently ignore the differences between the colloidal silvers that are used as alternative medicine, and the silver nitrate solutions that the pharmaceutical industry created.  The establishment's silver nitrate solutions are also known for causing argyria, which is a bluing of the skin.

The silver hysteria is an instance of the usual manipulation game played by those who are pushing the New World Order.  This specific manipulation technique is called 'problem-reaction-solution'.  Everyone needs to learn about this manipulative trick while there is still time to save our nation, and our world.  Here is how the manipulation game works briefly:  First, they create a problem to be blamed on another party (i.e. poisoning their own silver products and blaming the silver itself), reacting to 'the problem' by pulling such products and spreading fear messages about them.  Finally they promote 'the solution' (i.e. patented and regulated pharmaceutical replacements) that they planned to force upon us from the very beginning.  Through these manipulation techniques, they trick us into begging them to take away our rights and options.  It is how democracy is murdered via stealth.  This manipulation technique is extremely successful at controlling the masses.

With a domain name like '', of course, we just had to follow it.  The network whois information showed that the site was registered indirectly through Domains by Proxy, Inc..  That is a serious red flag.  Domains by Proxy is a sleazy service from GoDaddy that is used exclusively by web site owners who are hiding their identities, and of course, who generally have something to hide.  No honest and credible information source needs to hide his identity from the public.  So who owns the site?  Is it the American Medical Association?  An angry pharmacist like the ones we dealt with when we supervised alternative medicine at WikiAnswers?  We would not be surprised in either case, after everything we have uncovered during the last couple of years.  Regardless of whoever it is hiding behind the curtain in this particular case, remember what we recommended about verifying sources whenever you are seeking credible information.  A person hiding his identity is usually the worst possible source for information, and the last person you should seek for character.

The guy hiding behind the curtain actually quoted the infamous village idiot and human garbage, Stephen Barrett (of Quack Watch fame) as his credible source of information about colloidal silver.  "Doctor" Barret is a favorite to quote amongst those who want to kill alternative medicine, and Barret can't seem to stay out of court for slander and liable against alternative practitioners for long.  His area of "medicine" was... (cough)... psychiatry.  That's after he failed his psychiatric board exams, and "surrendered" his license.  (wink)  Really.  Nonetheless, he still perpetually places "M.D." after his name.  For some amazing reason, he was for years a paid quack consultant for the A.M.A., the Federal Trade Commission, and the Food & Drug Administration in their court cases instituted to silence people with successful therapies; like colloidal silver, for instance.  You see, by being a former psychiatrist (well almost), Barrett's real area of expertise is in manipulating people.  What is funny about this whole situation is that Barrett practically never won his court cases.  His loss to win ratio was approximately 40 to 1, and perhaps that's why the cronies finally abandoned him.  He's not saying much these days, by the way, and that's probably a very wise choice.  After the legal heat against him ratcheted up, he fled his home town for another jurisdiction in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  We have been disappointed that the unlicensed "Doctor" Barret has not yet featured us in his famous list of dangerous quack sites to be avoided, because getting on his list would be a great honor for us.  It would be just under a Nobel Prize.  Mercola made it, so it's just not fair.  Aren't we "dangerous" too?  Perhaps someday.  If you're a fan of our work, then perhaps you could complain to "Doctor" Barret about us.

"Anyway, lets say that you get something like chicken pox (or something else that you normally only get once), and you use collodial silver to help eliminate it.  Would your body still create an antibody so you never get it again, or would the collodial silver somehow inhibit the development of one? Also, just to be clear, colloidial silver does NOT contain elements like nitrates/salts/etc.?"

Colloidal silver would not prevent your body from creating antibodies.  It would simply speed your recovery time from the virus, by making it weaker.  The colloidal silver that is found in alternative medicine never contains any ingredients other than silver and distilled water.  Most websites that sell the product advertise this, because the problems that the establishment created with nitrate salts are well known.

"With the Kingfisher toothpaste that I use, it claims to be natural, and with "No artificial sweeteners, flavourings, colourings, or preservatives."  It also lists the ingredients, where they come from, and it states that the Hydrated Silica comes from Natural Ore.  Would that be considered a natural form?  Also, I have noticed that it also contains 'Citrus Limonum', which comes from Lemons, and is in the toothpaste for a fresh taste.  Could an element like that be damaging to the teeth at all, as I believe that lemons are acidic?"

Natural ore could technically be considered a natural form, since it has not been chemically altered.  Hydrated silica is used in toothpastes as a mild abrasive, and the tiny amount that you consume will not harm you. Lemons contain vitamin C, which is known to soften the tooth enamel, so we would not recommend it.  If possible, get a mint toothpaste instead, and use a soft brush.  Taking these steps to protect your enamel will make little noticeable difference now, but you'll notice after another fifty years of brushing.

"From what I have been reading on both the seasonal and H1N1 flu, it seems that there is a lot of good things being said about Vitamin D3, as opposed to others.  Also, are you aware of any chart(s) that lists a healthy amount of vitamins/minerals/etc. that you should be getting daily?  I guess something similar to the "Food Pyramid", although I seem to have doubts that it is telling you a true healthy amount of certain foods (maybe I'm wrong on that)."

I have not seen a chart which accurately shows which vitamins we should be getting each day, or one spelling-out which foods we should be eating.  In fairness to everyone involved, everyone's nutritional needs differ somewhat.  It is impossible to put together exact amounts, and exact formulas accurately depicting nutritional needs.  A set of averages is the best that we can really hope for.  Some people have suggested taking the F.D.A.'s recommendations, and then multiplying the values by 10.  We do not have the ability to confirm or deny the validity of that at the present time, and we would welcome any additional information.

We have written an article about how the U.S. Government perverted the food pyramid to appease the junk food industry.  It is for this reason that there is now a sugars and fats category, and carbohydrates sit at the base of the pyramid, as if it should be the main food group.

Be advised that organic spinach and broccoli are literally super foods.  One could combine them with regular fish, and some occasional organic, range-fed beef to obtain near perfect health with these foods alone.  To the displeasure of some of our readers, we would never recommend going vegetarian, which has its own set of health issues.  We especially warn people against making their children vegetarian, because children need large amounts of meat-based proteins, iron, fats, and things that we probably do not even know of yet.

"Also, I'm just curious, but are you in favor of ANY vaccines at all?  I feel I can safely assume that you are not in favor of vaccines that contain additives like mercury, but what if they didn't have harmful additives like that?"

We recommend only the genetically engineered vaccines like the new Swine Flu VaccineJust Kidding! We do not favor any vaccines at all.  While some of the additives could be removed (including mercury), other toxins are essential for vaccines.  In the event that they were able to make vaccines which did not contain dangerous additives, we would still not support them.  Vaccines place healthy individuals at unnecessary risk.  It's a case of hurting one to help another (i.e. the individual's safety is sacrificed for the sake of 'society'), and vaccines are thereby irrational and immoral.  Vaccines are especially evil in the case of children, who are never given informed consent, and who may have life-long consequences.  The entire vaccine industry is built upon lies, and even the whole Polio story is a lie too.  You may want to read about the vaccine ingredients for yourself.  We feel that there is something inherently wrong with injecting the flesh and blood of aborted human babies into ourselves or into other babies.  You see, whenever we call these people evil, it is not us merely taking literary license.  We mean it.

"Also, I read some of your articles on Vitamin D3 helping to prevent cancer.  I am curious as to whether or not excessive exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer?  If not, what can cause skin cancer?"

Thank you for your readership.  No one can definitively answer that question, because all studies that link excessive sun exposure with skin cancers also include people who use sunblock chemicals, which are themselves proven to cause skin cancers.  While excessive sunlight and sunburns are definitely damaging and unhealthy overall, we believe that you are far more likely to get cancers from sunscreens than from sunlight.  Why are people so afraid of the sun?  Just remember problem-reaction-Solution coming from the industry.

"Also, is there any truth that shark cartilage can help in the cure of cancer?  I had heard this before, but am bringing it up now because I found a book named "Sharks Don't Get Cancer" at a relatives house.  Personally, this surprised me, because they don't normally believe most of what I say on things like this.  For what it's worth, I don't remember who the author of that book was. Once again, thanks in advance!"

We would be truly amazed if there was any truth to such a claim.  The fact that sharks do not get cancer is truly irrelevant, because they have entirely different lifestyles to us, and it is much more likely that their diet should be credited for their lack of cancer, instead of their special cartilage.  Sharks live on the Budwig Diet (sulfur proteins and Omega-3 from fish), after all.  Perhaps we could grow a super shark if we just added a little spinach in the diet too.  Good luck with your relatives!

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