Threatening warning letters have now been sent to eight supplement companies which are selling chelation products online.  An FDA spokesman told the Washington Post that on one hand, the F.D.A. maintains that chelation methods are unproven, and ineffective; just as they do with nutritional supplements.  Yet, at the same time, their excuse for sending out the letters is the fact that chelation therapy is too powerful.  It was ripe with the usual doublespeak that is used to avoid discussing the real problems that they have with alternative therapies.

"The companies that received the warning letters sell products without a prescription, often as 'dietary supplements', and describe multiple health benefits, none of which have been proven.

"The agency became alarmed about the growing promotion and easy availability of the products because the substances may cause serious health complications, including dehydration and kidney failure, and possibly be deadly, officials said."

— FDA via the Washington Post

Most chelation products do not require prescriptions, specifically because the FDA itself judged them to be safe for mass consumption.  So the whole thing about them being sold without prescriptions is just more sleight-of-hand trickery.  You did catch it, right?  How about that dehydration thing, which supposedly might lead to kidney failure?  They neglected to name a single case of it happening for some funny reason.  Is this really the best that they can do?

For what it is worth, their own literature (found inside medical schools and doctor's offices nationwide) presents chelation therapy as the standard procedure for metal toxicity.  In fact, you may wish to ask your doctor if chelation therapy is right for you!

Thus, the FDA's problem is not based upon science, which is already clearly backing our side, even inside their own literature for decades.  Their real problem goes far beyond their typical anticompetitive practices this time.  The problem for them is that every autistic child who is cured with our methods becomes a huge political and business embarrassment for them, and their corporate partners.  Each one of those children furthermore is positive and indisputable proof that the metallic toxins inside of vaccines was responsible for the autism, or more aptly, that they were responsible for the ruined lives.  These issues have now prompted a large scale cover up, and the lives of other people's children are being sacrificed upon their corporate altar.

Chelation therapy has been proven in countless studies, with products such as EDTA, which the F.D.A. is suddenly attacking companies for selling.  What makes this richly ironic is that EDTA is the most commonly used and recommended chelation agent inside their own establishment.  You will find plenty of it at your local hospital and pharmacy, in fact.  Does this make all the doctors in the U.S. quacks too?  It would indeed, if the F.D.A. were telling us the truth, but perhaps it got so zealous in stopping autistic cures that its agents forgot to consult which treatments they had themselves approved and recommended.  You may have noticed that EDTA is in a large portion of processed foods too, because the FDA has stated that EDTA is "Generally Recognized as Safe" for all people, in all circumstances.  If you have been waiting to catch the FDA with its pants around its ankles, then your waiting is finally over.

Language and Terminology Games

The Food and Drug Administration is using a unique definition of 'proven' this time.  Before sending warning letters to companies about their suddenly "unproven" claims, officials did not first research the supplements to investigate any merit to the claims.  Instead, they announced by fiat that benefits could not have been proven, because these products are suddenly not F.D.A. approved.  History just gets in the way, after all.

It is under this sorry excuse of corrupted science that pomegranate juice has recently been under fire from the FDA's cousin, the FTC, because no product can claim benefits if it is not a drug.  Officials have admitted in the past that even claiming "water cures" dehydration will bring out their boys in riot gear with weapons drawn to confiscate the liquid contraband known as water.  Water is "not approved" for that use, after all.   These sort of raids regularly happen to farmers who sell raw milk.  Can anyone out there still doubt that their agenda is to keep us sick, addicted to drugs, and totally dependent on their chemical industry partners?

Cilantro (chinese parsley) alone has been used successfully in at least one study to thoroughly remove mercury and lead.  The study was done by the Heart Disease Research Foundation, but the only journal willing to publish it was one specializing in acupuncture, due to the politically incorrect conclusions that it reached.  Nobody at JAMA is willing to sacrifice his career.

Chelation supplements are critically important, because they really can reverse, or halt the progression of certain major diseases that result from metal toxicity.  These include Alzheimer's Disease, autism, Parkinson's Disease, and other less-common neurological disorders.

"We don't have evidence of a lot of adverse events, but [that] does not mean there are not health problems associated with them."

—  Charles Lee, F.D.A.'s division of new drugs and labeling compliance

Double Standards

Tylenol becomes a potent and potentially fatal poison whenever it is mixed with any alcohol, and this is well proven.  It is the main reason why there are so many "binge drinking deaths" every year on college campuses.  It is not usually the alcohol that finishes them.  How long will it be before the F.D.A. goes after Tylenol?

"Relatively small overdoses of acetaminophen - Tylenol's active ingredient - have been blamed for liver damage and even deaths in children in the United States."

— New York Times, October 19, 1997

The F.D.A. is not getting floods of chelation-related deaths, as the Washington Post article cunningly implied, but instead, the FDA is merely trying to protect its prized vaccine industry.  The diseases caused by heavy metal toxicity bring in billions to the medical industry, and approvals for new drugs to treat these new diseases happen to be the main source of F.D.A. income.

We often parrot that the F.D.A. is not acting in our best interests, and their actions should speak clearly for themselves.  During the last week, along with sending threat letters to companies of "dangerous" chelation products, the FDA simultaneously approved the use of botox (botulism food poison) injections for treating migraine headaches, in sets of 50 injections at a time, straight into the brain fluid.


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