The Internet is flooded with women who desperately attempt to lose weight following childbirth. The worst cases involve women who experienced cesarean sections. Most women are able to lose the majority of their pregnancy weight, except for the last 20 pounds. However, there are less fortunate women who retain almost all of it, and practically all of these women have had cesarean sections. This is due largely because of the muscles (and sometimes nerves) which were cut during surgery.

The butchery involved can make it impossible for a woman to return to her previous figure. Women who have C-sections never receive warnings about this from their doctors. In fact, these surgeries are usually presented as being safer, and with fewer complications than vaginal births.

If you can think like typical doctors to understand their special medical jargon, then their statements about C-sections being "safer" make more sense. We'll translate using our medical dictionary.

Safer adj., adv. Saf´ • êr

1. Having decreased legal liability issues. (Ex. The jury acquitted the doctor because he had "done everything he could" to ensure 'safety', by employing "surgical intervention" to an "obviously problemed birth".)

2. More cost effective (more profitable) to the hospital or clinic. (Ex. The malpractice insurance rates dropped, due to the predictability of the C-section procedures in getting patients discharged fast.)

3. Conserves time. (Ex. The doctor was able to attend the golf tournament on time, due to the troublesome mother getting a 30 minute C-section.)

Now you know. The mother's and child's welfare are lesser issues in deciding the treatments. These are rarely even an afterthought, unless attorneys get involved. If your doctor is an exception, then you are truly blessed to have found him.

Contrasting to a Natural Birth

During a vaginal birth, a set of hormones is released that aids birthing, and these stimulate a nurturing bonding process between the mother and child. Oxytocin, prolactin, beta-endorphin, and the so-called "fight or flight" hormones that are like adrenalin, are produced by the mother. These hormones not only help her throughout the birthing process, but these same hormones later become a signal for her body, indicating that it is safe to return to a state of normalcy (not being pregnant) and to lose weight.

During pregnancy, the frequent hormonal imbalances result in random crying, screaming, or other emotional outbursts in the afflicted lady. To the relief of most new fathers, this drama is usually over following natural labor, but this is not always the case for those who have a cesarean birth. In the latter group, the mothers' bodies are never adequately signaled that their pregnancies are over, and their hormones may remain imbalanced perpetually thereafter. This man-made imbalance sometimes cruelly lasts for the remainder of their lives. Some women in this situation never completely return to normal; living for untold years in states of unrest. It is like taking birth control pills, and some women become completely crazy when their hormones are thusly imbalanced.

Let's not even go into the sheer number of cases of hypothyroidism that these hormonal imbalances cause, or cases of diabetes, heart disease, or adrenal failure. It even effects the cancer risk. It's quite a body count for a 'safe' procedure.

What we find particularly disturbing is that the victimized couples will never know that their marital and parental problems were caused by the surgical intervention in the delivery room. There is absolutely no accountability, even though doctors know from their own medical literature that they are lying about the long-term consequences, and inwardly they must know the true meaning of "safety" and the principle of "first do no harm". There is no way to know how many relationships have ground to a halt because of the effects of cesarean births, and how many lives it has destroyed.

How Birthing Should Be Done

Interventions are necessary in rare and unusual circumstances, but they are exceedingly over-used throughout America. Contrary to America's mythology about how America has "the greatest medical system in the world", Americans actually have the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world, and the second highest newborn mortality rate. Americans have more C-sections and less midwives than any other country in the world, and the discomforting aftermath is printed in the statistical journals.

The majority of C-sections happen unnecessarily, for the convenience of the doctor. Drugs are given to women during childbirth to speed up the process, and this results in complications like high blood pressure and fetal distress. Thus, an artificial need for a cesarean birth is created by the doctors themselves. C-sections actually provide less complications for the doctor, who does not have to wait for the birth, or worry about malpractice lawsuits, since he obviously did everything he could. The majority of American doctors have never witnessed a completely natural (drug and surgery-free) birth.

Women who truly embrace natural births sometimes describe the process as one of harmony, when they are in a safe environment to follow their instincts. Instead of laying on a bed with their legs raised, they stand or sit in a position that allows gravity to assist the process, so that they do not have the birthing process hindered by a totally moronic and unnatural position. The standard hospital position is the most convenient for doctors, but it is the worst position for both the mother and the child. The standard position specifically hinders the ability of the pelvic ligaments to stretch, as they are supposed to during birth. Those who have natural home births are not only statistically safer, but it is common for them to report a much more fulfilling experience.

Bad Reasons for a C-Section

  • "The pelvis isn't big enough". The pelvis stretches throughout pregnancy and during birth, so the only way to really determine if a pelvis is too small is to actually attempt a vaginal birth. There is a large portion of experts who claim that when standing in the upright position, the pelvis is always able to expand as much as needed.
  • Being overdue. As long as there are no complications, there is no reason to rush labor. While hospitals like to rush such things, so that they can move on to the next paying customer, heavy birth weights and late arrival times are not legitimate reasons for surgical intervention.
  • Taking too long. After the birthing process has started in a hospital, and oxycotin and epidurals have been given, doctors frequently decide that the process is taking too long. For this reason alone, they may engage in surgery.
  • Fetal distress. The child is often stressed when the mother is stressed, as a result of the poor environment and the drugs that were administered. Before opting for a C-section, calming the mother, and even getting her to walk a few steps can dramatically calm a child.

It is important to remember that a C-section is major surgery, and there are massive risks associated with it. It has become so normal in our society, and doctors discuss it with such callousness, that we tend to forget about the implications. The pressure that is placed upon women throughout pregnancy leads many of them to take a path that is not in the best interest of their health or their child's. If doctors have convinced you to take this surgical procedure lightly, then please browse pictures of the actual procedure. It is similar to cutting a woman in half, and it sometimes requires disembowelment.


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