Those who eat at restaurants on a regular basis are certain to occasionally experience food poisoning. The symptoms can appear within three to four hours. They include diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, and fever. The symptoms can be violently extreme. An individual will typically suffer with food poisoning for 24 to 36 grueling hours. Most of the so-called "stomach bugs" are actually minor cases of food poisoning, but they are rarely recognized as such. Food poisoning is a much more common problem than most people realize.

Staphylococcus aureus is a very common food poisoning bacteria. It is killed by normal cooking, but it is frequently found in hand-made products that are left at room temperature for a long time, such as potato salad or sandwich spread. Salmonella is the most infamous food poisoning agent, but it is easily destroyed in temperatures above 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The presence of listeria in meats has resulted in a large number of meat recalls. It breeds in the unhygienic conditions of factory farms. It causes flu-like symptoms, and it has the unusual trait of becoming contagious in an infected individual. It can be deadly to children and people who have weakened immune systems. Botulism toxins are caused by the clostridium botulinum bacteria. Botulism poisoning is rare. It is only responsible for 1 in 400 cases of food poisoning, but it is more likely to result in death. Cl. botulinum can exist as a heat-resistant spore, and may grow to produce a neurotoxin in under-cooked, home-canned foods. Incredibly, botulinum poison therapy ("Botox") is an approved medical therapy, which is used to temporarily hide wrinkles through its central nervous system toxicant effect, which paralyzes patients' faces like venomous snake bites. Without surprise, it is widely being tested as a treatment for neurological disorders too.

Pepto-Bismol is a popular option for symptom relief in the Americas; but ironically, it is itself one of the most toxic remedies available. Along with being radioactive, the inactive ingredients range from saccharin to benzoic acid (a benzene derivative), to aluminum compounds. Therefore, Pepto-Bismol will actually contribute to long-term health problems.

There are natural options that greatly reduce the recovery time, and they come with no dangerous side-effects.

  • Ginger: Even some pharmacists will recommend this herbal option for nausea and vomiting. For faster absorption, it can be held in the mouth and allowed to sink through the tissues into the blood stream. Ginger pills can be purchased cheaply from health food stores. The media and medical establishment expressed shock when ginger was successfully used to eliminate nausea from chemotherapy poisoning. It is very effective.
  • Activated Charcoal: Having astounding properties, activated charcoal is able to neutralize the overwhelming majority of toxins, from Prozac to arsenic. It is the world's best general-purpose filtering agent. It is all natural (made from burnt coconut shells). It has been a staple of poison control centers since their inception. A consequence of using it is that it will stop an individual from absorbing his food nutrients and medications. It will usually stop a case of food poisoning from progressing, and do so rapidly. See the article about activated carbon for more information about its unique qualities. Never use charcoal briquettes, like those that are used for outdoor cooking. Activated charcoal is an essential first aid item, so every family should keep some that has been pre-emptively ground into powder and stored inside an air tight container, for poison emergencies.
  • Colloidal Silver: When food poisoning is caused by bacteria (it usually is), then colloidal silver will kill it. Some people who can their own foods use colloidal silver as a natural and non-toxic preservative.
  • Cannabis ("Marijuana"): Cannabis has a vast array of medicinal uses, and it may be the most beneficial plant known to mankind. One of its properties is its incredible suppression of nausea. It is especially useful whenever a person is too sick to swallow. Some studies demonstrate that it is more effective than its pharmaceutical equivalents. Contrary to the propaganda, it has no known adverse side effects, and it is safer than aspirin. It actually improves the lung capacity in those who smoke it, making both their hearts and lungs stronger.

It would be wise to keep these items available in preparation, because food poisoning is never planned. It happens suddenly, and leaves no opportunity for its victims to go shopping. You should begin collecting these items now, because you will not have time to prepare in an emergency. Be prepared, because emergencies are not a matter of if they happen, but of when they happen.

It is possible that the victim will lose the colloidal silver and the charcoal through vomiting, at least during the first attempt to use them. Work to control the nausea, and then try again shortly later. Be advised that almost every prescription drug will be completely neutralized by the activated charcoal.

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