We recently discovered Fed Up!, a documentary which focuses on the topic of genetically engineered foods.  The movie uses archival footage and interviews to explore the changes in food production, how the Biotech Revolution took place, and it shows the influence of big industry on our food choices.  The archival footage will be fascinating to many; showing the battle over genetically modified food labeling, the inevitable contamination of our entire food supply through genetically engineered pollens, how they are wiping-out the butterflies and honeybees, and how the great majority of the first pesticides are now illegal — but they remain for decades in farm soils.

There was no trailer available for this movie, so we made one ourselves.  We strongly recommend that you watch the entire movie.  It is only an hour long, and it is very informative.  The movie was released under a Creative Commons license, so it should be freely and legally available for download from archive.org and through the bittorrent network.


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